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Wendy Davis Has No Shame Or Is Just Really Dumb

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[guest post by Dana]

Last week, we saw the new Wendy Davis political ad and Patterico’s thorough examination of the ad’s claims against opponent Greg Abbott. Davis received a lot of criticism for using her opponent’s disability against him, but without batting an eye, defended it:

“This ad is about one thing. And one thing only. It’s about Greg Abbott’s hypocrisy.”

“In 1984, Greg Abbott sought out and received justice following a horrible injury, rightly so … receiving millions of dollars. And I’m glad, he deserved justice for the terrible tragedy that he endured,” Davis said during the press conference. “But then he turned around and built his career working to deny the very same justice that he received to his fellow Texans rightly seeking it for themselves.”

A Davis pollster not only defended the ad, but also claimed it is working:

Joel Benenson, the pollster for Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, is defending a controversial TV ad released by the campaign that has been panned by political pundits and campaign operatives on both sides of the aisle.

“I’m confident that the ad is effective and working and is consistent with the strategy of our ads in this campaign that depicts Greg Abbott as an insider repeatedly siding with insiders and against average Texans,” Benenson, who served as President Obama’s chief pollster in the 2008 and 2012 elections, said in an interview with the Texas Tribune Sunday.

Today we find that Davis has dug an even deeper hole for herself:

It’s a pretty shameful new low. There is really nothing to say other than the woman’s actions and choices speak for themselves.

I prefer to consider Abbott’s remarks on life after his accident. He examples a fortitude, discipline and acceptance of his present circumstance that is completely inspiring. This is a man who has learned how to live and appreciate life fully, completely and without excuse:

“After my accident, I had to rebuild my strength. I would roll up an eight-story parking garage — spending hours going up the ramps. With each floor, it got harder and harder. But I wouldn’t quit. Just one more, I would tell myself, just one more. I see life that way. And it’s how I will govern Texas. To get to the top, we must push ourselves to do just one more.”


46 Responses to “Wendy Davis Has No Shame Or Is Just Really Dumb”

  1. Hello.

    Dana (4dbf62)

  2. But then he turned around and built his career working to deny the very same justice that he received to his fellow Texans rightly seeking it for themselves.”

    Abbott was defending the state against a lawsuit.

    Michael Ejercito (becea5)

  3. Well, she is a blond with ample tata’s.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  4. Looks like SOMEONE was sleeping the day they talked about PUNITIVE DAMAGES in law school.

    Russ from Winterset (830aac)

  5. Well, she was sleeping with someone.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  6. why wouldn’t she choose to lose with a little dignity I don’t get it

    hoochie is slightly less gubernatorial than my left nut

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  7. feets, would you like to compare her to your favorite “hoochie” ex-Gov?

    askeptic (efcf22)

  8. i would not

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  9. No Guts, No Glory!

    askeptic (efcf22)

  10. Hey, her campaign “advisors” know she’s going down. Of course they want to attempt to squeeze out a few more dollars of consulting fees and donations from the Wendy fervents on the way out.

    elissa (099f5f)

  11. i’m kinda knackered i been packing all day Mr. skeptic

    the movers come wednesday

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  12. I think “both” is the correct answer.

    Streetwise Professor (40b798)

  13. Yeah, my vote is that the word “or” does not belong in the title of this post.

    It doesn’t even need to be replaced with another word. Just a comma will do nicely.

    Steve57 (4d34f4)

  14. This race speaks volumes about current Democratic strategy. The Democrats say little to nothing about how the government should function. They focus on abortion rights and pandering to minorities…they still pull in 40%+ of the electorate.

    DejectedHead (13c12c)

  15. I have to go with really, really, appallingly dumb.

    gary gulrud (46ca75)

  16. On the national level, the common argument to support a candidate is that the other party’s candidate is so bad that if they are elected it will be the end of the world (more or less). And thus each election is the most important ever, and desperate, and we all need to just rally together in opposition to the other party. Both parties are like that.

    Texas has usually been better, but I don’t feel it is this year. I really like Abbott and if I’m right about him he will be the best governor Texas has had during my lifetime. But the democrats are running this person with no relevant experience whose vision for Texas is that she’s not Abbott. Disagree I may with their viewpoints, usually the democrats run credible candidates for governor in Texas. Not doing so… running a candidate on the argument that the other guy is scary, is fundamentally disrespectful to the citizens. I expect that from the national parties, but I hope for more in Texas.

    Davis’s implosion is going to have an impact on a lot of downticket races, so hopefully Democrats in Texas learn something from that.

    Dustin (801032)

  17. 17. …Davis’s implosion is going to have an impact on a lot of downticket races, so hopefully Democrats in Texas learn something from that.
    Dustin (801032) — 10/13/2014 @ 8:13 pm

    If you don’t mind, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they don’t.

    Steve57 (4d34f4)

  18. Lol

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  19. Steve, I take that as humor, but competition is good and healthy. If the democrats are simply not credible, the GOP could succeed with less than we’ve seen in Texas over the past several years. Maybe they will do their best out of the goodness of their hearts, but I am skeptical of all politicians, even those I like. Perry’s had a great run, but he’s also had good competitors, one after another.

    Better when the dems are running an experienced and mild mannered mayor of a massive city for governor, as they did last round, than this time when they are running someone who pulled a media stunt that didn’t accomplish anything lasting. It’s a joke this year.

    No, I actually hope for the democrats in Texas and nationwide to run excellent candidates with experience and great records. For example, I disagree with Howard Dean on most issues, but he did run an effective government with a balanced budget. He would be no less ideological than Obama as our president, yet I believe his administration would have been better in many technical aspects.

    But shallow works. Pick someone who is more physically attractive and who is running on some powerful social issue that appeals nationwide, and you’ll probably pull in a lot of donations. I wonder how many of Davis’s came from outside Texas! Likely a whole lot. Both parties are very shallow on the national level, and Texas should be better.

    Dustin (801032)

  20. i like eggs

    but aside from eggs if chickens weren’t tasty all on their own we’d be facing a chicken genocide like this stupid hoochie can’t even imagine

    other than controlling ticks they’re not good for much else

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  21. oh.

    you know who’s to say this is the wrong thread really

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  22. You know, happy, you have a point. Your posts are more like a commodity rather than a luxury — satisfying, cheap and easily available regardless of the situation or point. You are the Swiss Army knife of people wasting time on the Internet.

    None of that is an insult.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  23. thank you Mr. 80

    I still think i need to practice making my comments more better though

    you have to keep challenging yourself you can’t just play golf and whine all the time

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  24. No, you can’t happy but, if you ask my wife, she would probably say I’m doing a good job at playing golf and whining.

    I am not the President, though.

    I could be President. What do you have to lose?

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  25. you’d be a more better president than Mr. Mitt Romney I think

    just cause you’re not deluded

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  26. I think you curtailed your campaign, too soon, Ag,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  27. Yeah, well narciso, it did not work out the last time.

    I’m still younger than Hillary, so make your vote count in 2016. Would you like a yard sign?

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  28. feets – You need a place to crash when you get here afore your man cave is ready?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  29. hi thank you Mr. daley!

    the plan is to enjoy two weeks of homelessness exploring nevada and utah mostly though and then my stuff should be there more or less so I should be ok but I’ll buzz you if things go terribly horribly wrong for sure

    I’m out of here wednesday as soon as the movers leave and take “Angeles Crest Highway” out of town – I’ve never been that way before

    for the first night I’m shooting for Newberry Springs with breakfast the next morning at the Bagdad Cafe (where the movie was shot)

    that’s all the actual planning I done so far

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  30. Dustin, we’re seeing what a one-party state looks like when dominated by Progressives here in CA.
    If Abortion Barbie “decimates” the TX Dem Party, solidifying the hold that conservative Republicans have on it, we’ll see if the Right can do a better job for the People, or if they’re just the Ying to the Progressives Yang.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  31. that’s right, askeptic.

    The Democrats in CA do not feel much competition. Sounds great ideologically if you agree with them, but then the state is being run into the ground.

    I suspect Texas will not suffer the same fate. Partly because the GOP in Texas’s ideology is rooted in limited government and a balanced budget. But that is not universal, and the GOP in Texas has its share of bad apples. So far, though, the state has been run well for the last 20 years and that’s the primary reason Abbott is going to cruise to victory. I’d like to see it remain that way, and via competition. Just as in MA a Republican might promote the individual mandate and gun control, in Texas I would like to see democrats promote a balanced budget and border control.

    My ulterior motive is that I would like to see more politicians who are fiscally conservative but do not want the government to intrude into our lives on social matters (this might be called socially liberal, but I think of it as libertarian). It doesn’t look like the Texas democrats are headed in that direction yet, but I think it’s a natural direction they could take. If they did, I would seriously consider supporting that (Partisanship isn’t important to me).

    Dustin (801032)

  32. Wait, what, feets is off to Chitown?

    Gazzer (4d1091)

  33. i will be soon Mr. Gazzer

    los angeles has grown dusty and stale

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  34. So, a Liberal Media Darling is proving to be a mannerless dolt. Should fit right in to the Democrat national strategy……

    C. S. P. Schofield (848299)

  35. and i will have a taco in your honor after leave….

    you should have seen it when Nudie still parked his Caddy out on Lnakerslime.

    it was still a great town.

    redc1c4 (34e91b)

  36. feets, I’ve traveled the Angeles Crest Highway many times, but mostly day trips up and back before nightfall. Back in the late 60s I worked at JPL in La Canada and spent weekends in the hills. Mt Waterman was a favorite in the winter months when there was snow. People would make little snowmen packed hard around their car’s radio antenna (to hold them in place) then drive back to town to show off were they’d been. Kids loved it, grown-ups too. Don’t start without a full tank of gas and an ample picnic lunch.

    Spring, Fall and Summertime along the Crest are also great fun, 45 minutes and you’re in what passes for the wilderness in Southern California. However, it can be slow going on the weekends and it’s almost always a bit difficult and sometimes damned dangerous to pass slow vehicles, or be passed by hotrods. So get your head right before you go, and stop often for the views the along the way.

    Most importantly, don’t let other drivers bully you into going faster than you feel comfortable going. The pressure from a string of obnoxious bullies lined up behind you and pushing hard to go faster and faster can be intense and can lead to disaster. I’ve been there. Pull over and let the jerks go, you’ll live longer. Have as safe trip.

    ropelight (5f328d)

  37. I vote dumb. She might be shameless, too, but she definitely is dumb.

    Mark L (da8bb9)

  38. Why must it be either or? I would suggest she is both dumb and has no shame…

    Rorschach (61bf43)

  39. Oh, no, you can’t do that,
    Once you started wearin’ those shoes.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  40. Good advice Mr. ropelight im pretty good about taking it slow plus im in no hurry I want to see everything I can

    Wish I had more time

    happyfeet (080824)

  41. I went to Bagdad Cafe on my honeymoon road trip back in 2001. Only need to go there once.

    Gazzer (4d1091)

  42. Places you only need to go once… Can’t think of any. Either go multiple times, or don’t go. That’s my way of thinking, anywho.

    Oh, wait! I got one!

    The in-laws’ house. That’s a place you only need to go once, to get the new wifey’s stuff and get out of Dodge.

    John Hitchcock (1d47fe)

  43. i’m excited to check it off my list for sure

    then it’s off to the valley of death

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  44. How sane would you be if you woke up next to Alan Greenspan every morning?

    nk (dbc370)

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