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The Nation accidentally proves the opposite of what they set out to prove about minimum wage laws and WalMart.

After having their hypocrisy pointed out, when it was shown The Nation didn’t pay their interns even minimum wage, it ultimately resulted in The Nation hiring less interns.

In a statement to Propublica, The Nation confirmed one of the basic criticisms that conservatives, and our faithful sidekick, logic, make about raising the minimum wage:

“We are not yet certain how this will work out long term, but for the fall we are anticipating hiring ten interns rather than twelve.”

Liberals and economics do not mix.


Obama Golf Coverage

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[guest post by JD]

Obama golfs again. Poorly

The press pool actually got to watch and photograph. And they practically sound giddy.

The idiotic pose and grunt after trying to coax his putt to the right? he blew it past the hole 15 feet and 3-jacked it for triple bogey.

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