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College Football !!!!

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[guest post by JD]

Some of the big boys didn’t look that great today, ie Alabama and UCLA. There were a few great match-ups in Week 1 – Georgia put a hurting on Clemson, Florida State was taken to the wire by Oklahoma State, and Wisconsin is man-handling LSU.

I love football season.


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  1. Ding ding ding

    JD (f69330)

  2. my favorite part is the guacamole

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  3. “Wisconsin is man-handling LSU”

    I dint believe I’d live to see that print.

    gary gulrud (46ca75)

  4. My favorite part is that No. 21 Texas A&M beat No. 9 South Carolina rather handily and the guacomole. And the beer.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  5. I jinxed them.

    JD (f69330)

  6. I forgot all about that one, Ag80. Sumlin is loaded.

    JD (f69330)

  7. Ralph’s guacamole you have to take home and scoop out into a mixing bowl and repair

    add some chipper-choppered onion

    more garlic a lil onion powder and some sea salt

    then it’s edible

    a lot of my muy authentico amigos are WAY not down with garlic in guacamole

    but you know what?

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  8. What?

    By the way I know how to spell guacamole, but the cartels had a gun to my head saying spell it wrong or you die gringo. I overpowered them when they were distracted by LSU’s comeback. Not many people know the cartels are big LSU fans.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  9. Mr. 80 you know if you say “guacamole sauce” what you’re actually saying is “avocado sauce sauce”

    but just say it with a look what says you’re concealed carrying and you’ll be more than just ok

    you’ll make new friends!

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  10. Since mole means sauce I get what you’re saying happy. But why in the heck would I ever say it. My friends would hit me and my potential friends would say why did you say avocado sauce sauce?

    In my neck of the woods, sauce means the red stuff from Louisiana.

    By the way, LSU won, so the cartels got all excited and left. So I get to snicker about how excited T-sips are about defeating North Texas. Heh.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  11. guacamole sauce is the runny kind you can buy it in bulk at smart n final

    it’s a great party thing to get but you have to like put it in those wine carafes and not leave the plastic smart n final jug out or it just loses something

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  12. I would not want to eat that. My friend who graduated from Michigan was happy about beating Appalachia State, though. He ate a taco with no guacamole and I was sad but heck, he’s from Michigan.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  13. no for reals it’s super tasty everyone loves it after a cerveza or dos

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  14. I will take your word for it, happy. My kids went to college in Oklahoma, but not OSU or OU. OSU got beat. OU won. Tulsa defeated Tulane. I don’t know what Oklahomans eat regularly, but it seems to be fried most of the time without avocado sauce sauce.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  15. you know i don’t really know what they eat either

    and it’s the only state where I actually own anything

    it’s on my list to get there and explore someday

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  16. Happy, you certainly seem to piss off people based on what I’ve seen elsewhere on Pat’s fine blog. I’ve been around long enough to know about unfortunate things at Just One Minute. My suggestion is share more recipes.

    That Alabama-West Virginia game was a lot closer than most expected. The Big 12 might want to wake up.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  17. nonono

    there were no unfortunate just one minute things ever

    you’re thinking Hot Air

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  18. and c’mon who wants to comment at hot air

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  19. No I’m not happy. Or you could share Josh Turner songs. Hot Air is a whole ‘nother story.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  20. JD….just saying….


    A typical Les Miles win…..


    reff (a50a4a)

  21. no for reals me and mr. maguire is all good

    not even the minutest kerfuffle have I had at with the justoneminute folks

    i would remember

    i like a lot of Mr. Turner’s songs but when he gets all gospel it sorta just sounds phony

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  22. Gary @ #3….

    You didn’t see it…..JD was messing with your mind…..

    reff (a50a4a)

  23. you could say we’re like two peas in a pod – me n God


    spare me this drivel

    Josh you are not a pea in a pod with God

    that’s just stupid

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  24. so yeah


    happyfeet (8ce051)

  25. Fart & Smile is NOT where one finds guacamole…

    we *really* need to talk about your food choices, amigo.

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  26. Jeopardy question: Why do they play 60 minutes?

    Answer: “Wisconsin is man-handling LSU.(not) “

    Jim (145e10)

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  28. Who can explain why Gordon only got 2 carries in the second half?

    JD (f69330)

  29. UNT, has no business embarrassing themselves by playing UT. They clearly played the game for the (school) money and “prestige” of playing in DKR stadium. Maybe they think they “took one for the team”, but it feels like they prostituted themselves to “Johnny S&M”. Two of my siblings got their degrees at UT and are big UT football fans and they explain that the first couple of games are always against Podunk schools so that the easy victories will build up the team’s confidence in themselves.

    Yeah, 38-7 UT (UNT “pity” TD came in the 4th QTR). Was there any doubt?

    Anyway, there is an episode of King of the Hill where Bill’s high school TD record is broken when the opponent defense, in a mistaken show of “compassion for compassion’s sake” divide and make way for an injured (in a leg cast and on crutches) running back to make the TD that will break the school TD record.

    The episode is called “A Bill is made to be broken”. I wanted to include a link to that scene to illustrate how UNT could possibly have scored against UT – but you get the idea.

    felipe (40f0f0)

  30. SC looked great. We’ll see if they are for real next week with Stanford.

    Mike K (90dfdc)

  31. I thought sec schools had the best players money could buy! (1622c7)


    Avocado relish
    2 Avocados sliced into 1/4″ cubes
    3 TBL finely chopped red onion
    1 Jalapeno finely chopped (remove seeds and veins if you don’t want it too hot)
    Juice of 1 lime
    2 TBL finely chopped cilantro leaves
    add a little olive oil and carefully fold the mixture together
    add salt pepper to taste

    add a teaspoon of honey
    use red wine vinegar instead of the lime (you will need to add the honey in this option)

    This recipe is good eating. Folding is easy, use a rubber spatula or a large spoon

    UCLA didn’t look like a #7 team, but for a short stretch there it looked like their D was…

    Other games? had to work

    steveg (794291)

  33. FWIW,
    I have always said that I think the biggest issue between the conference that used to be called the Big Ten and others was the ability of the coaching staff to do in-game decisions making. Barry Alvarez at Wisconsin was a major exception to the rule.
    I only watched the first half.
    Did Gordon really only carry twice the second half???

    OK, so here’s the thing, some of the SEC folk like to talk about how the SEC has superior athleticism, speed, etc., etc. and the Big Ten just can’t compare.

    Wisconsin did clamp down on LSU for one half, allowing a score on one busted play when the freshman safety blew his coverage assignment

    It looked like there was no superiority of LSU over Wisc in terms of athletic ability.

    Everyone has to deal with their injuries, it is part of the game, but as they said, 9 of Wisconsin’s starting defense was new this year, and by the end of the third quarter they had lost two of their starting defensive linemen, so if nothing else, I can see how LSU had better success rushing the second half.

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  34. isn’t gwakamoley tha green stuff on the TexMex plate that no one ever eats??

    And boy, FSU just escaped OSU. They had to be happy with the win and try to get better. Quick. Their best run of the night was to the locker room once the game ended…

    NeoCon_1 (deb0c0)

  35. @MD in Philly (#33). The best simple indicator of the SEC’s dominance in college ball is to look at their records in post-season play and their dominance in championships.

    Now, this may not endure forever, but there is really no sign of it ending this season.

    And the fact that Wisconsin (14) played well against LSU (13) for one half of a game proves or disproves very little. Assuming the rankings are any reasonable indicator of relative strength of teams at this point, somebody thought the teams, over-all, were roughly equal.

    But drawing a lot of global conclusions after the first game of the season is an exercise in speculation and wishful thinking.

    Talk to me about Wisconsin when their bowl record gets to 50%. (It will be at least a few years from now.) Wisconsin has only won twice against SEC teams in bowl games although those two wins came in the past decade. I think the are 2-7 vs the SEC at this point. I think that says something about the SEC’s edge over Wisconsin.

    WarEagle82 (b18ccf)

  36. Listening to SEC folks never gets tiring.

    JD (afe146)

  37. We are interesting.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  38. I kinda didn’t mean you, Ag80. You are an exception.

    JD (afe146)

  39. Listening to people complain about the SEC beating their pants off year after year while maintaining that the SEC is actually NOT ALL THAT GOOD actually does get tiring.

    This may not last forever. Few things do. But evidently some folks from some other conferences just can’t handle the inconvenient truth…

    WarEagle82 (b18ccf)

  40. Thanks JD, I was just joking around.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  41. The SEC isn’t expected to be quite so dominant this year as they’ve been in recent years. They’ll still be strong, but the PAC-12 has more quality returning players, especially at the QB position.

    ropelight (8ac227)

  42. Evidently, not “quite so dominant” means there are only 8 SEC teams in the top 25 at the start of the season. There are 7 PAC 12 teams listed.

    Last year there were only 5 SEC teams and 5 PAC 12 teams listed in the preseason top 25.

    But non-SEC fans do appear to be endlessly hopeful if not endlessly victorious.

    But the real test will be the pols at the end of the season.

    Man, I am so happy football season has started again!

    WarEagle82 (b18ccf)

  43. WarEagle82 (b18ccf)

    If you want to claim the SEC has been the strongest conference in the last decade, no problem, I agree with you.

    What I don’t believe, is the idea that the SEC is just so fast and so athletic that the BIG 10 cannot play with them.
    I don’t think that’s true. Who won the super bowl last year? Where did the QB play his senior year? Who was the defensive player of the year in the NFL last year?

    Wisconsin did not “play well” one half, they dominated except for 1 play when a freshman safety blew coverage.

    If it is true that Gordon only ran twice the second half, that fits Wisconsin mistakes before when they passed the ball instead of giving it to Monte’ Ball.
    I think what happens is that Wisconsin figures the opposition is going to try to stop the run, especially in the second half after making adjustments, so they stop what they do best instead of sticking with it, thinking they will outsmart their opponents,
    instead they just outsmart themselves.

    Well, at least the Badgers aren’t afraid, they are scheduled to take on Alabama first game next season.

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  44. MD……

    I question your opinion about the differences in athletic skills/ability between LSU and Wisconsin last night….I will give you that UW was a stronger team up front, but that strength was negated in the second half by the speed of LSU up front…yes, UW lost two DL in the game, which then leads to depth, a difference in athletic skill/ability, because LSU played 7 interior DL’s last night and dominated the last 20 minutes…the reason LSU ran well late was the speed of their big back, whereas LSU’s DB ran down UW runners in the game, and were able to use their speed late to close the few gaps for UW backs….skill at the QB position was easily apparent, and, more importantly, what they could do in the scope of each team’s offense was also easily apparent, as the UW QB was not at all effective, with LSU dominating the secondary, and even fooling him with coverage on the Mills INT. It became even worse for UW when LSU began to stop the run, forcing some passing while UW was still in the lead, and then at the end, when UW had to throw, they could neither protect the QB nor could he adjust to passing on the run, both of which the LSU QB did against UW.


    Yes, I’m an LSU fan and an SEC homer….for your consideration….

    This was a game that the talking heads said was between relatively even squads, both with young players on both sides of the ball, but solid programs, that more often than not reload rather than rebuild. History, however, says a lot about both… you have played recent seasons, competition, quality of those opponents, and how you compete…..

    UW played seven teams with winning records last year, five that went to bowls (Ohio St. and Penn St. were ineligible, or they would have gone). Ohio State and South Carolina were considered a strong national powers, and they lost to both. Three of the four that went to bowls lost the bowl (only Iowa won, a team UW beat in Madison.) However, for example, they lost to Arizona State and Ohio State, the only two teams on their schedule that ended up in the Top 25. They also lost to Penn State at home. While they were competitive, they were not a dominant team, and their play reflected that. And this was a school coming off three consecutive Rose Bowls (which the lost all three.) While they are considered a solid program, with a solid recent history, they have not been strong competitors in their toughest games.

    LSU has a similar schedule? Let’s see…. They played seven bowl teams, defeating four (Iowa, Texas A&M, Mississippi St., and AUBURN) while losing by 3 at Georgia, 3 at Ole Miss, and 3 at Alabama. LSU was at times dominant, and always competitive (with the possible exception of Ole Miss, which they pissed away). They were never handled, or dominated, and were strong in their toughest games.

    The reasons for their strength is exactly the reasons for UW’s weakness: strength of schedules. Compare the list of schools on each of those two paragraphs, and you see the difference. And, because you get ready every week, for every team, knowing that, in the SEC you have to, where as in the Big 10, you simply don’t.

    And, that showed last night. When things were ready to fall into place for Wisconsin, they simply didn’t. Why? Because you’re facing a team that knows they can always find a way to compete, because they have to week in and week out in the SEC. You see players that are as big as UW’s but also as strong but also FASTER and you have to be better. When things got hard last night, read the paragraph I wrote for MD. SPEED, and depth matter every day in the SEC.

    And, finally, this is what LSU has had to do for years in the SEC. They have to dig deep. Sometimes it’s because they dig a deep hole, sometimes because their opponent is the future or defending National Champion (or runner-up) or has the Heisman in their backfield, or, is Ole Piss, or worse, Arkansas, who we never play well against….UW doesn’t see that, and so they have never really had to play like that every night.

    Nine minutes left in the third quarter, Wisconsin has a 25-11 lead in time of possession, 240 yards rushing to 21, 10 point lead. Just stop LSU…force a punt, get the ball back, take another 5 minutes off the clock, no need to score, just play UW football….but, they can’t stop a fake punt for 5 yards (needed two) from mid-field when EVERYONE knows the Mad Hatter will fake it….and from that moment on SEC FOOTBALL takes root…UW gets only 23 yard rushing the rest of the game, time of possession ends up 31-28 LSU, UW can’t stop the run they haven’t allowed all day, and LSU finds another 100 passing yards as well….

    Go back to two years, in Baton Rouge, when LSU has a lead on Alabama….Alabama has 1 first down in the second half…and gets four on the last drive, to win the game….that’s SEC football….Arkansas, last year, when LSU has to come from behind to win….LSU history in the last 10 years, with so many of these types of games, playing 2-3 a year, while UW doesn’t see this type of football….

    Yes, we SEC APOLOGISTS do apologize to everyone for what we do, and say….difference is, we back it up week in and week out….

    reff (4dcda2)

  45. It is like some people’s memory only extends to the last decade.

    JD (f69330)

  46. reff I did intend to make this into a question:
    OK, so here’s the thing, some of the SEC folk like to talk about how the SEC has superior athleticism, speed, etc., etc. and the Big Ten just can’t compare.
    and then add:
    So, will the performance show that the Big ten athletes can compare with LSU as observed in much of the game, or will they say the final score shows all?

    And you answered it.

    I would think that had the LSU athleticism been that superior, it wouldn’t have taken them 3 quarters to get it going.

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  47. JD, let me give you a reason why…

    Ohio State and Michigan play the latest “Game of the Century” in 2006, with both ranked one/two in every poll….

    They have a great game (no defense at all) and the final is 42-39….

    Half the talking heads in America want them to have a rematch….and, again, those of us in the South wonder why so many of them have no clue what a good football team is….

    But, thankfully, #1 Ohio State draws Florida, while #3 Michigan must be satisfied with the Rose Bowl…

    41-14 and 32-18….

    Both get HAMMERED…and finally, after years and years of 12-0 and 11-1 Big 10 wannabes getting to the title games, they get to see what a real program is about….

    It’s not been just a decade….and it’s not just been SEC teams either…..Florida State had to put up with the same thing….Miami….Texas…..and no, they didn’t always win the title, but not because they didn’t have to play a tougher schedule, overcome a loss here or there (remember, between 1980 and 2009 FSU, Miami, and Florida all played each other every year) so two of them would sometimes have only one loss, to each other, while the Notre Dame/Big 10/Big 12/USC media would self-proclaim how good those teams were because, well, when you’re undefeated you must be good (Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14) or who will stop Oregon (Auburn hold them to 19) or Oklahoma (LSU and Florida hold them to one offensive score) or when being undefeated doesn’t matter (Auburn when USC beats Oklahoma–both media favorites–by 36)…and yes, that’s the last decade….when the SEC couldn’t get the media behind them, so they just decided to put 8 teams in the finals in 7 years, just to make sure everyone like you would understand….

    Interesting how, this off season, the media has gone back to not wanting the best teams in the final four, but the four most deserving….so, if you have an undefeated Ohio State (who will play three decent teams all season) and an undefeated Oklahoma (who will play two) and an undefeated Notre Dame (who will play none) and then an undefeated LSU playing an undefeated Georgia in the SEC championship game, each of whom will play 6-7 good opponents, and LSU wins, Georgia is out…..even though, just like two years ago, Notre Dame won’t play a team who could win 7 games in the SEC, and would struggle themselves to win that many….nor would Ohio State…..

    Ok, I’ll stop now….enough bashing….

    Happy College Football Season….see you every week…

    reff (4dcda2)

  48. MD, I would respectfully disagree with you….I didn’t not mean to imply that UW did not have good athletes….but I may have come out that way…

    They are, however, well coached, and were well prepared for LSU….

    So, where was the difference? They had played well, and had control of the game….got to be something….

    And, from my view, that something was the overall team speed and athleticism, overcoming good athletes with less speed, but probably more strength…

    Historically, even when the Big 10 was winning National Championships, I believe this was true….overall team speed matters….

    LSU has a recruiting philosophy: Recruit rush ends and cover corners…both require one thing over anything else: speed….then, turn them into linebackers and safeties when they can’t beat out the other guys, and you have speed all over your defense….that in my mind turned the game last night….

    reff (4dcda2)

  49. Since I’m a SEC newbie, I don’t know much, so take this with a grain of salt.

    The top SEC teams may have won, but the wins were not impressive. But it was the first game. Nick Saban and Les Miles know what they are doing and have top scouts. What can you say about Gus Malzahn other than he is a master? I remain astonished at what he has done at Auburn.

    As far as the east is concerned, well, they play football and you can never count out Missouri. Mississippi State looks good, too. Georgia is strong, but it’s too early to tell.

    I left out several teams. However preseason was completely wrong about one. There is another I’m watching that has a tough conference season and a lousy non-conference schedule.

    I also think the Big 12 is going to be surprisingly strong. But what do I know? Absolutely nothing. It would be nice if Tulsa did well in the ACC.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  50. I will agree with you reff that the college football playoff scheme will not end disagreement, it will just change change some of the nature of it.
    Every conference that now has two divisions that play a championship has the opportunity to not have the two best teams playing. Some years it will be more unfair than others.

    And it is always true in football that one game is one game. You name a champion at the end of the season, but it’s not like other sports where a team has to show consistent superiority over 5 or 7 games, rather than have one game decided by one fluke play.

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  51. 41-14 and 32-18….
    Both get HAMMERED…and finally, after years and years of 12-0 and 11-1 Big 10 wannabes getting to the title games, they get to see what a real program is about…. (It wasn’t that many years before that OSU beat Miami for the national championship).

    reff, all I know is what is obvious to me. The OSU-Florida game is one that I would claim had terrible coaching. For example, their QB was being rushed from the R defensive end all night. Isolation shots didn’t so much show the R end beating the L tackle as much as their not having the right blocking assignments to begin with, the L tackle wasn’t even looking at the end until he saw him going past out of his peripheral vision.
    And that was the game where Ginn Jr. ran the opening kickoff back for a touchdwon– and then didn’t play the rest of the game because he hurt his foot in the end zone celebration. So, yes, injuries are part of the game and OSU was soundly beat, but that didn’t mean that all of the talent was on Florida.

    Another thing which has changed only the last few years, it had been that the last big ten game of the season was like the 2nd weekend in November, the OSU/UM game was before Thanksgiving, so the Big 10 had a 6 week layoff or more of no games. No way they could keep their intensity and edge over that time. Now that has changed going forward.

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  52. MD, I agree with your last line, and it’s what’s wrong with the system NOW more than before…..

    Take Auburn and Alabama last year. Which was the better team? Which team got credit?

    Alabama was the better team and if they played 10 times, Bama would probably win 7-8, but Auburn won the game that counted….

    And, now, we have talking heads that want to say just that….they don’t want the best teams but the “most deserving” which means just what I wrote above to JD….a one-loss team who is easily superior both on paper and to the eye will be left out if another is “undefeated” even if they should have lost 3-4 times and didn’t play anybody….unless…

    …..they are from a conference that the media thinks is not deserving…..unless the media likes them…..

    I have always been more interested in the computer polls over the human polls….yes, they can be manipulated with information, but the human polls were manipulated with votes…..and bias….and now we will have 13 biases…..and they will vote after 60 days of being bombarded with media bias….

    Last loss….bad loss….schedules….early rankings…not ranked….take this season….FSU is already ranked 1st, but, look at what one voter did after one week….Texas A&M goes from unranked to #4….which means, in his mind, South Carolina can never be back in to the top 4….so, the east coast USC is out of the hunt no matter what they do next…..

    But, the discussion is fun, and I appreciate you and JD for your thoughts…

    reff (4dcda2)

  53. Who did what to who in a bowl game is almost meaningful.

    JD (f69330)

  54. Why do I get treated like some Big 10 sycophant in all this? The Big 10 has been aggressively average for a good while now. Even the Ohio State teams, pre-Urban, were hampered by The Vest. I can’t stand the endless and repetitive and monotonous and historically myopic SEC rah rah-ing. Sure, they are great. Now. But that won’t always be the case. Southern Cal will be dominant again. Soon. The Pac-16 and Big-14 will have their days again. Florida State will be great for a while. This idea that football begins and ends in SEC country is silly, and not historically accurate. And a poor winner is never pretty.

    JD (f69330)

  55. MD – I can’t find any in moderation.

    JD (f69330)

  56. MD, my post at 52 is about your post at 50…not 51….

    In-game things always affect outcomes, but, 41-14 is affected more by the better team is just better….Ginn’s loss was something, but, Florida was a top 5 passing defense team, in a league where everyone (except Vandy) throws 30-40 times a game….wouldn’t have mattered….

    But, I’ll throw this at you….Michigan would have lost worse to Florida than OSU did, and USC would have beaten OSU just as bad, if not worse….

    A year later, LSU is down 10-0 in the first quarter, with 0 first downs and no stops….38 straight points later OSU scored again….

    reff (4dcda2)

  57. JD, enjoy the last word…

    reff (4dcda2)

  58. I am not picking on you, reff, though it may seem like it. It is the pinnacle of silliness to compare team by how they did against common opponents, or if OSU got beat by 20 Michigan would have lost by 30. Ditto comparisons season to season.

    JD (f69330)

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  60. just *damn*…

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  61. the big 10 has always been greatly over rated.
    Big 10 = Woody Hayes

    mg (31009b)

  62. There are good football teams in other conferences, but no other conference can match the overall strength of the SEC. Here’s a list of the 14 member schools. There are no weak sisters. The PAC-12 is the only other conference that can match up, the others just don’t have the horses. And, them’s the cold hard facts.

    University of Alabama
    University of Florida
    Louisiana State University
    University of Tennessee
    Auburn University
    University of Arkansas
    University of Georgia
    University of Kentucky
    Texas A&M University
    University of South Carolina
    University of Missouri
    University of Mississippi
    Mississippi State University
    Vanderbilt University

    (Before anyone starts picking on Mississippi State or Vanderbilt, consider their 2013 records: Mississippi State went 7 and 6, but the 7 wins included Kentucky, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and a Liberty Bowl victory over Rice. Their 6 losses were against Oklahoma State, Auburn, LSU, South Carolina, Texas A&M, and Alabama. It’s a similar story for Vanderbilt, they went 9 and 4, with wins against Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wake Forist, and a Compass Bowl victory over Houston. Their 4 loses were to Ole Miss, South Carolina, Missouri, and Texas A&M.)

    ropelight (b27b81)

  63. FYI, I just saw this article that someone was convicted of SWATTING for the first time, getting a 25 year sentence:

    In a Louisiana courtroom today, 15-year-old Paul Horner broke down in tears after a judge found the young man guilty on two counts of domestic terrorism and was sentenced to twenty-five years to life in federal prison.

    Horner is the first person in history to be charged with what is known as ‘swatting‘, a growing trend in which a person anonymously files a false police report, such as a murder or bomb threat, in hopes of provoking the police to raid an individual’s home or business.

    Kaisersoze (c179aa)

  64. The sec is dominant just look at their arrest record! (1ee65b)

  65. Someone call Perry’s orderly.

    JD (fd9fdd)

  66. JD–

    (Biases up front: Big-time LSU fan)

    I’m not sure I buy your ‘circle of life/what goes around’ theory of college football. You say there’s no chance the B1G will be down forever, but I imagine the Ivy League said similar things back in the ’30s. Used to be that Navy, Pitt, and Tennessee were national powers. Now, not so much.

    Between the national migration South (and West) and the rapid growth of the SEC Network, it’s going to be very difficult for the B1G to increase momentum. The other thing they’re going to need is to get into the playoff. And if the conferences only 2 marquee matchups are Wiscy/LSU (Loss) and Oregon/Sparty (projected loss), you’re almost already eliminated from the discussion by Week 2. That’s not helping the cause.

    SaveFarris (26a48d)

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