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Rivalry Weekend

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[guest post by JD]

Ohio State with a statement win over Michigan.  Where has that team been?

TCU beats Baylor in a monsoon in double OT. 

Nobody wants to play Oregon right now. 

UNC scores 35 in the 1st quarter over NC State. If they beat Clemson next week they will be in the discussion.  

Clemson wins ugly against a horrible South Carolina. 

Oklahoma at OK State in Bedlam. 

ND @ Stanford for a spot in the playoffs. 

Auburn giving Alabama a game so far. Go War Eagles. 

Florida vs Florida State

Countless others. 


32 Responses to “Rivalry Weekend”

  1. i have the funniest story about OK State but i can’t tell it

    someday I can tell it

    but not now cause of I’d get in trouble

    happyfeet (831175)

  2. The boys from “The Loveliest Village on the Plains” are hanging tough but I sure wish they’d remember to use their arms when they tackle. My coaches would have benched me for all these missed tackles so far.

    WarEagle82 (44dbd0)

  3. I really wanted a ton of upsets today – penn state, South Carolina, Auburn, Ok State,

    JD (0e5c29)

  4. Holy cow! I’ll take lucky if I can’t get good tackling!

    War Eagle!!!!

    WarEagle82 (44dbd0)

  5. I don’t know what Auburn is paying Will Muschamp but I don’t think they are getting their money’s worth. I suspect he’ll get another year to prove himself though but I am not sure that is a good thing for Auburn.

    WarEagle82 (44dbd0)

  6. WarEagle – he’s a system guy. Let him get his players and you’ll be fine.

    JD (0e5c29)

  7. @JD, I don’t think it is up to me, or at least Gus hasn’t called to ask my opinion. Maybe after the game.

    Oh, and he is getting $1.6 to $1.8 million per year for three years so I don’t think they’ll want to buy him out next year.

    WarEagle82 (44dbd0)

  8. i been eating these for about a month – all the different kinds

    every once in awhile i look for a red state product what i might could enjoy or gift to people, and texas is my favoritest red state, and these lil guys come from I think Austin

    they’re VERY different and hard to explain

    the flavours are really pleasant but the texture is unlike anything you probably ever put in you mouf

    i would *not* gift them except maybe to lil nephew guy cause of you have to be an adventurous soul to embrace these as snacks or whatever, but I’ll probably get more when I run out just cause they’re handy these days – work’s become very intrusive to where i don’t cook and eat the same as I used to and one of these seems to do the trick at odd times

    i’m a try the jerky too but just one flavor to start with

    i’d imagine the jerky texture is probably jerky-like and not as challenging as the tasty but Bizarro Meat Bars Of The Future

    happyfeet (831175)

  9. it was great to watch the crybullies of Baylor lose last night…

    redc1c4 (51aab8)

  10. Trojans just bested da baby bruins, intercepted QB Rosen TWICE (breaking his record) and will OWN Los Angeles for the next year!!

    10SCgal (b6201e)

  11. The OSU-UM game was interesting to watch, but ultimately meaningless. It really showed that both teams are pretty one-dimensional in both offense and defense. Michigan put up 300+ yards in the air, OSU put up 300+ yards on the ground.

    The winner of next week’s Big Ten Championship is going to the playoffs and the other going to the Rose Bowl. Congratulations to MSU and Iowa for outstanding seasons.

    egd (1ad898)

  12. “will OWN Los Angeles for the next year!!”

    The O-line, which I have been damning all year, finally came through and played a great game. Lots of freshmen and they will be great next season. We down to the fourth string center and he may have been the best since we lost Max Tuerk.

    Great game. The D still needs work and I think we need a new D coordinator. Maybe Pendergast is still available.

    Mike K (90dfdc)

  13. …and FSU pounded UF 27 – 2…now if UF can beat Alabama, and MSU beats Iowa…let chaos reign in the bullshyte NCAAF “play off”…

    Rich Vail (015de0)

  14. I find interesting that the committee is telling everyone that the Big 10 is the strongest conference in America. I base this on the idea that, as of last week, they had four B10 teams in their top 10. No one else was close. Stranger still was that of those four, only two of them had played each other (OSU/MSU) and none of them had played any other teams in the top 20. Now, yes, Iowa is unbeaten and OSU has only lost to MSU, while Michigan had lost to two teams. So, who had they beaten again???

    reff (40fcf0)

  15. #14 Well the answer is easy …. between MSU + UM + OSU + Iowa + NW they have lost to 1 out of conference team this year. And that was Utah to Michigan.

    And funny enough the best team won’t even be in the Playoff (OSU) b/c they dogged it most of the season and lost a horrendous game to MSU. Then they cam to their senses and played like champs yesterday.

    SEC outside of Alabama has some questionable losses and close games.
    ACC actually has better teams in Clemson, NC and FSU than the SEC.
    PAC 12 is always random and was well over ranked beginning of the Year. Best win is Stanford yesterday and ND has been mauled by injuries.
    Big 12 is a joke. Play some defense.

    So I understand 100% why the Big Ten has so many teams in the Top 25. By comparison the other Conferences are not as good.

    Rodney Ling's Spirit (ab8c0d)

  16. reff – since you didn’t even attempt to do your homework, I’ll do a thumbnail sketch for you.
    Northwestern beat Stanford
    Iowa has an admittedly average schedule but they won em all including Northwestern
    Michigan State won at home against Oregon, and on the road at Ohio State and Michigan
    Ohio St had Va Tech and meh
    Big 10 backloaded their good teams in their schedules like Big 12 did

    JD (baf72f)

  17. happyfeet – Maybe you should tell it anyway. The Cowboys sure look like they could use a laugh right about now.

    Dagwood (d51cb9)

  18. I’ll just say that the OSU team that played the last 3 games last year was never on the field this year, even with Mich yesterday.
    I don’t know who they lost that caused that much difference. I heard people say that “OSU has no deep threat”, that’s nonsense. Did they lose that many linemen to the NFL?
    Everyone spent all year second guessing the QB situation, then thinking all was solved when Barrett was the starter, only be shown painfully with Mich State that was not the case. Jones may not be the speedster and have the moves of Barrett, but he was always effective with a QB draw when they used it.

    MD in Philly (not in Philly at the moment) (deca84)

  19. Clemson loses to UNC, Iowa loses to Mich state, Stanford loses and who knows what will happen.

    MD in Philly (not in Philly at the moment) (deca84)

  20. someday i will it was just a weird intersection of a pikachu with this really kinda creepy flyover country university which probably would’ve gone badly if i’d been employed there – apparently things are really intense there after their lil bus ride singalong episode

    i was left with a strong feeling of don’t make eye contact and back slowly away from the wacky okies

    which is ironic cause of my people is okies on daddy’s side

    happyfeet (831175)

  21. So the final 4 is gonna be Alabama, Michigan State, Clemson and…

    The expansion to an 8 team playoff (and the end of many of the bowls outside those 7 games)is inevitable. That way you get, winners of Big 10, SEC, ACC, Pac 12, Big 12 and 3 wildcards.

    Bugg (fa64ec)

  22. Rodney, and JD….

    Thanks for making a part of my point for me….they have only played themselves….

    I don’t have a problem with MSU being ranked….
    OSU played even LESS quality than last year to this point….
    Michigan lost out of conference, and just got hammered by an average OSU….
    Iowa hasn’t done anything but win….and yes, willing is important…ask OSU last year….

    But, this committee is tasked with picking the BEST FOUR TEAMS, regardless of conference….not the best four teams that happen to win a lot of games…..

    And, they are stuck, as all groups picking this stuff, on “conference champions” when we all know that the best team in a league is not always the champion….

    All I want is for them to pick the best four teams….not the best four teams from the NORTHEAST/MIDWEST…..

    Oh, and that B10 that has lost only one out of conference game….Utah….that was the only game they played outside the top 40…..right???

    MSU deserves to be in it…Clemson hasn’t really been tested, but they have mostly dominated….Alabama, same thing….Oklahoma…well, there WILL BE a B12 team in it after last year, and they are probably the one team that can win while giving up 30….

    But, think of it this way….if Iowa wins….Alabama loses…..Clemson loses….Stanford loses….

    We could end up with Iowa, Ohio State, North Carolina, and Notre Dame…..AND NO ONE THINKS THAT ANY OF THEM ARE IN THE BEST FOUR>>>>>

    reff (4dcda2)

  23. Simply cannot see any way Alabama loses Saturday. And think Saban is a major league arrogant (insert nasty word here).But not like it couldn’t happen.

    Bugg (fa64ec)

  24. If Alabama loses and Clemson loses at this point, I don’t think either deserve to be in,
    I don’t mind if OSU is left out, though I think if in a playoff game the team would be more like against Michigan rather than Mich State.

    As I mentioned above, for some reason a lot of people thought OSU only needed Barrett to be QB and everything would be easy, stupid.
    Last year there was “fire in the Belly” after Barrett went down, and that was an awesome OSU team the last 3 games of the season.

    I do think including the top 8 would resolve controversy,
    but I never thought this system would eliminate controversy anyway.
    If the season shakes out with one or two undefeated teams and another one or two (or 3) 1 loss teams, then it is easy to pick the top four rather than the top 2,
    but if you have a bunch of teams who have “slipped” along the way, it will always be hard to argue why one 1 loss team should be picked over another.

    MD in Philly (not in Philly at the moment) (deca84)

  25. No, reff, you want them to pick your favorite four from the SEC 😉

    Who were the great out of conference wins for you favorites? Unranked Wisconsin?

    You obviously did not read. Utah was not the only top 40 game played out of conference by the Big 10. Northwestern beat Stanford who will be Top 10 this week, and is Top 20 themselves. Michigan State beat Oregon, one of the hottest teams in the country. You can whine and beeyotch and moan all you want but their strength of schedules match up reasonably to those that you prefer.

    JD (34f761)

  26. But, think of it this way….if Iowa wins….Alabama loses…..Clemson loses….Stanford loses….

    We could end up with Iowa, Ohio State, North Carolina, and Notre Dame…..AND NO ONE THINKS THAT ANY OF THEM ARE IN THE BEST FOUR>>>>>

    If Clemson loses to UNC they will still have a good case to make playoffs as one of the few one loss teams left. Their schedule was less than awesome, win at home against ND in the rain was best win. If Iowa wins they will be undefeated and deserving of the spot. Period. Obviously you prefer the old system where the eye test sends a 2 loss LSU team leapfrogging teams to get in championship. If Alabama loses to a crap Florida team, couple with their loss to a crap Ole Miss team, they have no business in playoffs. If Stanford loses they will have 3 losses and won’t be In the discussion.

    If if if if if and it is almost inconceivable that could happen and Oklahoma would not make it. But if your scenario happens it is because none of the others did what they needed to do to maintain their position in the playoffs.

    JD (34f761)

  27. it was too tempting,

    narciso (732bc0)

  28. these rivals should all just go to ihop in the morning together then they can be friends and not be so competitive

    everyone’s a winner just by showing up you know

    happyfeet (831175)

  29. JD, you missed the point all but completely….

    But, I’m digressing….

    I am, however, using the same argument you use against the SEC…WHO DO THEY PLAY BESIDES THEMSELVES???

    I didn’t mention the SEC in my post, albeit Bama, who does belong….Florida doesn’t….there are no others from the SEC…

    But, FOUR B10’s in the top 10???

    And, remember, you yourself knows OSU didn’t belong in the final four last year….Urban ran up the score on that same Wisconsin team you criticized above, and got in….GOOD FOR THEM>…they got hot and won it all…can’t win it if you’re not in it….

    reff (4dcda2)

  30. There aren’t enough bowl-eligible teams this year so the NCAA has created a pool of 5-7 schools with 5 wins and the highest Academic Progress Rates. The bowls can choose from this list of teams with 5 wins the highest Academic Progress Rate scores (in parenthesis):

    • Nebraska (985)

    • Kansas State (976)

    • Missouri (976)

    • Minnesota (975)

    • San Jose State (975)

    • Illinois (973)

    • Rice (973)

    DRJ (15874d)

  31. Missouri turned down a bowl opportunity. I wonder if it was a decision made because of the campus racial problems or because the football team doesn’t have a head coach. They said it was because of the coaching but who tells their players they can’t have a bowl over something like that?

    DRJ (15874d)

  32. you yourself knows OSU didn’t belong in the final four last year

    That doesn’t make sense. A team that had convincing wins over two other teams to win the championship didn’t belong there????

    I’m afraid you just demonstrated you are not worth talking to on this subject.

    MD in Philly (not in Philly at the moment) (deca84)

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