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Fox To Juggle Lineup

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[guest post by JD]

Megyn Kelly to the 9:00 slot, previously occupied by Hannity.

Lots of rumors, and baseless idiocy out there, but Roger Ailes seemed to be quite clear in his interview.

For those that claim Hannity is out at Fox, Ailes said,

“I must quickly say that all of our stars will be back,” Ailes said. “We have new deals with Hannity and Greta [Van Susteren] and Shep [Smith]. …I think you will see some changes that are good.”


“Hannity is a brand who many of our viewers love and want to see, and he’s probably the nicest guy in the building,” Ailes said. “The difference between Hannity and everyone else [at rival networks] is that he’s a conservative but he has liberals on every night to argue with.”

And my favorite …

But that’s down the road. “My near-term plans are to put my competitors out of business completely,” Ailes said.



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