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Scots Vote to Remain Under Thumb of the British a While Longer

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AP is making the claim as we speak.

No true Scotsman would vote for independence anyway.

29 Responses to “Scots Vote to Remain Under Thumb of the British a While Longer”

  1. Whale




    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  2. so i guess this means

    a lot of meaningful stuff and whatnot, what with Scotland choosing dependence and all

    till envious ivy doth around thee cling, Scotland

    you’re gonna rock the status quo I just know it

    and good on you

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  3. but honestly is it really an historic vote if nothing changes?

    food stamp’s really defined this “historic” thing down huh

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  4. Follow the money. The Scots still have enought sense to go (or stay) where the money is.

    bobathome (5ccbd8)

  5. rats…

    now, what do i do with all this popcorn?

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  6. The Puerto Ricans do this to the US all the time too.

    It’s like some marriages; the threats are a function of the love/hate

    in the relationship.

    One threatens to leave thus inspiring the other to expressions of love

    and need and a bad things will be for each of them if the one leaves.

    Then the leaver will either succumb to the other’s blandishments or escalate

    the threat thru packing or other preparation. This evokes the bribe part of

    the exchange. The one to be left will begin making offers of whatever might

    tempt the leaver to stay. Promises of a better life or more money or more control

    in the household.

    Then the reluctant collapse and the leaver surrenders to the siren song of

    familiarity. For a while all things will sweetness and light.

    By two weeks they’re back yelling at each other again and name calling and throwing

    the dishes.

    Very rarely do these sort of couples actually breakup. Usually only after some sort

    of bodily injury or taboo names are called.

    jakee308 (755866)

  7. No true Scotsman would vote for independence anyway.

    i see what you did there… 😎

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  8. It’s historic for two reasons:

    1) Huge turnout: ~86% of those registered to vote for the country as a whole, with 90%+ of the eligible population registered.

    2) Things will change: to ensure the No vote, the leaders of all three Westminster parties promised to devolve more power to Scotland; to get their parties to support that pledge, they are already talking about reviewing governance for England, Ireland and Wales as well.

    Karasu (2af3dd)

  9. First off, Karasu, 86% turnout is not historic. In Philly they had as high as 125% turnout for Obama…twice.

    Secondly, I’m disappointed. I was hoping to watch the far left state of Scotland become free then immediately crash and burn so as to be a lesson to the leftist dumbasses here what it is they are for exactly. Could have been fun watching two leftist parties rip a nation apart in a race to give away its wealth, liberty and future. Then to watch as the Scots petition England to rejoin. I’d laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  10. they voted to stay in because of their wallets
    without English money they are dead in the water
    they can as an englishman get stuffed
    we don’t need them

    D. Charles Kenny (1739a2)

  11. historic would be more like if pirates and ninjas were involved and in short order they put paid to the monarchist swine, their neo-liberalist schemes, and their tasty tasty puddings

    this was kind of a dud

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  12. I was also hoping Scotland would set an example for California to follow. Think how nice “Mexifornia” sounds.

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  13. The Rolling Stones’ “Hey you, get off of my cloud” is from a traditional Scottish song, too. “Hey MacCloud, get off of my ewe”.

    nk (dbc370)

  14. England, Wales and Northern Ireland should now vote to throw them out. Scotland is a Communist boil on England’s behind. JVW laid out the numbers on the other thread. Without Scotland the UK has a chance to recover from a soft-commie, Pakistani welfare state. With Scotland’s Comintern puppets in Parliament, it does not.

    nk (dbc370)

  15. 3. happyfeet (a785d5) — 9/18/2014 @ 10:52 pm

    but honestly is it really an historic vote if nothing changes?

    It’s only historic if it goes one way, but not the other.

    They already got their Parliament back, in 1999 I think, and they can now change their own criminal law, and I think there’s another thing they have control of.

    Westminister was trying to devolve power to places in England – cities – but people aren’t interested. I think I read they had some referendums in ENglish cities, but they mostly lost.

    There have now been some promises made, most importantly maybe about taxation and spending. There could be another referendum, but only if they are not kept.

    Sammy Finkelman (0d0ca8)

  16. “Scots Vote to Remain Under Thumb of the British a While Longer”

    The Scots will ALWAYS be under the thumb of the “British”. The Scots ARE British. Britian is the island of which Scotland forms a part.

    What you mean, I presume, is that the Scots have voted to remain under the thumb of the ENGLISH. Which is very different.

    A.S. (23bc66)

  17. The main proponent was talking about North Sea oil supporting the government (never mind tghat revenue mght start going down)

    What he really wanted was status – attending summits and the like.

    Another sign he was up to no good, besides lowering the voting age to 16, in the hopes that mthe electorate would be a little bit more ignorant and stupid, was his threat to default on the debt if they couldn’t keep the pound.

    He also wanted to get rid of the nuclear submarine base (and Britain would have no other place to base them, without spending a tremendous amount of money) bit said they could stay in NATO, as a non-nuclear member.

    He said they would join or stay in the European Union (which could mean no passports necessary to travel from Scotland to England, and free movement) but to join as new member, they’d have toadopt the Euro. Also, without Scottish votes, a referendum in the UK on staying in the EU would be more likely to lose.

    Sammy Finkelman (0d0ca8)

  18. This is good in some ways, but I liked the idea of some peaceful geopolitical changes as the information age enters its adolescence.

    Instead of just saying ‘we’ve always been this way and that’s what we are’, I don’t mind the idea of citizens thinking outside the box. It certainly seems to be the case here that we’re in an unhappy marriage between the cities and the rest of the country.

    Dustin (801032)

  19. And of course, it is pretty awesome that essentially a revolution just occurred, and was lost, and everyone is just going to go about their business with no one to bury.

    We moan about the state of affairs a lot, and there’s reason to do so, but by and large things have actually progressed in some ways.

    Dustin (801032)

  20. #13… thanks for the chuckle, nk!

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  21. “have ye seen them udders, MacGregor, standing in the meadow?”

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  22. Secondly, I’m disappointed. I was hoping to watch the far left state of Scotland become free then immediately crash and burn

    I wonder how many Scots — even liberal ones — privately shuddered at the thought of their leftist brethren taking over their section of the UK? If such people had a “protect me from myself” reaction? Or a response analogous to when a lazy, screwball, money-grows-on-trees person looks back at his youth and eventually realizes that his killjoy parents — who he greatly resented when growing up — really did the right thing.

    Or — to flip that around ideologically — sort of similar to all the green-earth phonies who admire “preachers” like Al Gore, due in part to a sense that if no one cracks the whip they’ll continue happily buying big gas-guzzling SUVs and being overly self-indulgent when using supposedly finite natural resources.

    Mark (c160ec)

  23. Those poor Scots dragged along on all those Victorian Imperial adventures by the English queen (who just happened to be Queen of Scotland also), then forced to fight for their own defense in two World Wars. I’m sure they had no interest in these things at the time.

    Yeah they just hated ruling the world.

    Amphipolis (d3e04f)

  24. I see that in wake of this stunning upset, the Pound Sterling soared in financial markets.
    In light of his not so illustrious past in attacking the Bank of England in those markets,
    did George Soros take a bath this morning shorting the Pound in anticipation of break-up?

    Gee, I certainly hope so.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  25. 14.England, Wales and Northern Ireland should now vote to throw them out.

    That would be my response if I were an Englishman, nk.

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  26. 26. Nah, England should just hold its own referendum for independence. Sorted.

    Robbo (2988c2)

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  28. I was so hoping that the English would finally be free to decide their own future and that Labour would be relegated to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

    Donavon PfeifferJr (7917e0)

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