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Mozilla CEO Resigns for Thoughtcrime

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Mozilla CEO resigns for the offense of having donated to Prop. 8 years ago, thus showing his support for traditional marriage.

I support gay marriage. I also hate thuggery. I will be removing Firefox from every computer I own. I encourage every reader of this site to do the same.

UPDATE: A couple of readers are contending that Mozilla does not make money off of Firefox. False.

Thursday Random Links

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[guest post by JD]

Dem Senate candidate in Iowa denigrates farmers and non-lawyers. . Ironically, Sen Feinstein is also not a lawyer, but she is a Dem, so that is okay.

The smartest, most eloquent speech reader President ever became the first President to utter the terms stinkburger and meanwich in public. Or private.

Sen Hairy Reed’s obsession continues unabated, and has expanded to his Senate website. The accusation of them not paying taxes is one he has utilized before. Other than Rush, have private citizens ever been attacked like this before? it is beyond surreal.

Charles Koch delivers a dignified response to the leftist nonsense.

The Daily Beast tacitly endorses male genital mutilation. Christoph’s head assplodes.


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