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Reading Vox Can Make You Dum

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[guest post by JD]

Voxplainer, and Israel-hating Max Fischer has a post about potential threats to the American people.

The list of errors, flaws in thinking, leftist illogic, and outright nonsense would embarrass anyone not affiliated with Vox.

Threat to Americans: If you are an American in West Africa in close proximity with Ebola victims, the threat is moderate. If you are an American health worker in the US assisting an Ebola victim or someone who frequently comes into physical contact with one, the threat of infection is minor if you use proper protective equipment. Otherwise, the threat is pretty close to zero.

That gives you just a hint of the idiocy to follow. Shockingly, he finds global climate change to be a greater “threat” than ISIS or Ebola. Household furniture, televisions, and driving a car he deems to be more dangerous than ISIS or Ebola. 2nd Amendment rights are more dangerous than Ebola or ISIS. It is odd how he lumps Cancer and heart disease together.

It is abundantly clear that Max does not know the difference between a list of causes of death and an actual threat analysis. Or anything, for that matter. He should stick to locating bridges from Gaza to Israel, and hating Jews.

What seems quite clear is that they want to minimize the failures of Obama to recognize and address the actual threats posed by Ebola and ISIS.

Feel free to point out the other idiocy you can find, it shouldn’t be difficult.



10 Responses to “Reading Vox Can Make You Dum”

  1. #SMH

    JD (a7659b)

  2. I’m speechless, but YouTube is my friend:

    nk (dbc370)

  3. Pointing out errors, flaws in thinking, leftist illogic, and outright nonsense at Vox is not even a sport. pounds Vox like Georgia Tech pounded Cumberland College. The reason didn’t do it so much this past week is because they were busy pounding the Ebola response from our Bureaucratic Betters.

    Paul (creator of Staunch Brayer) (11371c)

  4. there isn’t enough Val-U-Rite in the world to get me to read that drivel…

    redc1c4, proud AoSHQ moron (34e91b)

  5. Max – Green energy kills poor people. Women and minorities hardest hit. Ponder that while you try to scare everybody about climate change.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  6. what are all the glo-bull warming freaks going to do when it doesn’t warm up one of these summers?

    redc1c4 (a6e73d)

  7. It’s rather amusing to see Fischer scramble to prioritize the Big List O’ Moonbat Obsessions (get rid of cars, get rid of guns, get rid of the Industrial Revolution). Of course, letting ISIS run wild works in favor of his own personal obsession (get rid of Israel).

    M. Scott Eiland (15aac4)

  8. It’s amusing to see stupid people try to use “cause of death” to explain things. Everybody dies of “cardiac arrest” unless they are squished by a 100 ton block of granite. And sometimes even then. For many years, and probably until today, the commonest operation in fatal cases was “exploratory laparotomy.” All that means is opening the abdomen and taking a look. Why should it be fatal ? Because fatal trauma cases where nothing can be done often involve an unsuccessful exploratory laparotomy. The patient died before the bleeding could be stopped, or whatever.

    The idiot reporter who asked “When did Rand Paul become a doctor ?” After he said something about Ebola. The answer is “Back when you were eating from a nipple, sweetie. ”

    The world is full of experts.

    Mike K (90dfdc)

  9. 8. …Everybody dies of “cardiac arrest” unless they are squished by a 100 ton block of granite. And sometimes even then…

    Mike K (90dfdc) — 10/18/2014 @ 12:35 pm

    It used to be that people believe constrictor snakes such as pythons and boas crushed their prey. But they don’t. Then the theory became they kill by asphyxiating their prey. They wrap so tightly after each exhalation that the prey eventually can’t draw a breath.

    But then people started to notice that the asphyxiation theory wasn’t consistent with the evidence. Now the emerging theory is that the constrictors simply raise the pressure in the body cavity until the heart gives out. A snake can exert enough pressure to accomplish this in anything small enough to prey on. Which for a really big snake includes us.

    …Graziana said it might be difficult for a single victim to call for help if a constrictor begins to coil itself around. While the animals don’t crush or break bones, he explained, they wrap tighter around a victim with each breath and can induce cardiac arrest….

    So, yeah, eventually everybody dies of cardiac arrest.

    Steve57 (4d34f4)

  10. idiot reporter

    that’s redundant. 😎

    redc1c4 (a6e73d)

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