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Matty JournoLista Yglesias Is Creepy

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Imagine if a conservative had made such a disgusting analogy.



Obama Had The Worst 2013

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WaPo’s Cillizza awards Obama Worst 2013. But just skimming the article, it is remarkable the number of assertions he makes that simply aren’t so. The one that leapt off my iPad at me was where Obama united the country after Newtown. Or the idea that Obama might have wanted to do something about debt and spending, other than to make it worse.

It does amuse me to watch the sycophants couch their timid criticism in lies, and blame Teh One’s failures on circumstances beyond his control.


MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry Responds to Slate Santa Claus Kerfuffle

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Slate started this whole thing with a silly article about how Santa Claus should not be portrayed as a fat white man, but should be more inclusive and be portrayed as a penguin.

Apparently Megyn Kelly did a tongue in cheek segment, which made leftists lose their marbles. CNN is still running stories about it, making it a Fox story as opposed to noting the actual genesis of the story.

MSLSD weighed in this morning. It is what you would expect it to be, coming from race-baiting MHP.


This Week In ObamaCare

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Avik Roy lays out the case on how disastrous the idea of retroactive coverage is — treating out of network docs as in network, waiving formulary, etc as “suggested” by the Obama admin would be. This is not a sign of an improving system.

It was well known that the Obama admin delayed their ObamaCare regulations until after the election, which contributed to their epic failure rolling it out. The MFM is getting around to reporting it now.

Jonah Goldberg makes the depths of their mendacity readily apparent. Hint, if you like your plan, you can keep it is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is another view on how the new “suggestions” from Obama show how awful this system is leading into the 1 JAN start date.

That should suffice.


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