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Patterico Reader Schools Rutten

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Found at the bottom of Rutten’s now-rewritten column that repeated myths about what astronauts can see from the moon with the naked eye:

Editor’s note: This column has been corrected to remove an incorrect reference to American astronauts being able to see the Great Wall of China and the California Aqueduct from the moon; they could not.

The headline now says “corrected” as well.

My post correcting Rutten, in which I was tipped by JVW, is here.

JVW 1, Rutten 0.

10 Responses to “Patterico Reader Schools Rutten”

  1. Ding!

    509th Bob (96a8a6)

  2. Frankly, I’m surprised they bothered. What happened to all the “layers of editors and fact checkers”?

    Bill M (c8f413)

  3. Frankly, I’m surprised they bothered. What happened to all the “layers of editors and fact checkers”?

    I think this highlights the difference between a smaller regional paper like the Daily Breeze and an arrogant big national paper like the Dog Trainer. The Breeze, bless their hearts, actually seems to want to represent their readers’ interests rather than their writers’ interests.

    JVW (9946b6)

  4. Well done, JVW.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  5. Thanks DRJ, but I don’t know that the Breeze would have noticed without Patterico’s post. No one likes to be publicly ridiculed.

    JVW (9946b6)

  6. Well that’s good. This wasn’t a major ethical lapse or bias, just passing on earnestly-believed misinfo. And it’s good that the L.A. Times was upfront in its correction.

    However, it’s the exception which proves the rule—that they’ll go out of their way to avoid making or hide any correction that shows their reporters or editors were intentionally biased or actually did something unethical to knowingly misrepresent something or someone.

    Christoph Dollis (6e026c)

  7. Oh, sorry, I just falsely assumed that it was the L.A. Times which had made this correction. Quite possible, with their, er, reputation, they wouldn’t have even made this minor correction so transparently.

    Christoph Dollis (6e026c)

  8. Speaking of the Dog Trainer, you must read this swooning article about the “success” of communism in Spain.,0,1145239.story#axzz2wuN4SKOx

    Misleading headline? Check.
    Omission of critical facts? Check.
    Worship of charismatic leader? Check.

    Patricia (be0117)

  9. Well done, JVW and Patterico!

    felipe (6100bc)

  10. Congrats! Sane people always want incorrect information corrected. I applaud.

    Snip (031824)

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