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Luxury Accomodations for Terrorists in Saudi Arabia

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Fox News:

Saudi Arabia is reportedly experimenting with a unique approach to rehabilitating Al Qaeda prisoners, including offering spa treatments, loads of exercise and even conjugal visits to the suspected terrorists.

“In order to fight terrorism, we must give them an intellectual and psychological balance… through dialogue and persuasion,” said Said al-Bishi, the nation’s director of rehabilitation centers, according to the Agence France Presse.

Saudi officials told AFP a total of 2,336 Al-Qaeda prisoners have so far graduated from the various rehab programs offered by the Prince Mohammed bin Nayef Center for Counseling and Care — with a less than 10 percent recidivism rate to radical Islam.

The “intellectual and psychological balance” includes no small measure of luxury:

AFP writes that in between such sessions, prisoners may relax at the center’s Olympic-size, indoor swimming pool, go for a turn in one of its saunas, exercise in the gymnasium, or take in a leisurely showing of their favorite shows in the complex’s television hall.

Additionally, each one of the Riyadh facility’s 12 buildings is equipped to host 19 prisoners a piece with special suites in which ex-jihadists may spend time with visiting family members.

And good behavior could even earn former militants a two-day break with their wives, AFP reports.

Membership dues start at $5000 per year for basic packages (or kill one infidel) up to $20,000 per year for the deluxe packages (must kill at least 10 infidels).

Via narciso, who always has great links.


Colonial Final Day, Plus Open Thread

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Post predictions or observations about the tournament, or (if you like) about politics, below.


Open Thread

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British soldier survives Afghanistan but not scumbag terrorists on the streets at home. Tea Party and old guard Republicans fight about whether to do anything about the deficit. Details emerge about keeping the Rosen inquiry secret. Your comments are welcome.

P.S. Has any Big Media outlet noted Holder’s false statements under oath? I know that the country’s top law enforcing officer lying under oath is no big deal if a Democrat is in the White House, but still…anything? Leave links below if you have seen any mention of this at all.


Site Downtime

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The site will be moving to an upgraded server in a newer data center this weekend. The move will happen either Friday or Saturday night. (I’m making the same move with another server first to shake out the kinks in the process, so I don’t know which night this server will move.)

There will be some downtime. If it’s late Friday night or Saturday night and you can’t reach the site, don’t panic.

Eric Holder Lied Under Oath

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Eric Holder:

In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.

Says the guy who approved search warrants investigating James Rosen for disclosure of material.


Almost Time for a Friday Afternoon News Dump

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What will it be?

UPDATE: Looks like the answer is official confirmation of just how deeply Eric Holder was involved in monitoring James Rosen’s emails — which functions as official confirmation that he lied under oath, though they will never admit that.

Lois Lerner Put on Administrative Leave

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Paid administrative leave, that is. Otherwise known as vacation.

Dershowitz says she has waived her Fifth Amendment rights, by the way.

UPDATE: So, Ms. Lerner, you did nothing wrong, you say. Is it wrong to send intrusive requests to conservative groups after you learn they have been targeted?


Someone Asked Why I Like Ted Cruz

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Watch this to get some idea.

What Congress Should Ask Lois Lerner

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Lois Lerner didn’t just take the Fifth. She gave a little speech first saying she had done nothing wrong. That certainly opens her up to some questions, although the extent to which it does is debatable.

Imagine the following sequence of questions:

1) Did you do anything wrong?

2) Do you think that it would be wrong to target conservative groups because of their ideology?

3) Did you target conservative groups because of their ideology?

Given that Lois Lerner gave an opening statement in which she said that she had not done anything wrong, it would be interesting to see where along this group of three questions she decided to take the Fifth.

Would she, having declared that she did nothing wrong, refuse to answer a question asking her whether she had done anything wrong? Refusing to answer a question simply asking her to reaffirm something she already said would not only be legally improper, in my view, it would also look like game playing.

Would she declare that she had done nothing wrong, but refuse to answer questions about whether targeting conservative groups for their political views is wrong? Even though that question does not directly ask anything about what she did? That would probably blunt the force of her declaration that she did nothing wrong.

Or would she declare that she did nothing wrong, and agree that targeting conservative groups is wrong — but refuse to say whether she targeted conservative groups?

I hope that when they bring her back before the committee they ask questions like this.

There are going to be a certain number of questions that are designed for the cameras. Did you target conservative groups? Did President Obama tell you to target conservative groups? Did you kill Grandma and bury her body out behind the woodshed? Congressman will ask her questions like this in order to get her to respond by taking the Fifth, hoping that it will make her look guilty.

But a more targeted group of questions that relate directly to the content of her opening statement would be more advisable in my opinion. At the very least, they should follow up each question they ask concerning her actions with the question: “Would it be wrong to do that?”

Either she will refuse to answer questions about whether obviously wrong actions are wrong — or, having declared she did nothing wrong, she will be required to answer questions about whether she took these actions.

I hope someone on Rep. Issa’s staff sees this post.


Point, Counterpoint

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