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Patterico As a Simpsons Character

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Recently I discovered a site that offers you an unusual opportunity: to have your likeness drawn as a Simpsons character. You send them a photo, and the artist renders your likeness as a yellow cartoon figure, the way Matt Groening might draw you.

It’s 5 bucks. How could I pass that up? Here is the result:

Patterico as Simpsons Character Full Drawing

How awesome is that?

(Yeah, I used an 11-year-old picture. What of it?)

I have decided to make this my avatar on the blog and on the Twitter. It’s now a permanent fixture on the sidebar on the right.

If you’re interested in how to do this yourself, simply go here. It’s at “” which is a site that allows you to buy all kinds of stuff for five bucks. I think several artists do the same thing, but I was pleased with mine, so I recommend the artist at the link.

If anyone else gets one, please share it in comments.

14 Responses to “Patterico As a Simpsons Character”

  1. Anyone who knew me eleven years ago will find this a fairly good yellow cartoon likeness of me as a 35-year-old.

    Patterico (6493e9)

  2. There’s also the South Park creator, free.

    Kevin M (b357ee)

  3. Awesome. Our wedding anniversary is coming up. What a great gag gift.

    Gazzer (e04ef7)

  4. I’ll have to pass – I don’t wear yellow well.

    Dana (4dbf62)

  5. I understand that there are programs that do this for you, but 5 bucks is pretty sweet. I used the same artist you did, Patterico, and sent you the results. They do a pretty funny job.

    What is amusing is to take that avatar image of your, Patterico, and run it through Google Image Search.

    Here are four images that Google thinks are similar to you:



    but then, there is always this:


    Simon Jester (366475)

  6. The name’sh Frey…Patrick Frey.

    Gazzer (e04ef7)

  7. Fortunately no resemblance at all to Lionel Hutz.

    Mike S. (f5d617)

  8. The crazed eyes and lopsided grin which would fit a character right out of HPL are a nice touch. Clearly a person who has seen too much and knows things man was not meant to know!

    Brad (00d86c)

  9. Is this guy on his way to a PTA meeting, selling carbon offsets, or knocking on doors for the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

    ropelight (359d46)

  10. Resembles Bill Self if you ask me.

    phaedruscj (dc2574)

  11. Bill Self sucks.

    JD (b4e6c6)

  12. that’s the kind of head shot what opens doors in this town

    i think you’re going to do very well

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  13. now that we’ve had some time with this… rendition of your likeness

    Mr. P i’m not sure it’s good branding to keep it on the sideboard forever and anon

    i only say this cause the way the guy drew you, you look like a serial killer


    those eyes

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  14. I did one for my wife and posted it on her FB page.

    Can’t beat the price

    Was going to copy / paste the pic but it won’t work

    Oh well

    FLBuckeye (469beb)

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