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Brazen Mendoucheity From Teh One

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[Guest post by JD]

You cannot make this shit up. Not to be outdone by Carnie’s Benghazi quote, Obama has the temerity, and audacity to say …

Drug-fueled violence in Mexico is not entirely the fault of the Mexican people, he said. Instead, the United States shares the blame because much of the violence is centered around the Americans’ demand for illegal drugs and the fact that guns are smuggled into Mexico from the United States.

Words fail me.


Magic Johnson SWATted

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Magic Johnson has just been swatted … but this one is RADICALLY different from all the others … because the LAPD is clearly hip to the prank now … TMZ has learned.

Someone placed the electronic 911 call within the last hour … claiming multiple shots were fired at Magic’s L.A. home. We’re also told the caller claimed the shooters were holding someone hostage.

As for the LAPD’s response … it was anemic compared to prior 911 incidents. We’re told only a few patrol cars responded. There were no choppers, no SWAT team, no guns-drawn maneuver.

I’ll update with the new roll call of the SWATted next week.

I thought they weren’t publicizing these any more.

UPDATE with the roll call of the SWATted: Magic Johnson; Mike Rogers; Wolf Blitzer; Ted Lieu; Erik Rush; Ryan Seacrest; Russell Brand; Selena Gomez; Justin Timberlake; Rihanna; Sean Combs; Chris Brown; Tom Cruise; Paris Hilton; Clint Eastwood; Brian Krebs; the Jenners and Kardashians; Justin Bieber; Miley Cyrus; Ashton Kutcher; Simon Cowell; Aaron Walker; Erick Erickson; Mike Stack; and me.

Jobs Report +165,000

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[Guest post by JD]

165,000 jobs added.

That is approximately 15,000 more than is needed to keep pace with population growth. So, while unexpected, it is not good. The labor force participation rate remains near it’s 34 year low, artificially reducing the unemployment rate to 7.5%.

Stagflation is the new normal.


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