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See What Songhai “Sunny” Armstead Doesn’t Want You to See: Her Appeal for Votes Based on Race

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I have told the story of Songhai “Sunny” Armstead here before. Armstead is the race-obsessed judicial candidate here in Los Angeles who wants you to vote for her because she is black. I have previously told you how one of her supporters, Gail Copeland, is trying to rewrite history by scrubbing Armstead’s most controversial remarks from the Web, and using bogus copyright notices to get any contrary evidence deleted from the Internet.

Now you can see the scrubbing with your own eyes.

Reader JWB has a new video, which shows you exactly what Gail Copeland is trying to hide from the public:

The video first shows Copeland’s video with the edit — and then shows you the original clip, so you can see what Copeland edited out. Here is what Armstead said, that Gail Copeland tried to get scrubbed from the record:

Out of 30 people who are running in 15 open seats, I’m the only African-American running.

Why is that significant? You heard about realignment. You heard about the injustice that happens in our court system already. And you guys have seen who — I’m sure we all know who’s in our jails and who comes before our judges in court, right? It’s people who look a lot like the people in this room. People who look a lot like me.

I’ve been a prosecuting attorney and I’ve seen how things do not work in our system. I see how people who are disenfranchised, do not have appropriate education, or who come from underrepresented communities do not get access to fair justice. And part of the problem is that our judges don’t have the same life experiences that we have. They don’t have the same empathy. They don’t have the same understanding. They cannot relate. They have very narrow experiences. And so when they see a person come before them, they think everyone that comes before them is a horrible gang member or a violent criminal. You know?

Our jails are full of nonviolent people who are either have substance abuse problems, mental health issues, lack of education, or who are foster kids. Those people don’t need to be in jail. [Applause]

You have the power to change that. There are 15 open seats right now. I am the only African American running. There’s only one Chicana running. Can you guess who else is running? Are there people who care about the people in this room? Probably not. I can’t speak before them, but probably not.

It’s a blatant racial appeal for votes. That’s what Gail Copeland tried to strike from the record.

P.S. We are this close [imagine Patterico holding his thumb and forefinger very close together — Ed.] to having all of Armstead’s original remarks hosted right here, so that no bogus DMCA takedown can touch it. I had hoped to get that done by this morning, but we had some technical burps, and Admin Guy tells me it will likely be later today.

Free speech is going to win out.

23 Responses to “See What Songhai “Sunny” Armstead Doesn’t Want You to See: Her Appeal for Votes Based on Race”

  1. Ding.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  2. This the result when people try to create an ethnocracy.

    In fact, it is more similar than you might expect to aristocracy. Your ancestry matters!

    I’m glad you did this, Patterico. But the sad part is how many people will agree with her original statements.

    Simon Jester (0b9c5c)

  3. You alluded to threats in a prior comment. Care to expand on that?

    JD (78609b)

  4. Free speech (in a limited way) may win out, but sadly, the message she gave resonates with a significant part of the constituents she is campaigning to win the support of. For them, race trumps all and if they can get judges on the bench that will allow them to get away with crime because they are black, they will.

    prowlerguy (3af7ff)

  5. Click through, check out my channel!

    Glad I could help, though. My biggest problem is that unless I can contribute something of value, I generally hang out in the shadows. Not the best promotional strategy – but it’s the getting the message out that matters.

    JWB (c1c08f)

  6. Assuming she wins, doesn’t this set up an appeal for every
    criminal defendant who appears before her who isn’t African American? How can she be
    and effective judge after this?

    rochf (f3fbb0)

  7. Chief judges aren’t stupid. They’ll assign her to traffic court, or building code violations.

    nk (dbc370)

  8. 6. rochf (f3fbb0) — 5/29/2014 @ 9:44 am

    Assuming she wins, doesn’t this set up an appeal for every
    criminal defendant who appears before her who isn’t African American?

    You heard what she said. She wants to send fewer people to jail. (but especially blacks)

    Sammy Finkelman (b66da2)

  9. @7– How about some examples to support your point. :-) And traffic court has enough kangaroo in it to let her cause problems. Some day when the comments have a right margin stop I will tell you about the judge (former DDA) who did not drive being assigned to traffic court.

    @ Patterico: dare we ask where and when this candidate was a prosecutor?? An why it is mentioned in the past tense?

    gramps, the original (4615a6)

  10. gramps, the original (4615a6) — 5/29/2014 @ 10:46 am

    Some day when the comments have a right margin stop I will tell you about the judge (former DDA) who did not drive being assigned to traffic court.

    When the comment thread gets long enough, and the comment box drops below the last words on the right side, it acquires a right margin stop.

    And what does driving have to do with being a judge in traffic court?

    Sammy Finkelman (b66da2)

  11. @8, @6–
    This is where mandatory minimum sentencing and sentencing guidelines come from. Parties dislike the idea of judges going off the rails at sentencing, among other phases of the process. The voters are no better at selecting good judges than are governors and presidents.

    gramps, the original (4615a6)

  12. I downloaded this video and will put it on my channel if you get another takedown order.

    Sean (69ccc8)

  13. I guess I was thinking about defendants who show up in front of her who aren’t black–based on her comments, I’m wondering if some defendants wouldn’t use that as the basis for an appeal. Is this some kind of judicial nullification?

    rochf (f3fbb0)

  14. Nice work.

    The age of camera phones is going to bring a lot of this to light. It’s been going on a very long time, and isn’t even controversial in “the community.”

    Sunlight remains the best disinfectant.

    Estragon (ada867)

  15. This version of Internet Explorer, under windows 7 I think, has the comment box with a right boundary even before

    Meta: RSS 2.0
    Comments RSS 2.0

    is hit.

    But not we have bold, italics, link and quote back. b and i are abbrevbiated. strikeoput is still missings.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  16. bleach is also a very good disinfectant

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  17. All part and parcel of the rapid decline into Idiocracy. Within two decades and perhaps at lot sooner we’ll be the complete inverse of Apartheid-era South Africa and a complete replica of Mugabe-style Zimbabwe.

    The likes of Hamilton, Franklin and de Tocqueville figured out 200 years ago that when a public determines that it can vote itself largesse from the public a nation state is doomed. But what they couldn’t envision was lock step politics by racial demographics. That itself would have destroyed the republic as a 1st world nation and when you combine this mentality with takers outnumbering and outvoting makers it’s all but over. Dark days ahead.

    Lawrence Westlake (4fc30a)

  18. What you are doing, Pat, is both educational and courageous.

    Steve57 (61329d)

  19. Are you ready for fundamental transformation?

    AZ Bob (533fbc)

  20. I don’t even know what country I’m living in anymore.

    Funeral Guy (afbf7b)

  21. She seems to be spending a lot on slate mailers. There really should be a rule against mailers that falsely suggest they are Party slates.

    Kevin M (b357ee)

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    Sunny Armstead “White males are looking for me to fall” | fiatjustice (73aa69)

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