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New York City Surrenders

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[guest post by JVW]

New Yorkers of the urban variety were greeted this morning by white flags flying from atop the Brooklyn Bridge. Fox News explains:

New York City police Tuesday were investigating how the two American flags that historically sit on top of the Brooklyn Bridge’s 273-foot towers were stolen and replaced with two white flags, which are known universally to symbolize surrender.

The white flags were removed by noon, but police said they are investigating the issue, which may indicate a serious security breach on one of the city’s most secured landmarks. . . .

A Twitter handle named @BicycleLobby claimed responsibility Tuesday, tweeting, “Earlier today we hoisted two white flags to signal our complete surrender of the Brooklyn Bridge bicycle path to pedestrians.” The Twitter handle later claimed to be a parody site and distanced itself from the tweet.
Either way, it appeared to take city leaders by surprise. . . .

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams told The New York Post that security for these high-risk targets are a top priority for law enforcement.
“Political and social expression, whatever its message may be, has a place in our society, but not at the expense of others’ security. I am confident in the NYPD’s ability to investigate this matter,” he told the paper.

Seeing as how the Brooklyn Bridge has been a past target of terrorism, I’m not sure we should feel too secure that perhaps a bunch of snotty bike messengers can so easily bypass security and access the bridge late at night under the cover of darkness.

But hey, just another day in the Era of Obama and DiBlasio.

[ADDENDUM]: I just noticed that commenter Mark clued us in to this on an earlier thread.


18 Responses to “New York City Surrenders”

  1. The New York City experience… unconditional surrender and then a visit to teh Carnegie Deli…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  2. > on one of the city’s most secured landmarks


    it’s a several mile long suspension bridge. you can’t possibly secure it well enough to prevent people from climbing up the suspension cables.

    aphrael (98d2d0)

  3. (I’ve never done it, but every one of the bridges I’ve walked across, I’ve looked at to try to figure out how I would scale them if I wanted to, and as long as i had some rope, it wouldn’t be hard on any of them).

    aphrael (98d2d0)

  4. Maybe the white republicans who like police to kill black men realized the voters don’t want that anymore and are surrendering.

    vota (8fe12b)

  5. ?

    Hadoop (f7d5ba)

  6. I think they knew exactly what plane was being targeted.

    What I am not sure about is if the act occureed only after Putin started his call to Obama.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  7. votaperry… Public Enema Number One.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  8. France invaded NY!

    Jim (145e10)

  9. one of the city’s most secured landmarks

    The Captain of the Titanic couldn’t have said it better.

    Patricia (5fc097)

  10. New York City surrenders?
    They would have to organize a search party to find anyone they could surrender to.
    Who would want the place.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  11. More and more, reality begins to resemble science fiction. In particular at the moment, Michael Z. Williamson’s The Weapon, whose protagonist seemed to take delight in such pranks as his part in the war against Earth.

    htom (412a17)

  12. wfc

    mg (31009b)

  13. Perhaps dumping all the illegal aliens in N.Y.C. is the answer.
    If they can make it there they can make it anywhere. Hey.

    mg (31009b)

  14. I’m almost wondering if some guys from the NYPD or FDNY didn’t climb up there and do it themselves.

    Chuckg (eb5393)

  15. Speaking of strange things in NYC, what was the fall-out from that incident between a bunch of ‘bikers’ who were on a ‘run’, and the SUV driver who ‘ran over’ (bumped) one of them?

    askeptic (efcf22)

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