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Monday Amusement

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[guest post by JD]

The boyfriend in this video is kind of a dick, but she gets scared so easily it is hard not to laugh.



UPDATE BY PATTERICO: What a loser this guy is.

UPDATE x2: Of course, like everything else on the Internet, this could be a giant hoax –and the woman could be in on it.

Guy’s still a loser.

50 Responses to “Monday Amusement”

  1. Yeah, this is a healthy relationship that will stand the test of time.

    JVW (9946b6)

  2. He seems like a real jerkwad. And she seems clueless about his passive aggressive modus operandi which borders on cruelty. Scaring her while she’s driving a vehicle or when she has a mascara wand at her eye? Idiot. Why would she even stay with him? Nobody’s that good in bed.

    elissa (807b11)

  3. Who names their child Aristotle?!

    JD (39c3a5)

  4. JD–nk might

    elissa (807b11)

  5. I can’t imagine a woman putting up with me that long as I do the passive aggressive thingy.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  6. I heard about someone who liked to scare his wife. He’d say he was going to take a shower, run the water and close the door. Then he’d put on a trench coat & a ski mask, sneak outside, around to the front door, and ring the bell. When his wife would answer, he’d scream and flash her.

    One day his knee went out on him (for real) while they were walking. He dropped, yelled in pain, and his wife kept on walking saying “Yeah, right!”

    CrustyB (69f730)

  7. I tend to not marry women who frighten easily.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  8. Or, women who frighten easily tend not to marry me.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  9. It’s a corollary.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  10. This guy is a real schmuck.

    OTOH I think the “race car driver takes wife for spin around the track” meme to be pretty funny.

    Case in point:

    Peter B (d25aba)

  11. Nobody’s that good in bed.

    are you sure?


    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  12. Comment by Peter B (d25aba) — 4/14/2014 @ 10:47 am

    This guy is a real schmuck.

    Maybe. But if you test drive cars for a living, and you invite your wife to join you at the Nurburing or wherever, with a Civic Type R, what’s supposed to happen on “take your wife to work” day?

    Not that I don’t think she doesn’t have a job.

    Given he way she’s busting a gut laughing toward the end and the occasional “mama mia” she flies fighters for the Italian Air Force.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  13. One thing is certain about the video; today is Monday.

    Elephant Stone (8a7f08)

  14. Lady – would you please pick up something large and metallic, and smack him across the chops with it!

    Mike Giles (760480)

  15. I was talking about the jerk “comedian.”

    As far as race drivers go, their wives have probably been around THAT block more than once in their relationship.

    Peter B (d25aba)


    Top Gear : Sabine Schmitz’s Nurburgring Van challenge part 1 – BBC

    I’ve been wrong about a lot. It’s a record I intend to maintain.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  17. I misspelled “Nurburing.”

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  18. I’m thinking “giggles” is the real deal.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  19. Ukraine asked the United Nations to send peacekeeping troops.

    Isn’t there a problem in that Russia has a veto there? They need NATO troops, or countries belonging to NATO, ad tghey need to get in place ahead of the Russians, because Russia will not fight them.

    Sammy Finkelman (c33275)

  20. Off topics: I still need to find something where Obama proposed means testing Social Security (as a concession to Republicans) and something about whether is carbon dioxide is alagging indicator of temperature change.

    Then there are medical advances held back. Do you know they have a device for years in Europe — they freeze the scalp at a temperature fof 37 degrees when adminsitering chemotherapy and people do not need to buy a wig because it closes the blood vessels.There are also stupid surgery – surgeries at least do not need FDA approval, and there’s one where they spread cancer in women because they had a theory of cancer that was all wrong according to which that wasn’t possible.

    There are gains and there are losses from freedom of medicine, but I think in the long run there’s far more gain, and a set of rules is no substutute for judgement.

    All New York State policies off the exchange must be offered on the exchange and there are only narrow networks, but the cost has gone dowen from $1500 plus to $600 plus for a policy. Also for yeasr now children can stay on parent’s policy till age 30.

    Sammy Finkelman (c33275)

  21. Sammy,

    The President is out playing golf.
    He’ll get back to you on those questions. At his earliest convenience. Or whatever.

    Elephant Stone (8a7f08)

  22. I once knew a guy named Aristotle Socrates.

    I laughed at that so hard I started a coughing fit. The funniest part of all is why she is still with him.

    MikeK (cd7278)

  23. After every scare, I bet the government whooped in to comfort her (and pop a birth control mint in her mouth).

    DejectedHead (a094a6)

  24. 22 …The funniest part of all is why she is still with him.

    Comment by MikeK (cd7278) — 4/14/2014 @ 3:07 pm

    Some women are just easier to shop for than others.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  25. I think the lesson learned is, Mazda needs to bring back the RX-8

    Sniff. Sniff.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  26. The “Griztek Snow Challenge 2013, Saturday Extended Version”

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  27. This nitwit has the same pathetic sense of humor as al franken.

    mg (31009b)

  28. She is entirely too nice looking to put up with that crap.

    Pious Agnostic (ac89e5)

  29. UPDATE BY PATTERICO: What a loser this guy is.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  30. Yeah. He’s a loser. Even I will pick up on the fact that I’m lucky to wind up with somebody who will stick with me.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  31. UPDATE x2: Of course, like everything else on the Internet, this could be a giant hoax –and the woman could be in on it.

    Guy’s still a loser.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  32. 33. …and the woman could be in on it.

    Guy’s still a loser.

    Comment by Patterico (9c670f) — 4/14/2014 @ 7:43 pm

    The thought never crossed my mind.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  33. .. At the end of 19th century the original name Pinzgauer horse was changed to Noriker horse, due in part to the Romanophile attitude in this time.

    The breed played an important role in the transportation of goods through the Alps, carrying salt, gold and Celtic iron from Salzburg to Italy, and on the return journey bringing back wine and spices. This use developed a powerful, long, deep-barreled and sure-footed draught horse – an adaptation to the alpine terrain. The use of Noriker horses in agriculture started much later, during the industrialization period in the 20th century.

    The Pinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle takes its name from this breed.


    Steve57 (078ed2)

  34. This looks like the deal of the century.

    1963 Pontiac Catalina Convertible 389

    Any century.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  35. I’m thinking of selling my house.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  36. Ready for the laugh of the day? In addressing the shootings at the Jewish Center in Kansas City, Obama tells us that religious intolerance has no place in our society. Now let’s leave aside his bullying of religion over his demand for contraceptive and abortion coverage, and let’s leave aside his usual tendency to make this all about himself:

    Obama noted that he had a connection to two of the victims. A teenager and his grandfather, shot in a parking lot behind the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, attended the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Obama said. That church’s pastor, Rev. Adam Hamilton, delivered the sermon at the prayer service at the National Cathedral marking Obama’s second inauguration and attended last year’s prayer breakfast at the White House.

    No, instead let’s focus on the best passage from the typically fawning Dog Trainer coverage of His Majesty and note the rich irony in this passage:

    Obama mentioned his recent trip to Vatican City, where he met for the first time with Pope Francis. Obama, who is not Catholic, has said he is inspired by the pope and praised his focus on inequality and inclusion in the church.
    The president urged the religious leaders to mind the message coming out of Rome.
    “He implores us to see the inherent dignity in each human being. But it’s also his deeds, simple yet profound, hugging the homeless man or washing the feet of somebody who, normally, ordinary folks would just pass by on the street. He reminds us that all of us, no matter what our station, have an obligation to live righteously and that we all have an obligation to live humbly, because that’s, in fact, the example that we profess to follow.”

    You get that? The President — who travels to the G7 Summit in Belgium with an entourage of 900 security & staff, 45 vehicles, and 3 helicopters, and whose wife, mother-in-law, and daughters do a long weekend in Ireland for a mere $8 million — this guy is imploring us to “live humbly.” This is probably the first President to completely and utterly lack one shred of self-awareness. Amazing.

    JVW (9946b6)

  37. #20 Sammmy

    I googled “CO2 lagging indicator” & got links to

    I googled “means-test Social Security benefits” & got links to
    — sorry, couldn’t tell if Obama was the instigator from these brief cites.

    A_Nonny_Mouse (c6ccd5)

  38. You get that? The President — who…

    Yeah. Got it.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  39. The boyfriend in this video is kind of a dick

    This is like saying that Saddam Hussein was “Kind of a dictator”.

    Or that Hitler was “Kind of a mass murderer”.

    Or that Obama is “kind of an incompetent moron”.

    Jus’ sayin’…

    Smock Puppet, "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses." (225d0d)

  40. As far as race drivers go, their wives have probably been around THAT block more than once in their relationship.

    Comment by Peter B (d25aba) — 4/14/2014 @ 12:38 pm

    Women DO like the speed. Trust me. I’ve had women say they enjoyed being in a good car (300z) with a lot of thrust and sideways g-force (not to suggest other cars aren’t as good).

    Doesn’t mean they are enamored of the thrill of the kind of ride a pro driver could give them all the time, but they both like it and hate it, if you get my drift. And if you’re married to a pro driver, it’s because you like it a lot more than you hate it.

    Smock Puppet, "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses." (225d0d)

  41. The problem with having lions as pets is they get carried away.

    On a normal basis you can deal with lions.

    Then, all of a sudden, 500 pound cat.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  42. 42. …if you get my drift.

    Comment by Smock Puppet, “Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses.” (225d0d) — 4/15/2014 @ 6:11 am

    Got your drift.

    Saudi drifting.

    Saudi Drift Fails Montage

    “if Allah wants the landing gear down, Allah will put the landing gear down.”

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  43. Pish posh,

    That guy is doing her a favor. Aversion therapy helps a lot of people with irrational fears.

    (In other news, I wonder if she has some sort of PTSD)

    Xmas (f65ded)

  44. Hey-zeus fracking ayy.

    eHow- How to Own a Pet Lion

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  45. What I find funny is that two of the times he “scares” her, she is getting lit with some other guy. Once on the swing and once in the bedroom.

    Nathaniel Wright (a2cff6)


    A Navy captain was demoted because she berated and assaulted her crew, not because she led her guided missile cruiser on a drag-race with another U.S. warship in the Pacific, an investigation shows.

    Thank Gawd sanity prevailed. Otherwise we’d all be going to jail.

    Navy Carrier drag race vs 2 destroyers and a cruiser.

    This is not a crime.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  47. Monday amusement.

    Battleship Guns: “16 Inch Gun & Turret” 1955 US Navy Training Film for Iowa Class Battleships

    I’m saving the 5 inch 38 flick for later.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

  48. I am pleased to report, per my accountant, that the IRS is not, this year, requiring more money than I have.

    Steve57 (078ed2)

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