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Another Leftist Racist Hoax

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[ Guest post by JD ]

When real life does not conform to Teh Narrative, leftists just go out and do what they claim conservatives want to do, and then blame conservatives for leftist actions.

This is exactly what happened at Oberlin. A series of hate speech and Klan sightings all blamed on TeaBaggers, turns out to have been perpetuated by some OfA leftists. Shocking, I know.

The Oberlin administration appears to have known who was responsible yet still embarked on their quest to indoctrinate their students about hate crimes that did not exist.

Lena Durham has chosen to not yet comment.


Treasury IG Report Run-Around

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[guest post by JD]

This is one of those “you can’t make this stuff up” stories.

Obama’s IRS scandals are fascinating. In an oft overlooked release of IRS info for political means, Austan Goolsbee spoke publicly about the evil Koch Brothers tax returns. It was originally said to have been turned over to the Treasury IG to investigate, and apparently their investigation has been done for over 2 years. Having said that, it seems like the IRS will not even confirm existence of an investigation into the release of private info, and now will not release the results of the report, due to privacy concerns for the person that violated the privacy laws.

George’s investigation concluded in August 2011. Since then, Koch Industries senior vice president and general counsel Mark Holden has repeatedly requested a report summarizing the agency’s findings from multiple federal agencies but has been summarily denied by all of them. “TIGTA sent me to the IRS, the IRS sent me back to TIGTA, but none of them would release the report or any information about the investigation,” Holden says.

It has been a Kafkaesque march through the federal bureaucracy. In August 2011 a TIGTA special agent told Holden in an e-mail that “the final report relative to the investigation of Austan Goolsbee’s press conference remark is completed, has gone through the approval process, and would now be available through a FOIA request.” Holden’s request, however, was denied. “Because your request is for law enforcement records concerning a third party, TIGTA can neither admit nor deny the existence of responsive records,” the agency wrote him. He was instead referred to the Internal Revenue Service. After lodging a request there, he was sent back to TIGTA, only to be told, “Our previous response . . . also responds to this request” and “we are closing our file in this matter.”

Asked why the potential victim of a crime is prohibited from viewing TIGTA’s findings, TIGTA communications director Karen Kraushaar declined to go into detail, telling me only that “federal confidentiality law, including Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code, prohibits us from disclosing any information concerning our review of such allegations. Therefore, we regret that we cannot provide you with any further information.”

The agency divulged no more information to Senator Grassley. On requesting the report, he was told by George in a letter that, owing to the confidentiality provisions affecting individual tax records, “TIGTA could not provide information regarding action, if any, TIGTA might have taken beyond its review of the allegations.” As a result, George said, he was “unable to respond to any of the questions” Grassley posed about the investigation’s findings.

Non-responsive to the victim, and to a US Senator.

Transparent BS.


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