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Shooting at LAX

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[guest post by JD]

Shooting in LAX today. There is lots of reporting out there, but not a lot of confirmed facts. It is probably the Tea Party’s fault.

Take all reporting with a truckload of salt.


More Obama Admin Lies – SHOCKA

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[guest post by JD]

Sec Sebelius, CMS, Carnie, and all the admin spokesholes have claimed enrollment data is not available and will not be until mid-NOV. Now, on its face, that seems remarkable, who would design a system that does not supply basic and essential metrics? Sebelius added the wiggleroom caveat that she did not have reliable data, which means she has some data, but she apparently thinks that Obama’s system does not accurately report on itself, or that she may have been concerned that enrollment on the front end does not track with enrollment on the back end due to data flaws to the insurers.

The idea that they did not have data, is quite simply, a blatant and brazen lie.

The Admin was happy to push traffic numbers, and created account numbers, meaningless and misleading numbers designed to distract from their failures, and as disingenuous excuses for said failures. Had the enrollment numbers been good, up to expectations, or exceeding expectations, does anyone believe that they would not have been trumpeted immediately?

How does 6 on Day 1 sound? 248 through 2 days? Frankly, at this point, whatever number they arrive at in mid DEC should be met with, at the bare minimum, skepticism.


Friday Questions- Updated

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[guest post by JD]

1) When Jay Carney sees his press briefings on TV, do you think he is ever embarrassed?

2) How much would it have cost to simply buy basic health insurance policies for all of the uninsured?

3) How many people have realized the $2500 in savings under ObamaCare that Teh One promised?

4) What little turdlets of info will be found in the next few Friday afternoon document dumps?



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