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Yes, UCLA…

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[guest post by Dana]


Presenting UCLA, in all its eye-rolling glory:

First, the campus’s alleged systemic racism is being tackled with the hiring of “discrimination officers”.

UCLA is in the process of hiring two “discrimination officers” to handle racial discrimination complaints – a move expected to make it easier to probe grievances over racism – something alleged to be systemic among faculty at the public university.

“Concerned faculty members described a campus racial climate in near-crisis,” stated authors of a report released last fall which probed UCLA’s alleged racism epidemic and its supposed inadequacy at handling bias complaints. “(S)enior faculty members and former administration officials contended that the recent high-profile racial incidents at UCLA were only the tip of the iceberg, and that the campus racial climate, for a variety of reasons, has regressed since the mid-twentieth century.”

The discrimination officers, once hired, will be a one-stop shop of sorts, there for those who feel marginalized, giving them one, clear avenue to which they can take their complaints. UCLA Chancellor Gene Block says their hiring is imminent.

The report had also suggested the discrimination officers conduct mandated diversity training for administrators and develop annual reports summarizing all the bias incidents and their outcomes.

In addition to the diversity officials, UCLA is looking to mandate a diversity class as part of the general education requirement for students.

But of course.

And, really?? UCLA has to have a workshop to teach young adults about this?


28 Responses to “Yes, UCLA…”

  1. Shouldn’t we include “sending your kid to college” under the heading of child abuse?

    Steve57 (61329d)

  2. If John Wooden were alive, I think he would exclaim, “oh, dear!”
    The people at the top of our institutions of higher learning have taken
    leave of their senses.

    Colonel Haiku (f8c86d)

  3. Since colleges these days are just a hotbed of racism and sexual assault which President Obama believes everybody deserves to afford to attend, the diversity training for staff, white privilege classes for students and masturbation classes are just plain common sense. Why risk assault why you can DIY!

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  4. But, will these newly minted DO’s have the authority to discipline those who insist on using AA in the face of Prop-209?

    askeptic (8ecc78)

  5. But, will these newly minted DO’s have the authority to discipline those who insist on using AA in the face of Prop-209?

    The use of anti-aircraft? That would certainly make college more exciting…..

    /yes, I know you meant affirmative action. Your question is sure to cause a few knots.

    Bill H (f9e4cd)

  6. In a world where Shift3 is the quick route to expressing concern, indignation and social activism, this role will look absolutely awesome on their resume when they enter the working world…
    “Say kid, we hired you for your DO skills. Now go over there and separate the burned fries from the good ones…..they are hurting customer Karma….”

    vor2 (58243b)

  7. Indoctrination is a never-ending job, dontcha know?

    Darth Chocolate (df4cf7)

  8. OT, but, surprisingly enough, apparently still somewhat ON topic, i give you this gem….

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  9. redc1c4 (abd49e)

  10. it appears that the “link” function, at least with late model FF is still fubar.

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  11. Just giving the thought police official standing – that’s all.

    Mark L (da8bb9)

  12. University of California President Janet Napolitano is no stranger to discrimination issues. During her tenure at Homeland Security she was accused of harassing male employees who reported mistreatment from female supervisors. Napolitano was quick to launch investigations into the misconduct of the reporting victims instead of the perpetrators. One particularly egregious case eventually resulted in the male victim keeping his job and receiving $175,000 to keep quite while Napolitano’s girlfriend quickly resigned.

    In a particularly ugly episode Napolitano issued a famous report identifying potential issues which were likely to result in domestic violence. She included those who objected to: a black or mixed race president, more restrictive gun control laws, increased illegal immigration, abortion, and pointed out that disgruntled veterans might be a source of right-wing extremism.

    Additionally, Napolitano introduced man-caused disaster as a substitute for terrorist attack, she also attempted to dodge complaints of loose passport and entry restrictions by claiming the 9/11 terrorists entered the US by crossing the Canadian border. Then she claimed the system worked when the Underpants Bomber nearly blew himself up along with an airplane full of passengers.

    So, with Napolitano at the helm can anyone be surprised the University of California is infested with her unique brand of bias and bigorty?

    ropelight (ebf04d)

  13. Gender studies, race studies, women’s studies, sociology, philosophy, masturbation — what’s the difference? I wonder, will the masturbation class appear on the transcript? Will California make it illegal for graduate schools and potential employers to take notice of it if it does?

    nk (dbc370)

  14. Here’s another insight into Napolitano’s thuggery:

    Remember Homeland Security’s SWAT Team raid on Gibson Guitars?

    “What is happening?” asks Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz when he arrives at his Nashville factory to question the officers. “We can’t tell you.” “What are you talking about, you can’t tell me, you can’t just come in and …” “We have a warrant!” Well, lemme see the warrant.” “We can’t show that to you because it’s sealed.”

    30 armed men dressed in black SWAT Team combat gear from Homeland Security and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service descend on Gibson’s two factories completely unannounced. They confiscated imported hardwood and guitars worth over 1/2 million, while armed agents interrogate employees without benefit of legal counsel. Gibson’s owner, Juszkiewicz receives a letter the next day warning that he cannot touch any guitar left in the plant under threat of being charged with a separate federal offense for each violation, punishable by a jail term. His business was shut down.

    But none of it made sense, Gibson had imported and used the exact same wood for years, the same wood it’s competitors used and continued to use before and after the raid yet their facilities weren’t touched. Their business wasn’t shut down. Turns out the Obama Administration’s interest in Gibson was eerily similar to later IRS targeting of the TEA Party. Government agencies attacking Obama’s political opponents.

    Gibson’s owner was a modest contributor to GOP candidates while the owner of Martin Guitars was a big Obama fan and major Democrat contributor. Yet, although no formal charges were never filed, the disruption to Gibson’s mounting legal fees plus the threat of imprisonment in the face of continuing business expenses with almost no sales revenue to pay the bills finally blackmailed Juszkiewicz into settling for a $250,000 fine with an additional $50,000 bribe to Fish and Wildlife.

    Maybe Juszkiewicz could use a few discrimination officers at his guitar factory.

    Read more:

    ropelight (ebf04d)

  15. ropelight @ 12 on 5/30/2014 @ 4:58 am

    she also attempted to dodge complaints of loose passport and entry restrictions by claiming the 9/11 terrorists entered the US by crossing the Canadian border.

    Is this right? Did she claim that? They didn’t cross the Canadian border. They came by plane, with visas that correctly identified their nationality, in most cases Saudi. And how would that be an argument that everything was all right?

    Did she instead maybe say that the millenium bomb plot (scheduled for December 31, 1999/January 1, 2000) had been stopped when a terrorist was caught when he tried to cross the Canadian border into the United States?

    That was what, by the way, the discarding of the documents from the National Archives by Sandy Burglar was about. (he stole other things, but this was what he was caught at, after they had become suspicious)

    President Clinton and Sandy Burglar had concocted a story, which they told to the 9/11 commisison that an alert put out by the White House had caused the millenium bomber to be caught. In actually, it was only that the bomber was nervous smuggling explosives and a U.S. Customs inspector was suspicious and checked. I think there were probably other targets in other parts of the country besides the West Coast, but the whole plot was abandoned after Ahmed Ressam was caught on December 13, 1999. (Looking for his name, I couldn’t find any mention of this plot on Google – I had to use Bing)

    The story that ex-President Clinton and ex-National Security Advoser Sandy Berger told was contradicted by an after action report that had been produced, and Sandy Burglar intended to keep that report out of the hands of the 9/11 commission.

    What Sandy Burlar stole that time was not an original document, but a copy prepared for the 9/11 commission. Before anything was handed over to the 9/11 commssion that concened President Clinton, however, it was given to him for review, and Bill Clinton had designated sandy berger ss his representative, and it was copies destined for the 9/11 commission that he got rid of. in that case, anyway…

    Besides stealing documents, Sandy Burglar was probably also looking to see what they knew and what they had, the better to tell lies.

    He may also have destroyed some original documents (that he may have overlooked before January 20, 2001)

    Sammy Finkelman (b66da2)

  16. This is bad writing, or maybe I am misreading it. My bolding.

    racism – something alleged to be systemic among faculty at the public university.

    The above says that the racism problem is with the faculty. They need 2 officers to deal with that?

    really?? UCLA has to have a workshop to teach young adults about this?

    Well, that’s a silly and misleading headline.

    UCLA to host event encouraging students to masturbate instead of studying for finals.

    I’m pretty sure that college kids can fit sex into their non-studying free time just fine, if my experience was in any way typical. It’s not an either/or situation.

    Hey the comment box got a nice little upgrade here, at least on my browser.

    carlitos (e7c734)

  17. Sammy, in early 2009 Homeland Security was attempting to tighten security at checkpoints along the Canadian border and extend protections deeper into the US similar to the long established 50 mile checkpoints on major highways in the Southwest. In April she was attempting to justify the new security program when she incorrectly claimed the 9/11 terrorists entered the United States from Canada. Her comments provoked an angry response from the Canadian ambassador, media on both sides of the border, and exposed her to public ridicule.

    ropelight (ebf04d)

  18. base-jumpin’ doggie
    giant leap for caninekind
    won’t see me up there!

    Colonel Haiku (82c1e5)

  19. It’s just a single anecdote and probably not significant in the greater scheme of things but my middle daughter, who has two degrees from UCLA, began a PhD program at SC several years ago and was struck by how much happier and pleasant the SC campus was. There is an undercurrent at UCLA that seems to generate discontent and anger.

    My daughter is an Obama voter so it was not politics.

    Mike K (cd7278)

  20. I received an email missive from the president of my alma mater last week sent to all alumni and parents of current students talking about the status of the rape culture on campus and the institution’s efforts to fight it. It parroted many of the White House talking points including the 1 in 5 statistic and as such I took it to be a reflection of the pressure Washington is exerting on academia through Title IX and other measures to conform to the accepted narratives or face sanctions.

    I fired off an angry response about trivializing the seriousness of sexual assault with bogus statistics and pseudo-studies and tarnishing the reputation of the school to placate Washington.

    I have not yet heard anything back, but I very much doubt mine was the only such response.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  21. Bill H (f9e4cd) — 5/30/2014 @ 12:47 am

    Bill, having visited the Westwood campus, and known more than my share of the students and faculty there, the use of AAA is not out of reason.

    askeptic (8ecc78)

  22. and exposed her to public ridicule.
    ropelight (ebf04d) — 5/30/2014 @ 7:17 am

    Not enough, evidently.

    askeptic (8ecc78)

  23. So UCLA is finally admitting they discriminate against white men. It’s about time. Oh, wait…

    njrob (428f45)

  24. Carlitos,

    From the link,

    The director of the Student Wellness Commission Gender Health Committee — which will become the “Sexperts Committee” next year — plans to host more workshops teaching students how to have sex for pleasure, according to its director Chrissy Keenan.

    Dana (d64d0d)

  25. Dana, where do I sign up, I’m tired of having sex as a (White-man’s) burden.

    askeptic (8ecc78)

  26. Dana – If I can take a break from my therapeutic breast massage business I would be happy to pitch in and help out teh UCLA wimmins as well.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  27. 12. 15. 17. Oh, the complaints were about tight passport and entry restrictions on going to and from Canada. In 2009, that would have planned, not yet implemented, I think.

    Sammy Finkelman (b66da2)

  28. heather watson decides against break from tennis after miami lossHot Wings came on the scene in the early 1980s, and took the country by storm. Basic Hot Wings consist of chicken wings, deep fried (usually unbreaded), and soaked in a special sauce consisting of vinegar, cayenne pepper sauce, and hot butter, and served with celery sticks, and Blue Cheese, or Ranch dipping sauce. Since that first plate, there have been many variations on this theme, including the use of the first portion of the wi

    hollister (97f9bc)

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