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Here’s a quote from a guy who doesn’t quite get it:

“This is the equivalent of having a great item that you want to buy in the store but not being able to get though the front door,” Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) said on CBS’s “Face The Nation.” “It sounds like the front door has been opened successfully now.”

Yay! Too bad they, um, haven’t built the cash registers yet.

We’re not laughing with you, Mr. Obama. We’re . . . oh, just take a look:

Amazon Announces Plan to Deliver Packages in 30 Minutes Via a Flying Drone

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Here is a pretty awesome video of how it would work:

Bezos says we’re about 4-5 years away from receiving packages via drone. The company will have to work with the FAA on understandable concerns about, say, airliners being brought down by a drone carrying a work desk that you can attach to your steering wheel. That’s not the only problem, either. People will undoubtedly shoot at these things. And dogs will attack them. And so on.

But if those concerns can be worked out, it would be pretty cool to order by drone, eh? Of course, the smart alecks are having some fun with it:

For now, however, those in a hurry are going to have to wait a whole business day for your product (if you are a Prime member and spend $3.99 for one day shipping). (Details on how to become a Prime member here.)

Anyway, it’s CYBER MONDAY!!!! and while those Breaking Bad seasons are no longer $9.99, there are deals on digital cameras and many other electronic items. Remember to use the search box to the right or follow one of the links in this post to help out this blog at no extra expense to you.

And prepare for the drones!

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