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Meet the Very, Very White Netroots Nation Staff

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Go to this link to see the group my tipster describes as “whiter than an albino ghost at a KKK rally.” Here’s a couple of screenshots showing the entire lily-white staff:

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 6.33.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 6.34.03 PM

I think each biography should end with the phrase: “He is white.” (Unless it’s a woman. Then I would say: “She is white.”) For example:

Melissa Foley (@melfoley) is the new media program director for Netroots Foundation. Prior to joining the team, she worked as a senior member of the online communications team at Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection and as director of marketing and operations for a web-based social enterprise. Melissa holds a master’s from Pepperdine University and a bachelor’s from UC San Diego. She lives with her husband in San Mateo, CA. She is white.


Nolan Treadway (@nolan ) serves as political and logistics director. Nolan has years of experience in progressive politics and online organizing. Previously, he was an online organizer for the Democratic National Committee and interned in new media for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Nolan holds a bachelor’s in business from Michigan State University and a master’s in public policy from American University. He resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife, Joan. They are both white.

Complete the following phrase: the Netroots Nation staff is whiter than . . .

105 Responses to “Meet the Very, Very White Netroots Nation Staff”

  1. Whiter than Elmer’s Glue on copier paper.

    JD (1cc290)

  2. Whiter than a marshmallow topped with whipped cream.

    Soaked in bleach.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  3. Whiter than Crissy Mathews’ neighborhood

    JD (1cc290)

  4. Whiter than George Hamilton’s teeth

    JD (1cc290)

  5. Whiter than Sweden. In January. In a whiteout blizzard.

    JD (1cc290)

  6. Whiter than Conan O’Brien.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  7. They’re about as white as this New Mexican woman who works for Rio Arriba County government who is getting a free (county-paid) trip to NetRoots as it will ‘help her with her job.’

    The corruption is sickening!

    PolitixFireball (b27d48)

  8. Whiter than white

    PC14 (2f8051)

  9. Not to forget that this woman (Lauren Reichelt) is also vice-chair of her county Democrat party and is a self-proclaimed community (communisty) organizer who writes for…The Daily Kos!

    PolitixFireball (b27d48)

  10. Whiter than a shade of pale.

    sybilll (2fd05b)

  11. uhhh, who or what is a netroots nation?

    Speaking of being white, I heard a clip on the radio of some professor at UPenn (in what I don’t know) saying that the reason why repubs/conservatives are against abortion is because they are afraid of demographic shifts with not enough white babies being born.

    I kid you not, that is what she said.
    My jaw doesn’t drop anymore since it was wired shut when it fractured after falling to the ground one too many times.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  12. some of my best friends are white but it doesn’t bother me

    plus Edward Snowden is white and he’s just the nicest guy ever

    happyfeet (c60db2)

  13. Whiter than an albino vampire with anemia.

    What do I win?

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  14. I think was Harris Perry, I thought she was at Princeton, Joan Walsh seemed to have the same idea,

    narciso (3fec35)

  15. narciso, I couldn’t formulate an opinion that obtuse if I tried.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  16. Sorry it was Michael Dyson, on Bashir, Shirley they didn’t forget Gosnell so soon,

    narciso (3fec35)

  17. “Sorry it was Michael Dyson, on Bashir, Shirley they didn’t forget Gosnell so soon,”

    Dyson is weapons grade stooopid.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  18. The Netroots Nation staff is as white as the Buzzfeed staff and whiter than a Tea Party rally.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  19. .

    Gazzer (0a6f16)

  20. Whiter than a ghost being audited by Obama’s IRS.

    peedoffamerican (ee1de0)

  21. Whiter than the crowd at the 1940 Democratic National Convention!

    peedoffamerican (ee1de0)

  22. Whiter than…

    the cushy SF/Bay Area neighborhood that’s home to people like the leftwing California state legislator who wants the homeless to have full legal sway (eg, the right to urinate and defecate wherever and whenever), except — as James O’Keefe illustrated — when it comes to such liberals’ own happy little niche in the world.

    Mark (bb0274)

  23. I located the Facebook pages for the top three profiles above and browsed through their friends lists. Roughly 95-98% of their Facebook friends are as lily-white as they are.

    aunursa (7014a8)

  24. The infuriating thing about lefty white people is they are pretty much, well, white. They want to help black people because they are white as if black people need help because of their skin color.

    The vast majority of the left are racists not because they are white, but because they think that black people need their lily-white asses to help them.

    Honestly, how can anyone assume that any minority can only succeed with the white man’s help?

    That is an insult to people in general.

    I really, really dislike left-wing racists.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  25. They’re whiter than the writing staff at Breitbart, for one thing.

    Steven Den Beste (99cfa1)

  26. Whiter than Robert Byrd’s local Klan rally.

    JVW (23867e)

  27. Whiter than Vanilla Ice flipping real estate.

    Leviticus (2c236c)

  28. It’s a thing. Check it out.

    Leviticus (2c236c)

  29. The dude’s name is “Raven”? Seriously?

    That’s just gay.

    Leviticus (2c236c)

  30. I denounce myself.

    Leviticus (2c236c)

  31. Whiter than the next white Hollywood director making a movie about the evil of being white.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  32. Whiter than Vanilla Ice flipping real estate.

    Well done, Leviticus.

    JVW (23867e)

  33. And there is such diversity of viewpoint, well he was against SOPA but otherwise;

    narciso (3fec35)

  34. Whiter than a HuffPo contributor in a Casper costume in a field of snow in Antarctica.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  35. As white as the Massachusetts Cherokee.

    PatAZ (bf8b98)

  36. Such innovative turn of thought;

    It’s like blanc mange with vanilla sprinkles.

    narciso (3fec35)

  37. As white as a Heat fan in the stands wearing a white T-shirt.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  38. As white as a Heat fan in the stands wearing a white T-shirt.

    As white as a luxury suite at any NBA game.

    JVW (23867e)

  39. I really, really dislike left-wing racists.

    I re-post the following in their honor:, March 2011:

    Among whites in the latest General Social Survey (2008)[conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago], only 4.5% of small-government advocates express the view that “most Blacks/African-Americans have less in-born ability to learn,” compared to 12.3% of those who favor bigger government or take a middle position expressing this racist view.

    [I]n 2008 12.3% of white Democrats in the U.S. believed that African Americans were born with less ability, compared to only 6.6% of white Republicans.

    And 2008 wasn’t an aberration. In sixteen surveys from 1977 through 2008, overall white Republicans were significantly less racist on the in-born ability question than white Democrats (13.3% to 17.3%), and white conservative Republicans were significantly less racist than other white Americans (11.7% to 14.7%)…

    Though the percentage of white Democrats and white Republicans who slightly or strongly agreed that “White people have a right to keep Blacks out of their neighborhoods” did not differ significantly in any one survey, overall white Democrats were significantly more likely to support segregated neighborhoods than white Republicans (30.4% to 26.3%)., April 2013: In 1923, as a member of the Harvard board of directors, [Franklin D.] Roosevelt decided there were too many Jewish students at the college and helped institute a quota to limit the number admitted. In 1938, he privately suggested that Jews in Poland were dominating the economy and were therefore to blame for provoking anti-Semitism there. In 1941, he remarked at a Cabinet meeting that there were too many Jews among federal employees in Oregon. In 1943, he told government officials in Allied-liberated North Africa that the number of local Jews in various professions “should be definitely limited” so as to “eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore towards the Jews in Germany.”

    There is evidence of other troubling private remarks by FDR too, including dismissing pleas for Jewish refugees as “Jewish wailing” and “sob stuff”; expressing (to a senator ) his pride that “there is no Jewish blood in our veins”; and characterizing a tax maneuver by a Jewish newspaper publisher as “a dirty Jewish trick.”

    In a series of articles for the Macon (Ga.) Daily Telegraph and for Asia magazine in the 1920s, he warned against granting citizenship to “non-assimilable immigrants” and opposed Japanese immigration on the grounds that “mingling Asiatic blood with European or American blood produces, in nine cases out of ten, the most unfortunate results.” He recommended that future immigration should be limited to those who had “blood of the right sort.”, Ben Smith, January 2010: One of the enduring mysteries of the 2008 campaign was what got Ted Kennedy so mad at Bill Clinton. The former president’s entreaties, at some point, backfired, and the explanation has never quite emerged.

    I’ve finally gotten my hands on a copy of Game Change, in which John Heliemann and Mark Halperin report: [A]s Hillary bungled Caroline [Kennedy], Bill’s handling of Ted was even worse. The day after Iowa, he phoned Kennedy and pressed for an endorsement, making the case for his wife. But Bill then went on, belittling Obama in a manner that deeply offended Kennedy. Recounting the conversation later to a friend, Teddy fumed that Clinton had said, A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.

    [Arkansas State Trooper] Larry Patterson confirmed that he frequently heard Bill Clinton use “n—–” to refer to both Jesse Jackson and local Little Rock black leader Robert “Say” McIntosh. Longtime Clinton paramour Dolly Kyle Browning corroborated Patterson on Clinton’s use of “n—–.” “Not only did he use the ‘N’ word, he called him a ‘GDN’ [goddamn n——], if you catch my drift,” Browning told Fox News in 1999. [NewsMax, 17 July 2000] Brown also told NewsMax that the president would regularly make derogatory comments about African-Americans in private. “He has used the ‘N’ word before. Bill would make snide remarks about blacks behind their backs.” [Carl Limbacher and NewsMax Staff, 17 July 2000]

    Mark (bb0274)

  40. I saw a couple of hipster beards. Does that count for something?

    AZ Bob (c11d35)

  41. My sister used to attend Netroots. She is white, as in red hair and freckles.

    She believes things like “The only reason republicans don’t want to pay more taxes is that they don’t want to help poor brown people.” She also hears a lot of dog whistles.

    Whiter than DQ soft serve ice cream, and nowhere near as appealing.

    LibraryGryffon (1996ab)

  42. Whiter than Justin Bieber

    I worked with an old man who used to say: whiter than Santa’s ass.. I denounce the memory

    SteveG (794291)

  43. As white as the white idiots in Minnesota who elected Jesse Ventura governor and followed up with an unfunny SNL writer to the U.S. Senate and consider Garrison Keillor as some sort of “Old Scout” to lecture the rest of us on race relations while the state has less than six percent of an African-American population.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  44. Whiter than a ghost being audited by Obama’s IRS.

    Comment by peedoffamerican (ee1de0) — 6/18/2013 @ 7:56 pm

    Now that’s white.

    Tanny O'Haley (f5fbfe)

  45. Raven Brooks is one of those gay names what’s every bit as gay if you switch it around to where the last name comes first

    that’s very impressive

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  46. Whiter than Vanna and Betty drinking milk in a blizzard whilst ironing KKK costumes and listening to the Beatles White album and dresses as angels.

    Gazzer (0a6f16)

  47. that’s whiter than patriotism even

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  48. Whiter than every white lie told by President Per Se.

    BuilderDoug (9b8831)

  49. As white as the staff of JTMP

    E.PWJ (6140f6)

  50. Whiter than an Obama election campaign brain trust.

    Gerald A (b44a50)

  51. As white as Johnny Winter.

    mg (31009b)

  52. whiter than the weather underground…

    E.PWJ (6140f6)

  53. whiter than the whitewater defendants

    E.PWJ (6140f6)

  54. Whiter than Robert Byrd’s Kleagle gown.

    Ed from SFV (6382f3)

  55. Whiter than the Edmonton Oilers.

    Bugg (b32862)

  56. But not as white as the editorial/opinion staff of the New York Times.

    Bugg (b32862)

  57. Whiter than an astrophysicists’ convention.

    nk (875f57)

  58. Whiter than a Nobel laureate in neuroscience.

    nk (875f57)

  59. Whiter than the veneers on a Disney Princess.

    Sarahw (b0e533)

  60. Whiter than its Board of Directors

    Kman (5576bf)

  61. Whiter than the six white stripes and fifty stars on Old Glory.

    Pious Agnostic (c45233)

  62. Comment by Pious Agnostic (c45233) — 6/19/2013 @ 7:07 am

    Thank you.

    nk (875f57)

  63. The dude’s name is “Raven”? Seriously?

    I actually know that guy. I used to argue politics with him on a debate forum. He is a true believer — he started “buy blue” back during the ’08 campaign.

    Whiter than a rice sammich with mayo on Wonder bread.

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  64. The Internal Revenue Service is about to pay $70 million in employee bonuses despite an Obama administration directive to cancel discretionary bonuses because of automatic spending cuts enacted this year, according to a GOP senator. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa says his office has learned that the IRS is executing an agreement with the employees’ union on Wednesday to pay the bonuses. Grassley says the bonuses should be canceled under an April directive from the White House budget office.

    Icy (d4f1da)

  65. Raven Brooks is a name that is so gay that it is likely the product of straight people wanting to free their as yet unborn child from the constraints of society.
    Meanwhile, my gay friends are named, Gary, Robert, Dan, Dwight, Michael, Scott and John. Very gay. Two hairstylists, two garden designers, a rose garden designer, a candle shop owner, a floral designer, and a home designer.

    In contrast, Raven Brooks sounds like the stage name of a guy whose San Fernando Valley career involves getting a 60mm sphincter enhancement. His regular job is probably a waiter or a valet parking attendant and you will only rarely see him sitting down. Oh, And he eats food like a pelican.
    His career is in shambles and his only hope for stardom was to hang out at the airport and hope Senator Craig dropped by…

    SteveG (794291)

  66. Whiter than an Illinois Nazi rally.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  67. A pox upon thee, PatAZ (@35). You stole my thunder.

    You’re right, I should have checked in earlier, but time, tide and horse barns await no man.

    Yes, RIP Slim. :(

    gramps (13e453)

  68. For those of substantial years: “Whiter than Roy Rogers’ horse “Trigger” after a walk through a car wash.”

    Ray Van Dune (11a38f)

  69. Whiter than the Republican electorate. Whiter than the anti-amnesty advocates. 😆

    White: it’s the new diversity!

    The snarky Dana (3e4784)

  70. C’mon everyone, let’s hold our fire until we can see the whites of the Netroots’ lies.

    Elephant Stone (6a6f37)

  71. The Nutroots, try as they might
    Couldn’t find anyone not white
    To headline their do
    As they try to woo
    Some people away from the right.

    The Limerick Avenger (3e4784)

  72. Please call Amanda Marcotte
    She’ll end this so racist plot!
    The left that we know,
    Racist? Hell no!
    She’ll fix Nutroots on the spot!

    The Limerick Avenger (3e4784)

  73. poor chrissy matthews
    can’t believe his eyes that those
    netroots are racists

    elissa (c7f92a)

  74. You people just hate the Netroots because they’re black brown yellow red white !

    Elephant Stone (6a6f37)

  75. so it appears that
    the nutroots staff motto is
    no blacks need apply

    elissa (c7f92a)

  76. It seems Nutroots are all white
    Can blacks forgive this great slight?
    For libs they sure can
    They’ll vote Dem again!
    Left racism they’ll never fight!

    The Limerick Avenger (3e4784)

  77. There was a group called Nutroots
    The diversity horn they did toot
    Then the pictures came out
    The diversity they tout?
    Looks like they gave that the boot!

    The Limerick Avenger (3e4784)

  78. Blacks at this year’s Nutroots?
    Guess they did not give a hoot!
    They just don’t care
    ‘Bout whitey’s hot air
    When their ‘hoods all look like Beirut!

    The Limerick Avenger (3e4784)

  79. Raven Brooks got a thrill up his white leg !

    Elephant Stone (6a6f37)

  80. ELBERT GUILLORY explains why he switched parties to become a Republican. Youtube.

    You see, in recent history the Democrat Party has created the illusion that their agenda and their policies are what’s best for black people. Somehow it’s been forgotten that the Republican Party was founded in 1854 as an abolitionist movement with one simple creed: that slavery is a violation of the rights of man.

    Frederick Douglass called Republicans the ‘Party of freedom and progress,’ and the first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln, the author of the Emancipation Proclamation. It was the Republicans in Congress who authored the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments giving former slaves citizenship, voting rights, and due process of law.

    The Democrats on the other hand were the Party of Jim Crow. It was Democrats who defended the rights of slave owners. It was the Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who championed the Civil Rights Act of 1957, but it was Democrats in the Senate who filibustered the bill.

    Transcript available here.

    papertiger (c2d6da)

  81. Comment by papertiger (c2d6da) — 6/19/2013 @ 1:31 pm

    Every so often we are given reason to be hopeful.
    Thank you Mr. Guillory, and thanks p.t. for bringing it to our attention.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  82. Markey(D) smears opponent in MA Senate Race – and yes, I know that labeling him a “D”, and noting that he smeared his opponent, is a bit redundant.

    But, as this news item shows, Markey is using the same smear technique used by Reid and Obama on Romney in last year’s campaign,
    by hinting that Gomez’ unreleased client list must indicate illegality.
    Well, why not, it worked before, it will probably work again.

    askeptic (b8ab92)

  83. Whiter than puss eating maggots. Oops can’t be because they are puss eating maggots.

    dunce (15d7dc)

  84. “Markey(D) smears opponent in MA Senate Race”

    askeptic – Markey apparently had several less than stellar moments in last night’s debate, but they may be too little, too late.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  85. It was the Republicans in Congress who authored the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments giving former slaves citizenship, voting rights, and due process of law.

    I admit (and embarrassingly) that my ignorance of America history was such that when people said that Republicans were the party of Lincoln — implying that the crudeness of bigotry was a tradition of the Democrat Party — I wondered if they were applying overly ancient history to the trends a few generations later. Then I became acquainted with the details of the administration of Woodrow Wilson and Jim Crow laws, which succeeded my previous awareness of the shockingly racist comments and behavior of Harry Truman, certainly in private, or semi-private.

    A few years later, meaning just a few months ago, I read for the first time about the bigotry of his predecessor, Franklin Roosevelt, and that truly was a “a-ha!” moment for me.

    I knew liberalism could easily corrupt the soul, but I underestimated just how bad it truly could be or was.

    Mark (fa6d93)

  86. NetRoots are so white, the roll up their windows when they drive through a Swedish neighborhood.

    rudytbone (ff3de4)

  87. Whiter than the crowd at a hockey game.

    peedoffamerican (a84075)

  88. Meanwhile, my gay friends are named, Gary, Robert, Dan, Dwight, Michael, Scott and John.

    Comment by SteveG (794291) — 6/19/2013 @ 8:28 am

    Steve, you either know only seven gays or you were in the Navy like you’ve been claiming. Which is it?

    nk (875f57)

  89. Whiter than Lindsey Lohan’s nostrils after a three-day bender.

    Semper Why (c8cf70)

  90. Whiter than “Hi Ho Silver, Away!”

    PatAZ (bf8b98)

  91. Human flesh sold in the market?

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  92. whiter than Pat Boone’s Hanes…

    Colonel Haiku (3f24c8)

  93. whiter than an albino polar bear…

    Colonel Haiku (3f24c8)

  94. whiter than Robert Byrd’s Klan sheets…

    Colonel Haiku (3f24c8)

  95. I report you decide, Sammy. But I think it’s cheese.

    nk (875f57)

  96. pasty liberals
    self-anointed enlightened ones
    keep searching for clue

    Colonel Haiku (3f24c8)

  97. teh netroots nation
    betcha couldn’t force needle
    up one pasty ass

    Colonel Haiku (3f24c8)

  98. netroots nation what a state yer in
    not bright, so deficient in melanin
    get on yer soapboxes
    have a bagel, try teh loxes
    this sucks so I think I must try again

    Colonel Haiku (3f24c8)

  99. We are accused of lacking diversity,
    Even though we help those in adversity.
    How can we tell our accusers,
    That we want to keep our computers,
    That’s why we eschew a certain minority?

    nk (875f57)

  100. Whiter than the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    W. J. J. Hoge (9c4b9d)

  101. The L.A. progressives have noticed, although they fail to link to you. They have their own “predominantly white” Netroots photo.

    Kevin M (bf8ad7)

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