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SNL: Mocking New Ebola Czar

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[guest post by Dana]

At this point in time, who isn’t?


8 Responses to “SNL: Mocking New Ebola Czar”

  1. Hello.

    Dana (8e74ce)

  2. Yeah they’ll make sport of him as long as it doesn’t matter… no more elections for him so they will have at it up to a point.

    I watched about 15 minutes this last Saturday, about all I could handle. Not funny, even with Carrey.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  3. SNL stopped being funny way back in the early 80s…

    and since it’s taken them 6 years to crack on Obola, despite the endless array f failure that is the sole hallmark of his regime, this is way too little, way too late.

    redc1c4 (a6e73d)

  4. The Presidential portraits they had on the walls in that skit were of Reagan and Lincoln.


    malclave (4f3ec1)

  5. Carrey has not been funny for a decade or more…

    Gazzer (cb9ee2)

  6. I watched the vid and only have one question. Where does SNL dig up studio audiences who cheer like they’re going to see something funny? SNL hasn’t been funny the entire time 95% of the people in the audience have been alive.

    Do they have complimentary hookers pass around plastic jack-o-lanterns full of drugs or something? Do they bus in illegals and instead of a flashing sign that says “applause” in English the cue to cheer is “We’ll give you green cards” in Spanish? Nobody who has seen SNL in thirty years would stand in line to get a free ticket let alone put that much effort into cheering. You’d have to pay me to go that show, and then extra if you want me to actually do something other than sit there.

    Steve57 (e92787)

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