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Vote on Scottish Independence Tomorrow

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Voters will answer “Yes” or “No” to the referendum question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

With 4,285,323 people – 97% of the electorate – registered to vote, a historically high turnout is expected.

Polls are consistently showing the “no” vote (a vote against independence) up by 52 to 48 percent — but undecideds could change it all.


51 Responses to “Vote on Scottish Independence Tomorrow”

  1. I am in the I Don’t Care camp. And I’m not budging.

    Gerald A (d65c67)

  2. I would like to weigh in with a vote for more men in kilts and Scottish brogues because it would make women everywhere happier. And if our host had but asked, I could have provided him with supporting evidence.

    Dana (4dbf62)

  3. If the Scots vote no, England, Wales and Northern Island should vote to throw them out. Scotland, through the Labor Party, has been nothing more than an emasculator of Great Britain for a long time.

    nk (dbc370)

  4. UPDATE:

    Patterico (9c670f)

  5. It certainly would be interesting to see if Scotland would be able to run its desired welfare state — even more generous than what they currently offer as a member of the UK — without England picking up part of the tab. It’s also worth pondering the effect this will have on the Labour Party of England, who relies heavily upon Scottish votes in Westminster. Suddenly the Labour coalition would find themselves down 39 Scottish Labour seats, plus 6 seats from the Scottish Nationalist Party. The Tory coalition would only lose one Conservative seat plus 11 seats from the Liberal Democrats. In other words, British Labour would find itself down an additional 33 seats in the House of Commons. It would be not dissimilar to House Democrats losing their California representatives.

    JVW (638245)

  6. Since no one else will do it, I did comment about this earlier and pointed out that the remaining British Empire, so to speak, would become conservative and Scotland would become a socialist failed state. Yes I am needy, dang it.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  7. We elected Obama twice. Scotland could not do worse. And for the record, I am half American-half Scottish by birth. I’ve lived there. They are nuts to go solo. It will NEVER work.

    Gus (70b624)

  8. It would be not dissimilar to House Democrats losing their California representatives.
    JVW (638245)

    That’s how I described it the other day!

    And since Scotland has been going particularly anti-Semite recently and British Labour has been using immigration, independence would mean a major shift there for them in addition to everything else.

    Sam (e8f1ad)

  9. Sorry Ag80 and Sam — I’m not trying to go all Fareed Zakeria on the both of you. I just didn’t see your earlier comments.

    JVW (638245)

  10. Not a problem, JVW, I posted on an unrelated thread. Like I said, I’m just needy.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  11. It certainly would be interesting to see if Scotland would be able to run its desired welfare state

    I wasn’t previously aware of just how liberal or leftwing Scotland was, and upon learning that bit of information, my respect for that section of the UK plummeted. If I were British, I’d say to hell with them.

    But if they’re typical liberal fools in the mold of modern-day Europeans, they’ll probably vote to stay tied to the Land of London since the ethos of 21st-century two-faced liberalism generally makes its adherents resistant to rocking the boat too much and then capsizing.

    Mark (c160ec)

  12. And I posted it at another site, JVW.
    I was just amused to see someone make the same comparison with California that I did.

    Sam (e8f1ad)

  13. Murdock over at fox won’t be happy with no vote a free scotland will run him out of the country. (db70c2)

  14. Murdock over at fox won’t be happy with no vote a free scotland will run him out of the country.

    Really, Perry? I’m not sure who this Murdock character is, but Rupert Murdoch has actually been pretty coy about whether or not he supports Scottish independence.

    But I have no idea what Murdock — let alone Oveur, Unger, or Dunn — thinks about Scottish independence.

    JVW (638245)

  15. Well – we will find out soon enough …

    Alastor (2e7f9f)

  16. i don’t like taking a stand of foreign election decisions, anymore than i appreciate Europeons telling us we should elect idiots like the Bamster, but i have to say, i agree with PJ O’Rourke’s take on the issue.

    have at it Scots, and best of luck to you, either way.

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  17. Cuba-with-chilblains

    nk (dbc370)

  18. The only thing I’m worried about is – Keeping the purity of Royal Dornoch and Cruden Bay.
    If you Golf and have not played these two courses, get your passport and enjoy two of the greatest links courses in the world.
    No one takes better care of golf than the Scots, kilts and all.

    mg (31009b)

  19. John Oliver had a good segment on why Scotland is looking for independence and what might happen if achieved. :)

    angry webmaster (c2a001)

  20. Thanks for pimping your site to us instead of giving us the YouTube link. Here’s the YouTube link for anybody who likes John Oliver.

    nk (dbc370)

  21. The amount of money England saves on welfare will more than make up for the cost of refurbishing Hadrian’s Wall.

    Bud Norton (29550d)

  22. 13.Murdock over at fox won’t be happy with no vote a free scotland will run him out of the country.

    You need to explain that dumbass comment. A “no” vote is to remain in the UK. A “yes” vote is to free Scotland. So how would a “no” vote run him out of the country? Dumbass.

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  23. From what I’ve read the modern Scots have evolved into a dependent, socialist class of underperformers. Kinda like the Democrat constituencies. So what loss to the UK would it be? I mean other than a boon for flag makers in China.

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  24. I would liken Scotland leaving the UK to all the welfare recipients and public union employees leaving the U.S.. So what? We’d be better for it.

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  25. “I, however, have a personal reason for wanting an independent Scotland. I’m an ex-foreign correspondent, vintage 1983-2003, who retired after the Iraq War, too old to be scared stiff and too stiff to sleep on the ground.
    Yet once foreign correspondenting gets in your blood.

    Ah, there’s nothing like a primitive, quarrel-torn, disastrous Third World country. And Scotland has everything it needs to be what old-school foreign correspondents fondly call a “shit-hole.”

    …Scotland’s economy will be the requisite Third World shambles. Scotland’s two dominant political parties are the leftist Scottish National Party and the leftist Scottish Labor Party. These can be counted on to vie in out-lefting each other. Cuba-with-chilblains, here we come!
    Scottish music is sufficiently – to be kind – exotic. As soon as Scotland descends into barbarous chaos expect the pig-sticking squeal and shagged sheep moan of bagpipes to be frequently heard on NPR. (By the way, NPR newscasters will have to learn to pronounce “Scotland” the way the Scottish do. When asked how to pronounce the name of their country the Scottish say, “Faauhk you.”)
    …The Scottish have the regulation Third World tales of past glory, featuring such unlikely characters as The Maid of Norway, a King Robert nick-named “The Bruce,” an Earl of Atholl (really), and Mel Gibson.

    They also have the standard-issue yarn about how, after brilliant victory upon victory in defense thereof, their independence was treacherously stolen from them. This would be by the 1704 “Act of Union” with Great Britain, which passed the Scottish Parliament by a vote of 110 to 69.” – P.J. O’Rourke

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  26. I’m sure Putin would love to see America’s most effective European ally temporarily distracted by division and permanently hobbled. America will lose a partner and gain two dependents. And that assumes the two get along, and Scotland does not become the British Venezuela.

    Now is not the time to be creating new Ukraine-like states.

    Amphipolis (d3e04f)

  27. JVW (638245) — 9/17/2014 @ 11:25 pm

    Isn’t “Murdock” that crazy chopper pilot from the A-Team?

    askeptic (efcf22)

  28. Does the latent Leftism of Scotland result in their great beverage, or does the beverage drive everyone to Leftism?
    Two more fingers, please, bartender!

    askeptic (efcf22)

  29. Amphipolis, I think you’re being too dramatic. As the quote by P.J. O’Rourke provided by The Colonel points out Scotland today is about half far leftist socialist and half radical far leftist socialist. It’s like the difference between vota and, or Perry and wagonwheel. In other words there essentially is no difference. Both sides are mutually destructive economic losers, neither being able to understand a free economy, free market or free people. In other words, Dumbasses. Great Briton is better off without Scotland. Furthermore, once you get past golf all that’s left is Scotch and bagpipes neither of which I find very appealing since as an American I have Bourbon which is superior to any Scotch and Frank Sinatra who does not hurt my ears. And frankly, we can play golf anywhere.

    I really don’t see any merit to a country or culture where the men wear skirts (they can call them “kilts” but they’re still only skirts) with no panties. Ugh!!!

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  30. Scotland, through the Labor Party, has been nothing more than an emasculator of Great Britain for a long time.

    I may be wrong, but I think GB citizens did that to themselves when they meekly gave up all right to own guns about 2 decades ago.

    Smock Puppet, "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses." (225d0d)

  31. .

    “It’s shiite being Sco’ish!! The English are wankers, but we were conquered by wankers!!!”

    – Trainspotting –


    Smock Puppet, "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses." (225d0d)

  32. It would be not dissimilar to House Democrats losing their California representatives.

    WOW. Yet another plus in favor of the Free California movement…!!

    Smock Puppet, "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses." (225d0d)

  33. Smock Puppet @ 30, I believe that was Labor.

    Ibidem (e49d43)

  34. what does it mean when 46% of citizens seriously don’t wanna be part of the stupid country they’re part of?

    how embarrassing for the u.k. to have how bad they suck quantified in this way

    and so very publicly

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  35. I don’t think you’re getting it , happyfeet. 46% of “the citizens” as you call them believe the UK to be too conservative for their delicate little socialist minds. They want to leave to create an even more dependent society in Scotland.

    Frankly, if I were the British I’d throw them out and quickly rebuild Hadrian’s Wall. You do realize about 47% of the people who live in America don’t want to be part of what traditionally is America? They are our Scots. They are leftists, anarchists, socialists, communists, Moslems, rabid unionists, the media, Hollywood, the academics and of course Perry/wagonwheel/vota/xmas/ I’ll bet in 10 years that number will be 60% and the decline and fall of the United States will be inevitable.

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  36. i think you’re vastly over-estimating the intelligence of the scottish electorate

    they’re just lashing out for attention

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  37. They’re starting to get results, and expect the answer in four and a half hours.

    Ibidem (e49d43)

  38. No, happyfeet, I already vastly over estimated the intelligence of the American electorate in the last two elections. The Scots are just radical socialists. They don’t want the attention from other people, they want the money from other people.

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  39. CBS said the results would be available around midnight, eastern time (that would be 9 pm Pacific time)

    It is said people who wanted to vote no were keeping quiet, so some may have shown up inthe polls as udecided.

    Turnout was enormous – around 90%

    Sammy Finkelman (96f386)

  40. people suck i can’t even tell you how much they bug me

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  41. change sucks Mr. Sammy that’s why food stamp had to add “hope” to that toxic stew

    in the west, “change” = “another leg down”

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  42. Screw the scotties
    save the links

    mg (31009b)

  43. it’s just a super duper slow news week cause nobody takes food stamp’s ISIS strategy seriously

    so the Scottish thing feels like real news

    but c’mon be real

    nobody really cares

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  44. RELAX, GentleBeings !

    Try to remember that Scotland has exported University Graduates for decades and centuries – the ones that are left are not necessarily the brightest – yet they are still sufficiently intelligent to know that the vote needed to be pro-British and pro-prosperity …

    If you listen to the BBC Scotland live feed, it is clear that, yes, a lot of Scotland is thoroughly leftist … it is also clear that the Yes crowd are the “Yes, we can!” crowd …

    And, actually, yes, more care about this than you know …

    Alastor (2e7f9f)

  45. Personally, I am impressed that with 16 year olds eligible to vote, the turnout was in the 80% – and the vote still was to stay in the United Kingdom …

    Alastor (2e7f9f)

  46. si se puede make tasty eggs

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  47. Dougal was a typical Scot. His wife Janet had just died and he wanted to place the least expensive death notice. He went to the newspaper office and wrote on the lodgement from, “Janet died.”
    The clerk explained that there was a minimum charge and he could have five words. Dougal added three more words: “Janet died, Toyota for sale.”

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  48. I remember Janet

    she was the one what used to make those tasty eggs

    happyfeet (a785d5)

  49. Aye, we are thrifty !

    Alastor (2e7f9f)

  50. 45. Alastor (2e7f9f) — 9/18/2014 @ 10:21 pm

    Personally, I am impressed that with 16 year olds eligible to vote, the turnout was in the 80% –and the vote still was to stay in the United Kingdom

    Making 16-years old eligible to vote (whatever the arguments for that) was a sign that the proponents were up to no good – only Iran does somethinbg like that – I don’t know if that was used as an argument. Of course, actually, it didn’t help them that much, if at all. And this sort of thing really won’t. They’re not deciding this solely on their own understanding with no input from older people. It’s not like a ddemonstration at a college.

    Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is said to have made a rousing speech near the end against splitting up.

    Sammy Finkelman (0d0ca8)

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