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Zimmerman Trial Becomes Bizarre

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The coverage at Legal Insurrection is excellent; just click the link and scroll. Essentially, yesterday the prosecution let the defense ask a series of wholly improper questions of the investigating officer on the case, concerning whether he believed George Zimmerman (short answer: yes). Today, the prosecution asked for that testimony to be stricken, and the judge (who should have told the prosecution it was too late) ruled for the prosecution — and then REPLAYED ALL THE AUDIO OF THE OFFICER GIVING THAT OPINION before telling the jury to ignore it.

Thus taking damaging testimony and emphasizing it as strongly as possible.

The prosecution also played numerous self-serving statements by Zimmerman, so that he could get his entire story before the jury without having to be cross-examined. Apparently they did this for the purpose of exploiting supposed inconsistencies in the story — but, by all accounts, the different versions were on the whole remarkably consistent.

Also, today they put up an out of county coroner who didn’t actually conduct the autopsy to essentially deny seeing injuries on Zimmerman in photographs that the rest of the world can easily see.

This trial is a travesty, and the best you can say for the prosecution is that they are conducting it in a manner calculated to lead to justice — i.e., wholly incompetently and in a way that serves the defense.

We have a nice long thread already going on this, so comment here.

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