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[guest post by JD]

Charles Cook writes about the “we can’t wait” clause in the Constitution. Suffice it to say that Obama’s view of his role in our political system is at odds with our Constitution.

One of the more interesting writers around, David Harsanyi, pens this missive that outlines Obama lawlessness and Dem hypocrisy.

After a couple thought provoking pieces, I leave you with this drivel, a steaming pile of cow dung, so self-unaware it could only have been written with crayon by an Obama sycophant. As this writer points out, the conversation on racism isn’t real, because they have no desire to have a conversation outside of calling those that disagree with them racists. Its a thing.

Oh, did you know the world has always been messy, we just know more about it quicker because of social media? Or that ISIS is like the JV squad? Or that we don’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS?


18 Responses to “Interesting Reading”

  1. Hush, racists

    JD (285732)

  2. Great to take one for the team, JD, lord love a duck, isn’t the proof the stimulus was useless in Ferguson, isn’t the no net global warming already self evident, and I forget the third strawman,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  3. There’s 90 seconds of my life I’ll never get back. Couldn’t get past the first 2 paragraphs without nausea. Thaaaaaaaanks.

    Robert C. J. Parry (cdd6a8)

  4. Proofreading is your friend. 😉

    JWB (c1c08f)

  5. better than average for them:

    narciso (ee1f88)

  6. Silly me, when I saw that article earlier and started reading it, I thought that
    all same old crap that happened in Ferguson that has happened so many times before
    and used by the same hustlers with the same tired excuses and accusations had
    finally made someone decide to speak honestly and objectively about the problem.

    But no, just another demagogic paean to the righteousness of liberals.

    This was actually worse than the Coward Holder’s speech about racial cowardice
    on the part of the country.

    jakee308 (ba1e65)

  7. I think the “we can’t wait” clause come right before “the absolute moral authority to act” and that both clauses are written in disappearing ink, which appears when Democrats assume the presidency and vanishes when Republicans hold the office.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  8. Isn’t it pathetic that liberals are always asking for a “conversation”? Like, we don’t need a “conversation” about the racially imbalanced petty tyranny that runs Ferguson, funding itself with court fees, fines and warrants imposed against the majority. We just need to fix that.

    ghostofkeynes (f7a102)

  9. JD, you’re right about Francis Wilkinson’s article, it is a steaming pile of drivel written by an Obama sycophant, but it isn’t self-unaware. Not at all. Wilkinson knows his audience (those who read Bloomburg and link to it) and he’s both demonstrating his fealty to the oligarch and throwing red meat to the Administration’s snarling pack of volunteer attack dogs.

    The Administration’s media shock troops get regular Journolist updates, but self-appointed guttersnipes need permission from “professional journalists” to stoop to such low-brow calumnies and slanderous assaults on their political opponents. Decent people hesitate to hit below the belt, they must be steeled to the task. So, Wilkinson demonstrates how professionals employ a high-handed tone and a dismissive finger-pointing attitude to insult, disconcert and intimidate opponents into an inactive state of simmering and sullen silence.

    It’s never enough for the leftist media professional (drawing a White House paycheck or employed by a wholly owned subsidiary) to express reasoned disagreement with an opponent’s agenda, or to present the positive side of the Administration’s case and trust the voters to decide issues. No, that sort of milquetoast writing doesn’t appeal to the arugula and champagne set, it’s much too bland and lacks the pounding cadence of inevitable conquest. Thus, propaganda specialists in the leftist controlled media (a redundancy, I know) compete with each other to concoct ever more outlandishly disingenuous misrepresentations. It’s how fat sleek-headed men GAS (get the attention of superiors), position themselves for advancement, and maneuver for all important rides on Air Force 1, or invitations to the President’s private WH parties, and possibly even the golden seal of approval – a golf date with his magnificence on the taxpayer’s dime.

    ropelight (777ca3)

  10. Minorities (Blacks) can’t access a ‘quality’ education in America because of Evil Republicans, who don’t control the ed-establishment or city hall of any major urban area (which ‘minorities’ gravitate towards. For 50-years the Democrat Party has slanted Federal Policies towards benefiting their favored minorities (Blacks) in as many ways possible: Education, Job-training, Government Employment, have all felt the heavy thumb of Leftist, Progressive, thought. And all for naught, as all indices today are (mostly) lower than they were when the great War On Poverty/The Great Society was instituted under a Democrat President and a Democrat Congress which had been under Democrat leadership since 1954 and continued virtually uninterrupted until 1994. And the failures are all the fault of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Christian Fundamentalists, and the TEA Party….


    As JD said, a steaming pile.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  11. Oops, forgot a ‘close parens’ at “(which ‘minorities gravitate towards).”

    askeptic (efcf22)

  12. ghostofkeynes (f7a102) — 8/30/2014 @ 11:07 am

    Why is the Democrat power-structure running Ferguson stepping so hard on the necks of Blacks in their charge?
    Please, Francis, answer that for us.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  13. Does it matter why? It should be stopped, period.

    ghostofkeynes (f7a102)

  14. I blame the Koch brothers, they’re like everywhere.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  15. More interesting reading:

    Hope for a vaccine is futile.

    gary gulrud (46ca75)

  16. And another:

    Arrested as a juvenile on a 2nd degree murder rap.

    Make it stop!

    gary gulrud (46ca75)

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