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Friday Night Music: The Voice Is In This Guy

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Few things are better than Justin Hayward playing a great song with nothing but an acoustic guitar:


Interesting Reading

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[guest post by JD]

Charles Cook writes about the “we can’t wait” clause in the Constitution. Suffice it to say that Obama’s view of his role in our political system is at odds with our Constitution.

One of the more interesting writers around, David Harsanyi, pens this missive that outlines Obama lawlessness and Dem hypocrisy.

After a couple thought provoking pieces, I leave you with this drivel, a steaming pile of cow dung, so self-unaware it could only have been written with crayon by an Obama sycophant. As this writer points out, the conversation on racism isn’t real, because they have no desire to have a conversation outside of calling those that disagree with them racists. Its a thing.

Oh, did you know the world has always been messy, we just know more about it quicker because of social media? Or that ISIS is like the JV squad? Or that we don’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS?


Ft. Hood Shooter’s Unsurprising Request

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[guest post by Dana]

Unsurprisingly, Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan wants to join the caliphate. In a letter, he appeals to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:

“I formally and humbly request to be made a citizen of the Islamic State,”Hasan says in the handwritten document addressed to “Ameer, Mujahid Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

“It would be an honor for any believer to be an obedient citizen soldier to a people and its leader who don’t compromise the religion of All-Mighty Allah to get along with the disbelievers.”

As a reminder, Hasan fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 at Fort Hood in 2009 in what the government, in a display of cowardice, disgracefully called “workplace violence”.


National Debt Has Almost Doubled Since Financial Crisis

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Coincidentally, that’s also mostly the time that Obama has been in office:

The federal debt this year will be double what it was before the financial crisis, Congress’ official budget scorekeeper projected Wednesday morning.

The debt is on pace to reach 74 percent of the country’s economic output by the end of the year, double what it was in 2007 and the highest percentage since 1950, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Remember: Bush’s ill-advised bailouts have been largely repaid. They were a bad idea not because of the loss of money to the Treasury but because of the moral hazard they created: an incentive for banks to take unsustainable risks into the foreseeable future with no fear of real adverse consequences.

The doubling of the debt is mostly due to Obama’s explosion in spending, starting with the disastrous Keynesian stimulus, and then using that budget as a baseline for future budgets.

In four years, Obama ran up almost $5 trillion in debt — an amount it took the spendthrift Bush eight years to amass, and he’s not done. Things that can’t go on forever, won’t.

Just another reminder that we are headed for disaster. And we don’t have a strategy for dealing with it. Happy Friday!

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