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Hillary Is Proven To Have Lied.  Again. And again. And Again. 

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[guest post by JD]

Given all the coverage of the vigorous Team R primary, the new releases and statements from State about Hillary’s multiple Top Secret emails contained on her hidden and secret email server haven’t got nearly the coverage they deserve. 

At every point in this process, Hillary has attempted to hide the existence of this, repeatedly lied in re FOIA requests, and even when finally turning over her server, only did so after unilaterally deleting 10’s of thousands of emails. She only turned it over under threat of a subpoena. 

Most recently, Team Felons requested to deviate from the Court ordered release of emails asking for an extension, coincidentally beyond the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, for what seems to be the worst of the worst that she didn’t already delete. 

Her lies about how it was approved, done by everyone prior to her, did not contain classified material, wasn’t marked classified when sent or received, and most recently inter-agency squaring about classification and over classification blah blah blah have proven to be outright lies and obfuscation.  

Most recently 22 Top Secret emails and at least 7 complete email chains were found, and were so sensitive that the intelligence community requested they not be released, even in their redacted form.  This prompted Clinton Spokeshole Fallon to claim that TS/SAP and HUMINT info was more overclassifcation, that there was nothing in there sensitive, and demands that they be released. I doubt he has the security clearance to make such an asinine assertion, since intelligence and congressional investigators have needed to get higher clearances to even review the emails, or he admitted to viewing materials without proper classification or need to know, and advocates releasing TS/SAP and HUMINT data publicly, an extraordinarily awful idea. 

I’m tired of the MFM focusing on Team R having a tough primary, when Hillary would be indicted by now were she anyone but Hillary, and anyone but Obama was running DOJ. Petraus’ career and many others have ended for far less. 

Nevertheless, Hillary is also an awful candidate, and is losing in Iowa to an avowed Socialist who has proposed somewhere in the neighborhood of 19 TRILLION in spending, just so far. 

If there was an honest person at the DOJ, the Dem primary would be set on its ear when Hillary gets indicted after losing Iowa and New Hampshire to an ancient Socialist. 


This Is Unacceptable

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[guest post by JVW]

I am willing to deal with the fact that both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are younger than I am, but I can’t have a President who uses emojis in his email messages.

Rubio solicitation

I mean what is that supposed to be — a voting booth or something? John Adams silently weeps.


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