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Would Muslim-Owned Bakeries Bake A Wedding Cake For Ben And Steven?

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[guest post by Dana]

So, the question of whether Muslim bakeries would bake wedding cakes for gays came up several times in the comments at the Indiana Pizza Place post.

Steven Crowder went to Dearborn to find out:

For these Muslim bakeries, the answer is “no”.

Conservative podcast host Steven Crowder posted hidden-camera video Thursday showing employees at several Muslim-owned bakeries in Dearborn, Michigan, declining his business or referring him to other shops when he asked for a wedding cake with the message “Ben and Steven forever.”

Which was fine with Mr. Crowder. “I’m not even saying these Muslim bakeries shouldn’t have a right to do whatever they did — they absolutely should — and many more of them would than Christian bakeries,” he said in his podcast on the website Louder with Crowder.

His video makes a point that has long rankled the right: That Christian-owned shops have been targeted for legal action and derision for refusing to serve same-sex weddings even as gay-rights activists and media outlets ignore business owners of other faiths known for their conservative social views, notably Islam.

No word of the MSM trolling the bakeries in Dearborn, nor outraged social justice warriors crying DISCRIMINATION!

Because it’s Easter weekend, I guess.


Random Thoughts

Filed under: General — JD @ 12:02 pm

[guest post by JD]

1) It is ironic, and amusing, that corporate speech was the enemy of democracy previously, but now that leftists agree with the content of some corporate speech, it is now good good good. The Left hates competing views. 

2) After 8 days in LA, Coronado Island, and La Jolla, we are returning home for Final Four weekend. Hopefully I will get to catch up with carlitos. 

3) I am curious how far the left is willing to take their intolerance. If you gave them their preference, would you doubt for a moment that they would be willing to include asking about religious affiliation and views on SSM in job interviews?

4) Hoping beyond hope for a Big 10 championship game. 

5) Iran is laughing at Obama and Kerry. They could even get a signed agreement on the framework for how to move forward. By the time they are done negotiating/capitulating, we might just hand Iran some of Israel’s weapons. 


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