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This Date in History

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[guest post by JVW]

(1) The greatest movie ever made about high school, Dazed and Confused, was set 40 years ago today on May 28, 1976. Wooderson would be something like 63 today, and Mitch Kramer would be 54.

(2) Twenty years ago today, May 28, 1996, Bill and Hillary! Clinton’s buddies Jim and Susan McDougal along with Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker were convicted of fraud and conspiracy charges related to their participation in the Whitewater Development Corporation. Ah, those ethical and honest Clintons.

Truly a momentous day.



Trump: That Lyin’ Ted Sure Does Lie a Lot

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I’m told we need to unify the Republican party. I don’t care because I’m no longer a member. But those of you who think so might want to get the message to one Donald J. Trump.

“But when I watched her [Hillary Clinton’s] speech last night it was so sad, because everything she said was, like, a lie,” he said later. “I wonder if I could start, instead of saying ‘Crooked Hillary,’ which is a very accurate description, I wonder if I could say — you know, remember lyin’, lyin’ — I won’t say ‘Lyin Ted’ — I refuse to say it.”

“Lyin’ Ted,” Mr. Trump said. “Holds that Bible high, puts it down and then he lies. Lyin’ Ted. Well, I’m going to retire that from Ted — I’m not going to call Ted that anymore.

Isn’t that nice. He’s going to retire it, even as he repeats it three times.

Those who very much believed in Ted Cruz who are still Republicans are going to be pretty alienated by this kind of crap. They may decide to join those of us who have left the party. Heckuva job, dipstick.

P.S. Cruz is hardly the only Republican Trump has been criticizing lately. He’s hit Susana Martinez, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush, among others. But he’s still praising Vladimir Putin.

I respect Putin. He’s a strong leader, I can tell you that. Not like what we have.

See 1:37:15.

What’s the difference? Martinez, Romney, Bush, and Cruz have all criticized him. Putin praised him. It’s really that simple with this idiot. And yes. He is an idiot. Any guy running for President who never heard of the Gang of Eight bill is an uninformed idiot. Period. End of story.

Ted Cruz On Whether A True Conservative Should Support Trump

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[guest post by Dana]

In a radio interview earlier today, there was this interesting exchange between Oklahoma radio host Pat Campbell and Ted Cruz:

CAMPBELL: This is something many of my listeners are struggling with. Should a true conservative, should a true conservative support Donald Trump if in fact he is the Republican nominee.

CRUZ: Well, that’s a decision that every voter is going to have to make. And it’s going to be a decision that is going have to come from prayer and careful examination as to whether he has demonstrated he has earned your vote. Whether he has demonstrated that he is standing for the principles that built this country. I am where I think a lot of voters are, which is looking and listening. I am deeply concerned for our country.

To my ear, this sounds like a no for Cruz supporting Trump – at this point anyway. Given that the vast majority of former Republican candidates and a long list of elected officials who claimed to be conservatives, have fallen in line and announced their support for Trump, there is a curiosity about whether Cruz will likewise yield. It would be refreshing to see a politician remain true to his conservative principles, ideals, and convictions, and announce that, in good conscience, he is unable to support a non-conservative, Big Government type who has trouble distinguishing fact from fiction, and easily lies when it’s to his advantage. And even when it’s not. There’s also this: If Cruz were to announce his support of Trump, the fallout would likely result in even greater damage to his credibility than what Marco Rubio is currently enduring.


An Exhaustive Summary of the People Responsible for Trump’s Rise

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1. Trump.
2. Media people who gave Trump free air time.
3. People who voted for Trump.

That is all.

Trump’s Face-Stabbing Mob Partner

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Telegraph (a bunch of lefties who can be safely ignored):

A rRussian-born fraudster who Donald Trump has claimed he would not recognise was a key player in several of the billionaire’s business ventures, the Telegraph can disclose.

Mr Trump signed off on paperwork which made clear that Felix Sater was one of the figures in “control” of Bayrock Group, the property firm building three developments using his name, an investigation has found.

The findings appear to contradict statements by the would-be president and his lawyer, distancing him from Sater, who was convicted for helping to lead a $40 million mafia-linked stock fraud scheme.

Mr Sater also spent time in jail for stabbing someone in the face with the stem of a margarita glass.

I call BS. Those glasses have round bottoms so they can sit on the table. How are you supposed to stab someone with something round? You ever try that? It doesn’t work!!

[end Trumpkin-style spin]

Ah, hell. Y’all spin this on your own. I’m out, remember?


It Starts to Get Interesting in the Golden State

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[guest post by JVW]

Both Fox News and the Sacramento Bee are reporting on the latest Public Policy Institute of California poll that shows Hillary! Rodham Clinton, the Once and Future Inevitable Next President of the United States, with a slim 46% – 44% lead over Socialist senator Bernard Sanders of lily-white Vermont in the upcoming June 7 California Democrat Presidential Primary Election. This represents a tightening of the race since March when polls had Her Clintonic Majesty up 48% – 41%, and it’s a huge departure from the 18-point lead that the ABC/SurveyUSA poll released earlier this week showed. Significantly, however, no poll released this far has shown Sanders with a lead in the California primary.

As of 11:00 pm Pacific Time tonight, the Los Angeles Dog Trainer hasn’t seemed interested in reporting these latest updates. Recall that they have already endorsed the former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State/IT Whiz for the job.

I followed through on my threat to change my party registration from GOP to No Party Preference, only to discover that the NPP ballot does not include the Democrat Presidential candidates. I received a helpful text from the Bernie Bros (I do not recall opting in to receiving texts from any candidate) telling me that I had to request a Democrat ballot by Tuesday, May 31 if I wanted to vote by mail (I’ll be out of state on primary election day, so that’s imperative), or I need to request a Democrat ballot at the polling location on election day or at the County Election Office before election day. This is fair warning to anyone who wants to join the Democrat fray.


Trump Did Not Know About Gang of Eight Bill When He Announced His Candidacy

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He explained the genesis of his heterodox views. “I’m not sure I got there through deep analysis,” he said. “My views are what everybody else’s views are. When I give speeches, sometimes I’ll sign autographs and I’ll get to talk to people and learn a lot about the party.” He says he learned that voters were disgusted with Republican leaders and channeled their outrage. I asked, given how immigration drove his initial surge of popularity, whether he, like Sessions, had considered the RNC’s call for immigration reform to be a kick in the teeth. To my surprise, he candidly admitted that he hadn’t known about it or even followed the issue until recently. “When I made my [announcement] speech at Trump Tower, the June 16 speech,” he said, “I didn’t know about the Gang of Eight. … I just knew instinctively that our borders are a mess.”

We are going to be in the very best of hands.

P.S. Marco Rubio is drooling to give a speech at the convention in favor of Trump, a guy he called a con artist to whom we could not entrust the nuclear codes. I love politicians!


Katie Couric Gun Documentary Deceptively Edited

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This one is bad. Basically Couric asks a gun group: if you don’t have background checks, how do you prevent felons and terrorists from getting guns? Then the gun group is shown silent for several seconds, looking at each other blankly, and putting their heads down as if ashamed of their lack of an answer. Only — you guessed it! — the footage of them being silent was spliced in. The audio proves they had responses. Check it out at The Free Beacon — and all hail the power of New Media!

Sen. Tom Cotton Summarizes the Awful Career of Harry Reid

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[guest post by JVW]

As we count down the final months of the odious, loathsome, execrable, Congressional career of Senator Harry Reid — or, as he is often styled here, Hairy Reed — we have plenty of opportunities to lament the ugliness that this vile and cantankerous blowhard jerkwad worm has unleashed into our body politic. It’s not just that Reid is notoriously corrupt, a low-down liar, and a bigoted race-hustler who thinks nothing of bullying private citizens for the imaginary crime of participating in the political process and who has never managed to satisfactorily prove that he is not a pederast. No, the real problem with Reid is that he combines his numbskull demagoguery with shamelessly self-serving partisan tactics. He is such an awful character that even his home exercise equipment appears to rightfully loathe him.

So it was earlier today, as we mark our calendars to reflect that we only have eight more months of suffering through this pompous ass’s malodorous contribution to the debased political culture of these times, that Reid took to the Senate floor to whine about a Defense Appropriations bill which he claims was crafted in secret by Senator John McCain and is laden with earmarks. Reid’s ugly grandstanding proved too much for freshman Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, who took to the floor to deliver a withering broadside against the despicable Nevadan. Watch it in its glorious entirety.

The traditional phony comity in the Senate is archaic, hypocritical, and disgusting. Indeed, following Cotton’s woodshedding of Reid, the Senate Minority Leader took to the floor to refer to Sen. McCain as “my friend” and to laud his service to the country and otherwise regurgitate all the other usual insincere banalities that are the coin of the realm in that chamber. This country needs less of that sort of pro forma pageantry and more of the honest and direct assessment of Congressional dysfunction that Sen. Cotton provided. That’s not to argue that we should devolve into the crude and mindless insults that have become common this election season, it’s merely to suggest that where a truly horrendous colleague like Harry Reid is concerned, Senators need to put aside the Emily Post and start to channel their inner Juvenal: “What can you do when the man himself / Is more dreadful and dire than any accusation you can bring?”



Trump Now Claiming He Never Said He Raised $6 Million for Veterans

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Almost four months after promising $1 million of his own money to veterans’ causes, Donald Trump moved to fulfill that pledge Monday evening — promising the entire sum to a single charity as he came under intense media scrutiny.

. . . .

When asked Tuesday whether he had given the money this week only because reporters had been asking about it, Trump responded: “You know, you’re a nasty guy. You’re really a nasty guy. I gave out millions of dollars that I had no obligation to do.”

Problem is, he claimed he had raised $6 million, and then ponied up around $4.5 million. So he’s short $1.5 million. Which he could easily fill the gap from his supposedly large personal fortune. So, will he?

Thing is, Trump also lied about whether he ever claimed to have raised $6 million:

Trump also said he had never actually promised that the fundraiser had raised $6 million. “I didn’t say six,” he said.

But, in video of the event, Trump tells the crowd, “We just cracked $6 million! Right? $6 million.”

Trump was told that he did, indeed, say “$6 million.”

“Well, I don’t, I don’t have the notes. I don’t have the tape of it,” he said. “Play [the tape] for me. Because I’d like to hear it.” Before the video could be cued up, Trump had moved on.

And the Washington Post had let him. Meanwhile, did he ever answer any questions about being John Miller without hanging up? Nope. That passed and so will this. He’ll tell a different lie and all the dogs in the media will go chase that car instead.

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