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CBO: ObamaCare Will Cost Equivalent of 2 Million Jobs in 2017

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Some grumps are calling this bad news?

The Republicans just got a big gift from the Congressional Budget Office: It’s going to be a lot easier for them to call Obamacare a “job killer.”

That’s because the budget office’s new economic report, released Tuesday, says the health care law will cause Americans to work fewer hours — enough to be the equivalent of 2 million fewer jobs in 2017.

The latest number is nearly three times as high as the budget office’s previous prediction, and it’s supposed to rise in later years to the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs in 2024.

Yay! People finally get to work fewer hours!

20 Responses to “CBO: ObamaCare Will Cost Equivalent of 2 Million Jobs in 2017”


    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  2. But, but, but, but, but they are “liberated” from the tyranny of work. Now they have more time to pursue their bad art and their political poetry.

    JVW (9946b6)

  3. Actually, it means that some people would get to work fewer hours, those who would get welfare subsidies to help pay for their health insurance. Those of us too productive to be eligible for such welfare subsidies will have to work longer and harder, to pay more in taxes to help pay for the welfare subsidies which help those who work less.

    The Dana who works for a living (3e4784)

  4. Now I can find time for my performance art career! Look for my “Ants On A Log” show in 2015.

    Colonel Haiku (ec903e)

  5. i’ll send you some art in grateful appreciation, Dana.. 😎

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  6. But those are all jobs that no one wants. They’re what are known as “junk jobs”. They’ll all be better off anyways, because losing those junk jobs will qualify them for the glorious program called Medicaid.

    And it will help reduce the deficit when all their personal assets are seized to pay for Medicaid expenses.

    DejectedHead (a094a6)

  7. That’s funny – whenever I gripe that my wife’s hours are strictly capped at 25 a week because of Obamacare, I get sternly lectured by leftist types that I’m making it up and no such thing is happening.

    Note – they limit to 25 scheduled hours to leave a bit of leeway if an individual needs to put in a few extra hours for whatever reason. If you knowingly exceed 25 scheduled hours, you’ll be written up on the first offense and fired for the second.

    radar (257ad5)

  8. This was old news nearly two months ago, but c’est la vie. The demographics of the blogosphere strike again.

    The other salient point here is that CBO itself is missing the boat. Their focus, strictly from a budgetary standpoint steeped in minutiae, results in their pinpointing of the lost hours out the workforce largely due to mandatory coverages allowing some people to work less. The giant neon elephant in the room that CBO somehow misses, however, is that Obamacare separately is resulting in vast numbers of people involuntarily working fewer hours because their employers are converting them against their wills from full-time to part-time employment, under 30 hrs. per week. Then there are the vast numbers of other people who are being laid off, or not hired in the first instances, so that companies can get or stay under the 50-employee threshold of the law. Those are the actual “lost jobs” component of Obamacare, of which CBO, Democrats and other useful idiots, most notably the media-academia cabal, completely are insouciant.

    Lawrence Westlake (4fc30a)

  9. Great.

    askeptic (8ecc78)

  10. But now they’re not JOB LOCKED and are free to pursue COWBOY POETRY n’ stuff.

    © Sponge (8110ec)

  11. not to worry people!

    Recovery Summer 2014 is almost here!

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  12. The Republicans just got a big gift from the Congressional Budget Office: It’s going to be a lot easier for them to call Obamacare a “job killer.”

    Underlying assumption: that reality is factored into what Democrats say.

    scrubone (c3104f)

  13. redc1c4 wrote:

    Recovery Summer 2014 is almost here!

    Is that like Recovery Summer 2011 and Recovery Summer 2012 and Recovery Summer 2013? I’m trying to plan my vacation here.

    The Dana who remembers (3e4784)

  14. Raaaaacists!

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  15. We can both trust and hope that the November mid-terms will prove a “job killer” for those legislators who insisted on the passage of Obamacare, and did the final dastardly deed with only one party’s votes …

    *That* will be a big gift to the population of and the country that is these United States of America …

    Alastor (e7cb73)

  16. this will do a LOT to accelerate the collapse of failmerica’s “social security” program

    just as all those nasty old boomerwhores are retiring with their hand out waiting for their slop

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  17. 7.1M sign-ups… they won’t say how many were uninsured before signing up or how many were folks who had lost their coverage due to this pathetic excuse of a piece of legislation, or how many have actually made a payment to complete the transaction.

    Just another excuse for one of Obama’s half-assed victory laps…

    Colonel Haiku (a5f959)

  18. a cheesy liar
    everything he has done
    has been EPIC FAIL

    Colonel Haiku (a5f959)

  19. Why has no one asked how it is possible to spend $200 billion and only get 2MM net uninsured, insured?

    That is $100,000 per life per year for health care insurance.

    Dumbfounded no one has even looked at the numbers.

    You can get each person covered for $5,000 per year just about every state in the nation with a silver plan.

    Where is the other $95,000 per person going?

    Rodney King's Spirit (ca9e04)

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