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Creepy Ted Cruz

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[guest post by JD]

The Daily Beast has a hard-hitting exposé on Ted Cruz in college, going back and interviewing roommates, friends, etc … We now know as much about Ted Cruz, before he even announces a run, as we do about a sitting President.

They are just getting started.


UPDATE BY PATTERICO: This fella Mazin, the big source for the article, sounds like a real ass. I like Cruz even better now that I have heard Mazin’s low opinion of him.

UPDATE x2 BY PATTERICO: I decided to research Mazin a little further and found him on Twitter, where he surprised me a little bit by claiming to be friends with Ken White of Popehat, and also by claiming to be somebody who gets criticized by his leftist pals for supposedly being a neocon. And he is highly critical of Roman Polanski, unlike much of the typical Hollywood leftist establishment. Hmmm. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy, I thought — so I returned to the article to see why I had initially had such a strongly negative reaction to the guy.

I think my annoyance stemmed from his extraordinaily hyperbolic statements ( “I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States. Anyone.” Really? Murderers, rapists, and robbers? Hitler worshippers? Movie executives?) combined with the assumption that we were supposed to give such over-the- top statements special credence because he had personally known Cruz. I had initially suspected that what Mazin really didn’t about Cruz was his politics — although I certainly am willing to believe that, as a result, he also disliked Cruz as a person.
But it irked me that his (seemingly mostly politically driven) dislike was given faux credence because he happened to know Cruz.

Now that there are hints that he is not an entirely dyed in the wool
Hollywood leftist, I wonder whether I was wrong to assume this was a political hit.

But if I’m wrong, he certainly doesn’t give ANY specifics to show me why. What specifics does Mazin cite as to why he disliked Cruz, other than that Cruz was a confident conservative who once read a book trashing Karl Marx? As best as I can tell, Mazin didn’t like the design of Cruz’s bathrobe, or the fact that Cruz tried to talk to girls.

It could be that the Daily Beast trashed Mazin’s actual substantive concerns about Cruz — although Mazin has not yet said so on his Twitter timeline. Based on what’s in the article, though, it comes off a little like Mazin is saying: yeah, Cruz was a strong and unapologetic conservative and in my opinion was a little quirky, therefore he would be the absolute worst person in all of America to lead this country — worse than violent criminals, neoNazis, and Justin Bieber — and you need to believe me because I was his college roommate.

Is that really the argument? If so, no sale.

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