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Ted Cruz: Holy Mackerel

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I have been working all day and just checked Ted Cruz’s Twitter feed to see how the filibuster went.

Looks like it is still going on.

Came into C-SPAN and saw (and still see) Mike Lee apparently giving Cruz a break. The caption suggests Cruz is still going.

I am going to take a short break to see if I can catch Cruz before I must turn in to get up early and work again.

Go Ted!

Unaffordable ObamaCare Act Filibuster

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[guest post by JD]

Apparently Sen Cruz is going to talk until he can no longer talk. I think he should be vilified for fighting for conservative principles, and against a craptacular POS piece of legislation that will fundamentally alter the relationship between citizens and their government.

I think you can watch it here.

Wacky birds.


Open Thread

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I got nothin’.

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