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Hillary: She’s Nice Enough And Now She Smells Enough

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[guest post by Dana]

When asked about Hillary Clinton’s efforts to distance herself from him as she moves toward a possible run in 2016, President Obama commented that he believed the American people want “that new car smell” in their next president:

“They wanna drive somethin’ off the lot that — that doesn’t have as — as much mileage as me,” he told George Stephanopoulos on This Week.

Really? Obama is all of 53! But Hillary, on the other hand, is 67 years old. An old, smelly woman. A post-menopausal grandma who wears dowdy, matronly pantsuits. And smells. Hillary, the old failed Edsel trying one last time to sputter and chug her way to the White House while spewing copious amounts of exhaust and smelly pollutants. But voters don’t want old or smelly. Apparently they want a sharp, fresh smelling, leather-upholstered sports car that can traverse any highway and byway, or the halls of Congress, with speed and efficiency while looking sleek and stylish. Message sent and received: Hillary was once nice enough, and now she smells enough. Is the Great Orator unaware of his foot-in-mouth disease or did we long ago conclude his seemingly innocent linguistic jabs are actually made with shrewd calculated intent? Women of a certain age are wondering. And if Joe Biden – who is 72 years old – runs in 2016, will the president comment on his aging unsavory odor, too?


Schoolhouse Rock: “I’m An Executive Order, And I Pretty Much Just Happen”

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“Oh, that’s adorable! You still think that’s how government works!”

Thanks to Simon Jester.

Random Links – Some Amusing, Some Less So

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[guest post by JD]

Congress made me do it. Because of that Clause in the Constitution that says I get to do what I want if Congress doesn’t do what I proclaim. . Later on, he advances the mendacious ideas that raw numbers of EO’s shows he respects the process, and how they can get rid of his EO by passing legislation.

Al Sharpton defends his four million plus in deliquent taxes, because Trayvon, Ferguson, and racists.

Rep Pelosi wages her own war on women, refusing to accommodate a pregnant veteran amputee who couldn’t make it to DC to vote on Dem leadership. It turned out to have been a power play, since Rep Duckworth was supporting someone other than SanFranNan’s choice for a committee leadership position. The Dems selected the opponent of Pelosi’s hand picked choice.

Imagine if the Republicans had done this.

Chuck Todd declares Gruber fallout to be a political back and forth story, unworthy of national media coverage. That reminded me of how Gosnell was a local crime story. [UPDATE BY PATTERICO: Sarah Kliff agrees with both!]

MFM lapdog John Harwood declares that Gruber flapdoodle just serves to make mad people madder, and is not a story worth covering. . Good dog, John.

And, from the You Cannot Make This Up Files … Lumbersexuality and the toxic rapey beard culture. You really have to read it in its entirety to get the profound ignorance pushed by these ever-aggrieved social justice feeling warriors.

Last but not least, the term freshman is rapey. . Elon has not banned the term freshman, but has replaced it with first year, which is more inclusive. Get a load of that job title – Inclusive Community Wellbeing Coordinator, and then wonder why Higher Ed costs so much, an leaves so many behind.


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