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AOL CEO: ACA = $$$

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The head of AOL has decided to reinstate retirement benefits and apologize after a firestorm over the following comments:

As a C.E.O. and as a management team, we had to decide, do we pass the $7.1 million of Obamacare costs to our employees? Or do we try to eat as much of that as possible and cut other benefits?…

Two things that happened in 2012. We had two AOL-ers that had distressed babies that were born that we paid a million dollars each to make sure those babies were OK in general. And those are the things that add up into our benefits cost. So when we had the final decision about what benefits to cut because of the increased healthcare costs, we made the decision, and I made the decision, to basically change the 401(k) plan.

It is a tribute to the focus, dedication, and perspective of our excellent media in this country that they managed to focus on the real issue here (did a CEO make some stupid remarks?) and not get sidetracked by a silly and frivolous side issue (wait: did a CEO just say ObamaCare will cost his company over 7 million dollars?).

P.S. AOL is still a thing? I want to know where the CEO of CompuServe stands on these issues!

16 Responses to “AOL CEO: ACA = $$$”

  1. Well he does display the great genius that made him buy out the Huffington Post, facepalm.

    narciso (3fec35)

  2. You would think there would be some perspective

    I certainly couldn’t

    narciso (3fec35)

  3. “I have no expertise in health care costs, but I have a 3-inch thick folder of hospital bills that range from a few dollars and cents to the high six figures. So even though it’s unlikely that AOL directly paid out those sums, I don’t take issue with Armstrong’s number,” Deanna Fei wrote.

    “I take issue with how he reduced my daughter to a “distressed baby” who cost the company too much money. How he blamed the saving of her life for his decision to scale back employee benefits,” she continued.

    “How he exposed the most searing experience of our lives, one that my husband and I still struggle to discuss with anyone but each other, for no other purpose than an absurd justification for corporate cost-cutting,” Fei wrote.

    I’m a victim! Just give me money and don’t hurt my feelings!

    nk (dbc370)

  4. R.I.P. Shirley Temple

    Icy (4e4eff)

  5. Shirley Temple:

    nk (dbc370)

  6. This CEO is a clown, on multiple levels.

    JD (b4e6c6)


    Armstrong f’cked up in being too blunt, but I’m getting tired of this behavior in our society where the greatest sin is making someone feel bad.

    SPQR (768505)

  8. The GOP has decided not to wait for the citizenry to kill 404Care, they’re going to fix it piecemeal.

    Via Doug Ross and Larwyn:

    Tell us again, Mr. Ryan, that we’re near a tipping point. That was a good one.

    gary gulrud (e2cef3)

  9. Heretics are dangerous.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  10. i think i read somewheres where someone was making the case that Yahoo should buy AOL


    happyfeet (c60db2)

  11. here is an article instead of video

    happyfeet (c60db2)

  12. Run Sheryl, run for your life!

    narciso (3fec35)

  13. The CEO will be sent to Re-Education Camp.

    Elephant Stone (6a6f37)

  14. Happy 50th Birthday, Sarah Palin!

    Icy (b22f5c)

  15. The CEO from NetZero said: “I got nuthin”

    (Actually netzero claims it has 750,000 dial up subscribers)
    But I love the idea of pitching “net zero” to investors it has a bad ring to it (or was that a bad handshake.)

    steveg (794291)

  16. Sorry, the CEO of CompuServe is in a meeting with the CEO of GEnie and is unable to respond.

    Wrathchilde (96e9e0)

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