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Malkin Recalls Weiner’s “Cape and Tights” Reference

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Michelle Malkin:

Remember: Democratic women on Capitol Hill stood by Weiner and his Twitter tawdriness until a critical moment almost exactly two years ago this week: It was the moment news broke that among the bevy of online groupies he hit on, Weiner had communicated with at least one teenage high-school student in Delaware.

Weiner had flirted with the underage girl through Twitter direct messages using a macho line about donning “cape and tights” — a quip he had also used with an adult woman with whom he had exchanged raunchier sexually explicit messages. Conservative blogger Patrick Frey ( first uncovered the evidence. Fox News then broke the news in the mainstream media that Delaware police had visited the girl’s home and questioned her about her online communications with Weiner. The 17-year-old said she had met Weiner on a school trip to Washington.

At his watershed press-conference circus on June 6, 2011, Weiner claimed he “never had an intention of having a relationship with underage women” and blustered that the girls he communicated with “weren’t young, per se.” Per se? Just a few days later, Weiner was forced to admit that he had exchanged “at least five private messages on Twitter” with the Delaware girl, not two messages as initially reported. He also denied that any messages to the teen were “explicit” or “indecent.”

But can the serial liar be believed?

Indeed. Can he?

It is amazing indeed how often people forget about “cape and tights.” Weiner’s opponents would be well served to remember that line. Good on Michelle Malkin for remembering.

39 Responses to “Malkin Recalls Weiner’s “Cape and Tights” Reference”

  1. Ding!

    redc1c4 (403dff)

  2. I second that Ding!

    peedoffamerican (127915)

  3. Well, generally speaking the public has been dumbed down to a level at which they can’t remember what happened 15 minutes ago, so it’s a pretty safe bet they won’t remember any of the tawdry details of that preposterous scandal.

    Also keep in mind that when it comes to politics New Yorkers basically are retarded. Check out the results of the Nov. 2004 general election. Not even 9/11 was enough to jar them out of their political comas.

    William Scalia (89a442)

  4. And good on Patterico for discovering it.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  5. But can the serial liar be believed?

    Indeed, can the serial liar be believed. Any serial liar.

    Speaking of serial liars, I was recalling few details about a snake-den of them in the WH.

    Stephanie Cutter said she was in meetings the former IRS commissioner and “nothing nefarious” was going on.

    Recall that she said she was unaware of the details of Joe Soptic’s story when the pro-Obama superpac made an ad about Mitt Romney killing his wife.

    Of course she pretty much had to say that or open herself up to the possibility of breaking election laws by coordinating as Obama’s deputy campaign manager with the PAC.

    But in fact she was recorded moderating a conference call in which Soptic told his story in detail. So can she be trusted to give an accurate account of any meeting that isn’t being recorded when she’ll lie about what happened in a meeting that was?

    There’s a pattern here. Particularly with political operatives sitting in policy meetings. Recall how David Axelrod would sit in on national security and intelligence meetings. That’s unprecedented; some of the military and intel types even commented on it. They wondered what business Axelrod as Obama’s chief political strategist had at those meetings.

    The same thing needs to be asked about those meetings Cuttler sat in on with Schulman.

    Steve57 (7895a0)

  6. It’s getting to the point where the only bad thing would have been if Anthony Weiner had been communicating with other guys for same-sex activity. Well, maybe if he had been trying to hook up with teenaged males. Well, maybe if he had been communicating with a bunch of pre-teen boys for an orgy. Well, maybe if he had been trying to hook up with a bunch of 6-year-olds.

    We’ve become so desensitized and dumbed down that who knows how much lower society will go, can go?

    There’s an event in LA today that’s a going-away party for the outgoing mayor of LA and a welcoming celebration for the new one. One of the guests touted to be at the event is Bill Clinton. Since liberalism is deemed a virtue and a form of religion, there’s absolutely no sense of hesitancy or embarrassment about such things among the modern-day left.

    Weiner, Clinton, Obama. What’s that phrase about “birds of a feather flock together?” The latter, who spent a recent holiday with his “body man” in Florida while the wife and kids went to Colorado, probably desires a new form of etiquette, because the weirdness between Weiner and his wife (Hillary’s close female aide) may be manifesting with the couple in the White House., June 5: When President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet this weekend for a highly anticipated trust-building summit in California, Xi will have his wife with him. But first lady Michelle Obama will be staying back in Washington, citing her daughters’ last week in school.

    The two things to understand here are that (1) Michelle Obama is a big star in China; her presence at the summit was eagerly anticipated in the Chinese media and would have been a nice win for Xi…

    Cheng Li, a China expert at the Brookings Institution, told the New York Times that the Chinese delegation “will be disappointed. They certainly have very high expectations for this meeting.” He went on:

    “There will be more coverage in China than in the United States” of the Obama-Xi visit, Mr. Li predicted, and since the Chinese are “extremely sensitive,” Mrs. Obama’s absence “certainly needs some explanation.”

    A Chinese political scientist named Zhang Ming told the Independent, “First lady diplomacy is also very important and the U.S. side has failed to cooperate. … According to normal diplomatic etiquette this is very strange. It shouldn’t be like this.” He added that her absence would “not go down very well” in Beijing.

    Tufts University Professor Dan Drezner agreed. “Michelle Obama not attending the summit is a diplomatic own-goal that could easily have been avoided,” he wrote on his Foreign Policy blog. “This is one of the few moments during her husband’s term of office where what she does matters a small amount to world politics. She should be in California.”

    ^ I don’t think Obama is interested in snubbing an amoral, authoritarian-leftist country like the PRC China. So there has to be something else going on below the surface.

    Mark (72edfd)

  7. That “cape and tights” line would be creepy even without knowledge of Weiner’s history with it.

    Knowing Weiner’s history with it, it should be accompanied by the “Jaws” theme.

    Leviticus (2c236c)

  8. I am reminded of a conversation I had with one of the House members back in 1998. I agreed with him that the impeachment of Bill Clinton was morally justified; but suggested that it was unwise in that the only people who cared about adultery and perjury already voted Republican.

    Bar Sinister (b48c12)

  9. It would be so much fun to run against Weinertweeter. A conservative could have an absolute field day just running ads.

    JD (20406c)

  10. Weiner claimed he “never had an intention of having a relationship with underage women”

    Or with any of the women he communicated with, because that would damage his marriage to Huma Abedin. But he couldn’t quit playing the game of attempting to seduce women. The public exposure probably finally put an end to that, as well as an end to his methodology.

    and blustered that the girls he communicated with “the girls he communicated with “weren’t young, per se.” Per se?

    Per se is exactly right. He wasn’t looking for women under the age of 18, but he wasn’t going out of his way to avoid them either.It seems like only one of the half a dozen or more women he was in contact with was under 18.

    Weiner, at that stage, was trying to avoid lying.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  11. In the newspapers today about Weiner (there also have been some debates)

    ….at the New Kings Democrats mayoral candidate screening, when District Leader Chris Owens told the disgraced ex-congressman, “I have a three-word question: How dare you?”

    “I am outraged and disgusted by you,” Owens went on. “Both by what you did and by the fact that you have the arrogance to run for mayor.

    “I want to understand how you explain to us how you used a public facility to tweet offensive material to . . . minors you did not know, you then lied about it . . . and now you come back.”

    Weiner didn’t take the attack lying down.

    “I appreciate the question Chris,” Weiner said. “And I know some people may feel that way.

    “I think it might be influenced in part . . . [because] I supported Yvette Clarke over you when you ran for Congress [in 2006.]”

    Even after the crowd booed, Weiner persisted, saying, “I apologize to you, but now people have to decide whether or not that disqualifies me.

    “Frankly, everyone wasn’t going to vote for me whether I did that or not.”

    Weiner kept up the heat after a question from a Bill deBlasio supporter, who asked him about losing the public’s trust due to the scandal, and then pointedly demanded to know how the candidate could possibly oversee a school system that would fire teachers for conduct like his own.

    Weiner testily shot back, “If you believe that my personal failings disqualify me, then don’t vote for me. I’m going to win this election and I’m going to govern this city really well. You’re supporting another candidate — who’s not going to win.”

    Is Weiner claiming the other candidate – DiBlasio maybe? – is not going to win the primary?

    Or does he mean the general election?

    Or is he even saying he’s the only Democrat who can win??

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  12. NYC needs a hound who wears “cape and tights and sh*t”…UnderWeiner!!!

    Colonel Haiku (198f23)

  13. I hope I am not TTTOOOOOO offensive here….

    I think a picture of Weiner in a cape and tights with the tights area reflecting a bad picture of a certain view of a woman’s “lower half” which has a really ugly resemblance to a certain four-legged desert animal with humps on its back might be the appropriate campaign image…..

    And not only do I now condemn myself….

    But I apologize to all of the wonderful women who visit this site….

    reff (e19f26)


    John Liu does, or did that, also.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  15. MORE: A Weiner fund-raiser:

    He’s trying to get the support of a tobacco distributor, and said he wanted to talk to small business owners first before agreeing with Bloomberg’s ideas.

    It’s not just tobacco distributors he’s trying to get close to:

    Anthony Weiner to meet with Rev. Al Sharpton, speak at rally

    Weiner will meet privately with Sharpton at his House of Justice in Harlem and then speak at the weekly rally that is held there and broadcast on the radio.

    “I think everybody has a right to a second chance,” Sharpton told the Daily News, a reference to the sexting scandal that led Weiner to resign from Congress.

    “People understand that we all fall, but can we get up? At the same time, you can give people a second chance, but you don’t have to necessarily support him.”

    Sharpton said Weiner called him the day he began his campaign.

    Weiner “said he and I have always had a cordial relationship even if we didn’t always agree and said he would like to meet with me,” said Sharpton.

    All of the top Democratic mayoral candidates have visited Sharpton at his 145th St. headquarters and appeared on his radio show, efforts that they hope will lead to an endorsement.

    Weiner has made a concerted effort to win black voters in the early weeks of his campaign. Beyond his debut in Harlem, where he was largely cheered, he spoke at a black church and marched in a parade in Laurelton, Queens.

    A Quinnipiac poll last month found Weiner the choice of 20% of black Democrats. Christine Quinn was next at 14%, followed by Bill Thompson, the lone African-American in the race, at 13%.

    [Many blacks don’t know Thompson is black, in spite of the fact he was Cointroller and the loser in 2009. Thompson is running a little bit to the right on policing matters. Christine Quinn is trying to have it both ways. The other two major issues Democrats generally differ from Bloomberg are schools, and public employee contracts. Of course there are some other issues, like metzitzah b’feh.]
    Sharpton believes Weiner is trying to siphon voters from Thompson, who has repeatedly spoken about building a black-Latino coalition.

    “Weiner shrewdly started in Harlem, he shrewdly is coming to my show,” says Sharpton. “He doesn’t care if he gets some boos. He wins for coming.”

    Asked for comment, Weiner said through a spokeswoman, “Reverend Sharpton and his National Action Network talk all the time about the challenges facing those in the middle class and struggling to make it. I’m eager to share my ideas.”

    Meanwhile, Weiner has agreed to speak at the June 18 meeting of the Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District – the first major policy speech he has scheduled since declaring his candidacy

    Read more:

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  16. Not excusing anything, but what is meant by “underage”? “Underage” suggests to me under some official age, like below the age of consent.
    “High school teens” describes one thing, “underage high school teens” seems to mean something else.

    In one case I’m thinking 16, 17, and 18 yo’s, which is highly inappropriate, but not illegal, in another I’m thinking under 16 and illegal.

    I think it does make a difference whether one’s behavior is unseemly but legal, and illegal.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  17. Jumping from the Bloomers onto the Weiner…..
    way to go NYC!

    askeptic (b8ab92)

  18. Teh so-called moose-knuckle, reff…

    Colonel Haiku (2bcc2f)

  19. Weiner could ask NSA’s PRISM to provide “proof” of his “communications”… oh, umm… yeah, strike that thought… he probably doesn’t want us to know that much…

    Sue (362ed6)

  20. I read somewhere the suggestion that Weiner be the next VP candidate with Eric Holder for President…

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  21. But I assume you read it smeared on a bathroom wall somewhere, MD?

    elissa (44e088)

  22. Weiner/Holder, MD?

    True story. The Ladies Junior something or other ran a slate for village trustees where I used to live. They put the names on the campaign fliers in alphabetical order. Scully Sells Stuttman.

    nk (875f57)

  23. 15. “ETHEL” in Delaware was 17.

    Weiner tried to get her interested, and keep her hopes up, like all the others, without fulfilling them.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  24. I think here by “underage” means too young to marry her, if he was available.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  25. no, elissa, i think it was on some blog link from either PP, PowerLine, or Conservative Blog Advertising at the R

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  26. Once upon a time it was popular to hyphenate both last names when a couple got marriage, I guess kind of a result of women’s liberation.

    That sort of died out after a while. I guess people realized that if that lasted too long you would get names like Roberts-Smith-Jones-White, as a short name.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  27. Something to do with toe, Colonel, sir!

    reff (3cdd0d)

  28. New York Times report on mayoral forum last week:

    From this week Tuesday. Jewish press report on anotehr forum. Includes some video with bad muffled audio of Weiner:

    New York Times report on the same forum:

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  29. I want to tear apart what Weiner wrote here when he entered the mayoral race, starting from “I’ve posted 64 of my ideas in my first idea book of the campaign on my website. Here are a few to get the conversation started.”

    Read more:

    It’s just about totally wrong.

    Maybe I’ll get this done on Sunday.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  30. Hollywood is helping! Cape & tights! (And carbon-fiber sculpted pecs and, uh, junk.)

    Beldar (35c625)

  31. Weiner will be the next mayor of NYC.
    Its a Democrat city and Democrats will
    vote for the Democrat who has the best chance
    of winning. To paraphrase that stock market
    trading advisory: ” Past performance, when
    referring to politicians, is indicative of
    future performance. Dems in NYC will ignore
    that and put Weiner in Gracie Mansion.

    Hoss (b9aa2c)

  32. you would think on some level New Yorkers would want a change from having an effete whore as their mayor just to mix it up a little

    but you know I can see them weinering it up and loving it

    it’s just who they are anymore

    they got the crap kicked out of them and they turned into an island of whining cowardly statist whores

    but um

    they did give us cronuts

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  33. the new Superman looks like a self-important douchefest

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  34. I think dicpic tweeting is an important qualification for Mayor of NYC since so many people who live there are obnoxious dicks. Weiner should make the most of his qualifications and challenge his opponents to show tweets of their junk to the public.

    If they can’t, advantage cape and tights dicpic tweeter man.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  35. “Weiner claimed he “never had an intention of having a relationship with underage women” ”

    Oh, horseshit…he wanted and intended a relationship with [b] ANY [/b] woman, age be damned

    Angelo (5e107a)

  36. Al Ssharpton said Anthony Weiner has the most charisma, and that his problem was lying and he needs to restore cvredibility.

    He said Christine Quinn is not guilty of calling Bill Thompson aracist because she accused him of “environmental racism” He said she is very fiery and apssionate but has the image of being too close to Michael Bloomberg.

    He said de Blasio has been “unfairly labeled as being more to the left than he really is, which is a handicap.”

    He said John Liu was being hirt by the fundraising scandal and as a result people think he can’t win.

    Thomspon is decent he said but he';s not as passionate and he can’t run as an establishment candidate and he shouldn’t take the blackk vote for granted. We have ablack president and a black Attorney General now so you don;’t have teh same urgency, He chided Thomspon for not seeking to end stop-and frisk (only Liu has called for outright stopping it) and for not being against gentrification (white people moving into black districts)

    he said he might not endorse anyone until the runoff.

    Sammy Finkelman (6f9f42)

  37. Mayoral candidate Weiner–

    I don’t know if you read this blog, Tony. But if you are reading, I wanted to be sure you knew that Walmart is having a nice sale on Superman Action Capes this week. I saw that in their circular in today’s Sunday paper. They’re $9.97

    elissa (b7e169)

  38. I think it’s easy to miss the point here.

    Any private communication with an underage girl would be suspicious. The creepyness starts there.

    Amphipolis (d3e04f)

  39. 37. Comment by elissa (b7e169) — 6/9/2013 @ 5:24 pm

    Mayoral candidate Weiner–

    I don’t know if you read this blog, Tony.

    Probably not. But right now might be an exception, although more likely somebody working for him might be reading it now.

    Michelle Malkin’s column about this:

    ….ran in the New York Post, I think on Saturday, and it mentioned Patterico.

    Conservative blogger Patrick Frey ( first uncovered the evidence. Fox News then broke the news in the mainstream press that Delaware police had visited the girl’s home and questioned her about her communications with Weiner. The 17-year-old said she had met Weiner on a school trip to Washington.

    So you can be reasonably sure somebody working for him checked it out. And such a person would gravitate to a recent post about Weiner.

    Now Weiner doesn’t have that much high quality people working for him this time. His web page initially had a silhuette of the skyline of Pittsburgh!

    But still, Patterico might be checked out.

    But if you are reading, I wanted to be sure you knew that Walmart is having a nice sale on Superman Action Capes this week. I saw that in their circular in today’s Sunday paper.

    That wasn’t in the New York papers. There’s no Walmart in New York City. Walmart is somethinbg people in New York City only read about, like the stars in the night sky, which we also mostly just read about.

    Anthony Weiner would not make the mistake of going outside of New York City to shop right now, at least in public.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

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