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Weiner Leads NYC Mayor Poll

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My initial reaction to this is a shrug. It’s not my city. Why should I care?

But then I go back and look at what Michelle Malkin said on June 7:

Remember: Democratic women on Capitol Hill stood by Weiner and his Twitter tawdriness until a critical moment almost exactly two years ago this week: It was the moment news broke that among the bevy of online groupies he hit on, Weiner had communicated with at least one teenage high school student in Delaware.

Weiner had flirted with the underage girl through Twitter direct messages using a macho line about donning “cape and tights” — a quip he had also used with an adult woman with whom he had exchanged raunchier sexually explicit messages. Conservative blogger Patrick Frey ( first uncovered the evidence. Fox News then broke the news in the mainstream press that Delaware police had visited the girl’s home and questioned her about her online communications with Weiner. The 17-year-old said she had met Weiner on a school trip to Washington.

At his watershed press conference circus on June 6, 2011, Weiner claimed he “never had an intention of having a relationship with underage women” and blustered that the girls he communicated with “weren’t young, per se.” Per se? Just a few days later, Weiner was forced to admit that he had exchanged “at least five private messages on Twitter” with the Delaware girl, not two messages as initially reported. He also denied that any messages to the teen were “explicit” or “indecent.”

If his opponents don’t care to raise that issue, and NYC media don’t care to raise the issue, why should a blogger in Los Angeles care?

I’ll tell you why. Because I was in the center of the story, and was threatened by someone who told me not to write about Weiner, and was then SWATted . . . possibly by people obsessed with the notion that Weiner was hacked, as well as by an insane desire to exact revenge for journalism about a notorious convicted bomber.

P.S. The New York Times did get around to publishing that article they accidentally published, and then withheld for so long, about Weiner’s victims:

Customers taunt Lisa Weiss. “Talk dirty to me,” they joke. “We know you like it.” Colleagues refuse to speak with her. Strangers mock her in nasty online messages.

“Clearly she’s got mental issues,” declared the latest.

Anthony D. Weiner’s improbable campaign for mayor of New York City is a wager that voters have made peace with his lewd online behavior, a subject he has largely left behind as he roils the race with his aggressive debating style and his attention-getting policy proposals.

But for the women who were on the other end of Mr. Weiner’s sexually explicit conversations and photographs, his candidacy is an unwanted reminder of a scandal that has upended their lives in ways big and small, cutting short careers, disrupting educations and damaging reputations.

I don’t think Weiner cares a bit about the damage left in his wake.

It remains to be seen, I guess, whether New York voters do.

29 Responses to “Weiner Leads NYC Mayor Poll”

  1. Democrat war on women continues.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  2. If Bill Clinton is still the prototype, then it’s not surprising.

    But then again, the Democratic party can show they still have the capacity to be decent people, if they choose to.

    Then again, we just had the big to-do over when a under-16 should be treated as a sexually competant adult, so really, 17?? what’s the problem. (Yes, that was sarcasm, the last part).

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  3. MD in Philly – New Yorkers just love a good Weiner IYKWIMAITTYD.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  4. Meh New York City
    weiner teh prick won’t lay down
    better get a rope

    Colonel Haiku (95ad79)

  5. Tony Weiner and his missus Human Abbazabba don’t embarrass easy.

    Colonel Haiku (95ad79)

  6. New Yorkers are pretty trashy and they like to be told what to do by people of low character

    so this sounds like a win win

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  7. Do we know his position on big gulps?

    elissa (c6f8c4)

  8. I was born in New York City (Queens) and raised upstate (Orange County). As far as I’m concerned, the whole bloody state can go straight to hell (there are some who say it already has).

    For the last twenty-six of my fifty-six years, I’ve called Texas home.

    Rusty Bill (e3b0ca)

  9. attaboy rusty bill that’s

    very sensible i think

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  10. The thing is, by NY standards he may actually be the best candidate available. At least he isn’t in the pockets of the teachers’ unions — and his mother’s career as a teacher gives him some insulation from being accused of being against teachers and education and the little children, do it for the children.

    Milhouse (3d0df0)

  11. I can’t vote in the D primary, and haven’t yet focused on the R primary to see if there’s anyone I can bring myself to vote for that isn’t yet another big-government apostle who belongs on the D side.

    Milhouse (3d0df0)

  12. Voting in guys like Weiner is what turns real moderates into Conservatives.

    I am all for Weiner.

    Rodney King's Spirit (ae12ec)

  13. I always said that sexual perversions are resume enhancements for demoncraps.

    peedoffamerican (ee1de0)

  14. Look at the bright side: Maybe Weiner will tear down the Disney Store and The Gap in Times Square and bring back all of the seedy bars and stripper joints.

    JVW (23867e)

  15. . . . and [Weiner’s] mother’s career as a teacher gives him some insulation from being accused of being against teachers and education and the little children, do it for the children.

    Um, Milhouse, I think we already learned that Weiner is kind of hoping to do it to the children, or at least the female subset of them.

    JVW (23867e)

  16. People suck.
    Especially Democrat sexual perverts.

    mg (31009b)

  17. My son wonders why girls flock to parties at frats known for their rampant sexual abuse.

    Feminists are not women who hate guys. Feminists are women who love schmucks.

    Amphipolis (d3e04f)

  18. 10 Comment by Milhouse (3d0df0) — 6/25/2013 @ 8:08 pm

    The thing is, by NY standards he may actually be the best candidate available.

    The best of the 5 major Democrats – but he would be completely owned by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Sal Albanese I think is probably better, and there is Republican or two, particularly Joe Lhota. (Today the Jewish Press is disappointed with him because he came out for the deposing of Asembly Speaker Sheldon Silver because Sheldon Silver was for, they say, laws extending the rights of religious believers. The newspaper gets lobbied)

    The record has been the continual loss of support by Christine Quinn. This may be a little bit due to her trying to be on both sides of many issues and a little bit due to the otehrs gaining some name recognition.

    Weiner has lots of opposition as well as best-of-the bunch-support. Q

    uinn would narrowly win a runoff with Weiner and with Thompson, and Thompson would very narrowly win a runoff with Weiner. (we’re talking differences in the poll of 1% or 2%)

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  19. I have no intention of voting for Anthony Wiener, primarily because the impression I have gotten is that his reputation in Cognress was as someone who was so focused on the next job that he didn’t do his current job.

    aphrael (659a8d)

  20. Who does Quinn have running her campaign? Good Lord.

    JD (bdb1b0)

  21. Comment by aphrael (659a8d) — 6/26/2013 @ 2:24 pm

    I have no intention of voting for Anthony Wiener, primarily because the impression I have gotten is that his reputation in Cognress was as someone who was so focused on the next job that he didn’t do his current job.

    So you are going to vote for a Republican for mayor?

    It may happen indeed that for a sixth time in a row New York will not elect a Democrat as mayor.

    Most likely outcome: Weiner and Thomposon make the runoff, and Weiner wins the runoff after Al Sharpton endorses Weiner. Joe Lhota wins the Republican primary, and the general election.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  22. How is this not horrifically embarrassing for the Dems?

    JD (bdb1b0)

  23. I don’t think Weiner’s character is good. And I am not talking about his personal relationships. Most New Yorkers I think are willing to put that aside. He knows he messed up some women’s lives and he won’t – he can’t – do it again. And it’s no worse than what happens in many divorces.

    His troubles will come just from his general character.

    The other day he claimed to have coined the term “Obamacare” and then to have been the first Democrat or liberal to use it, both of which claims were not true.

    His political positions are purely for the purpose of positioning himself on the political spectrum, some of them being very unrealistic, and he knows that or has to discover that pretty soon after he makes them public, and he doesn’t care.

    New York City should set up its own health care system?

    Here’s his health care proosal from his Daily news op-ed piece:

    Get our health care costs under control and cover the uninsured. The simple fact is that every other part of our budget is being cut so we
    can pay for health insurance for our city workers, the retirees and the uninsured we care for in emergency rooms. We pay more than $6.8 billion in taxes for these purposes, with the benefits due to go up 40% in the next four years.

    No one should be happy about this. Health benefits are eating up money that could go for workers’ raises, tax cuts or other services. City
    employees and retirees have to start paying at least a small amount for their health care to fix that imbalance.

    [That’s just another term for a pay cut]

    And the 1.2 million New Yorkers who are uninsured are using expensive services rather than smarter and cheaper preventive care. The solution
    is a single-payer plan for the Big Apple that saves money on insurance company overhead and keeps the money in health care. !!!

    New York City single payer. He doesn’t evenb discuss whether that would fit in with Obamacare. And most “preventative services” don’t save money. He should know that by now.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  24. Milhouse At least he isn’t in the pockets of the teachers’ unions

    Thompson got the endorsement of the UFT. D eBlasio probably l;ost out because he wasn’t doing so well in the polls. Liu is pandering to everybody.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  25. I don’t know what i’ll do in the general. My inclination at the moment is to vote for Thompson in the primary.

    aphrael (659a8d)

  26. Remember: Democratic women on Capitol Hill stood by Weiner

    I dunno. It seemed to me that Dem women gave nothing but lip service to Weiner.

    Hard to do that while standing, y’know…

    IGotBupkis, "Faeces Evenio, Mr. Holder?" (a2f645)

  27. It remains to be seen, I guess, whether New York voters do.

    They re-elected Hillary (AFTER she swore, swore, SWORE she wasn’t going to run for PotUS in 2 years)…

    They elected Bloomberg

    The openly support his soft drink ban…



    IGotBupkis, "Faeces Evenio, Mr. Holder?" (a2f645)


    Eliot Spitzer will re-enter politics by running for comptroller of New York City, NBC 4 New York has confirmed.

    Sammy Finkelman (a4dbab)

  29. He has to collect 3,750 signatures from registered Democratic voters by Thursday. He’ll be starting Monday using some 100 signature gatherers.

    It had looked like Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer might be almost getting a free pass.

    Mr. Spitzer’s entry promises to shake a comptroller’s contest that, until now, had been viewed as an all-but-certain victory for Scott M. Stringer, the Manhattan borough president who has been embraced by the city’s unions and Democratic establishment. Mr. Stringer’s campaign released a statement on Sunday night.

    “Scott Stringer has a proven record of results and integrity and entered this race to help New York’s middle class regain its footing,” said the statement, from Sascha Owen, Mr. Stringer’s campaign manager. “By contrast, Eliot Spitzer is going to spurn the campaign finance program to try and buy personal redemption with his family fortune. The voters will decide.”

    Sammy Finkelman (a4dbab)

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