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Hillary’s Problematic Yoga Emails

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[guest post by Dana]

Because nothing raises security alarms like “yoga routines”:

The U.S. intelligence community is bracing for the possibility that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email account contains hundreds of revelations of classified information from spy agencies and is taking steps to contain any damage to national security, according to documents and interviews Thursday.

The top lawmakers on the House and Senate intelligence committee have been notified in recent days that the extent of classified information on Mrs. Clinton’s private email server was likely far more extensive than the four emails publicly acknowledged last week as containing some sensitive spy agency secrets.


21 Responses to “Hillary’s Problematic Yoga Emails”

  1. Hello.

    Dana (86e864)

  2. This seems to be coming from the Obama Administration. Some say the Obamas and Clintons hate each other. Did Obama prosecute Petraeus to make it politically easier to prosecute Hillary?

    DRJ (1dff03)

  3. The MFM still studiously ignores this. And when they aren’t ignoring this, they try to minimize this, or make it out to be simple politics that her opponents are engaged in.

    JD (3b5483)

  4. failmerica’s notoriously corrupt Justice Department with the new hooch in charge isn’t exactly playing hard ball here

    not so far anyways

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  5. Has there been any aspect of this entire felony that Hillary has not outright lied about?if the MFM wasn’t stenographers for her, they would compare her series of lies to the facts.

    JD (3b5483)

  6. *hardball* i mean

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  7. Hillary and her ilk should just go away — vamoose, scram — perhaps to the type of place where the ideology of such characters is most appreciated and respected. A one-way ticket to Puerto Rico, Venezuela or Mexico is recommended, although Greece would be good too.

    Mark (f32097)

  8. Petraeus was prosecuted for waaaaaaaaay less than this.

    JD (3b5483)

  9. Petraeus was prosecuted to prevent him from contradicting the video tape fairy tale Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice were pushing to cover their deadly gun running Benghazi operation. CIA was collecting Gaddifi’s arms which were then shipped via Turkey into Syria to arm the opposition to Bashar al-Assad. Those weapons secretly smuggled by Obama, Hillary, and Petareus armed the forces which became ISIS.

    ropelight (c07eb2)

  10. ropelight–

    Actually Petraeus was blackmailed before the election to keep him quiet, force to resign immediately thereafter when his usefulness had expired, THEN prosecuted out of spite.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  11. the gang of 4 who receive intelligence briefings are releasing top secret info for political purposes ? I don’t think so. Here is one for you:
    Unnamed sources are saying that Jade Helm really is a planned invasion of Texas, and when successful we ARE going to return it to Mexico

    john (7d5685)

  12. i’m incensed at this revelation about the true nature of the military activities in texas

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  13. #10, Kevin M, I don’t disagree. I should have written: Petraeus was persecuted… but blackmailed is more accurate.

    ropelight (c07eb2)

  14. Did the sexist Bikram reply?

    mg (31009b)

  15. What difference does it make at this point?

    also, I blame everyone involved. There was enough oddity that someone should have noticed and raised a rather large ruckus internally.

    seeRpea (181740)

  16. The voting majority will vote for Hillary over any repuliscum! Mrs. President get used to it!

    jaysi (97eede)

  17. Get help, Perry

    JD (3b5483)

  18. OT: remember that story about plague and other nasty things found in the NY Subway system?
    Well, Emily Litella

    seeRpea (65ab7f)

  19. Time for bill’s wife to relaunch her campaign.

    mg (31009b)

  20. Greetings:

    With a sincere apology to Rod Stewart, I’d rather go blind than see her do yoga in front of me.

    11B40 (0f96be)

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