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When The Solid Strength Of A Candidate Just Isn’t Enough

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[guest post by Dana]


We should never underestimate the Democrat/American/human capacity for manufactured enthusiasm, and people persuading themselves that their preferred candidate isn’t merely the best choice among the options, but is the living, breathing embodiment of all good qualities. Hero worship, cult of personality, a refusal to acknowledge any flaws in the Great Leader . . . this habit won’t go away anytime soon, it seems.

Ain’t that the truth.

“From sea to shining sea, she’ll fight for liberty, she’s sexy and she’s strong, we’re gonna vote for Chelsea’s mom . . . ”


Laws Now Mean Whatever We Wish They Mean, Not What They Actually Say

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[guest post by JD]

The Supreme Court is where you go to amend or pass legislation that you can’t get through the Legislature. 



UPDATE BY PATTERICO: Intentionalism has beaten textualism, and we will now pay the price.

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