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Hate Crimes – I Denounce The Culture Of Fake Hate Crimes !!!!!!

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[Guest post by JD]

Yesterday, it was reported that a thinkregress award-winning blogger, campus women’s rights activist, and local radio show host planted a comment under another name on a campus FaceBook page, where she threatened to hatefuck herself. After doing so, she led a campus protest against this type of misogynistic hate speech. After investigating the incident, which seems reasonable given the content and the attention to same, it was determined that she left the comment herself, and was charged by local police with lying in the course of the investigation.

Now, this jarringly stupid incident does not, and should not diminish actual cases of hate speech, threats of rape, hatefucking, etc … But, this done not exist in a vacuum.

Quinn Matney filed a fraudulent hate crimes claim at UNC in 2011 where he claimed to have been assaulted and branded because he is gay. Turns out he assaulted himself.

In 2012, Charlie Rogers staged an assault on herself where she beat herself up and carved a cross into her own chest, then reported an anti-gay hate crime, which included claims she had been tied to her bed, had anti-gay graffiti spray painted on her house, and they had attempted to burn her house down. She was sentenced to 7 days in jail and community service.

Oberlin College has a history of these fake hate crimes dating back into the 1990’s. Michelle Malkin lays out the stories of the anti-Asian hate crime and graffiti done by an Asian, as well as the more recent incidents where there was a KKK-hood sighting, and anti-black and Nazi signage left at the multicultural center. Turns out to have been hoaxes.

In our of the more infamous incidents, Claremont professor Kerri Dunn vandalized her own car by spray painting anti-women, Anti-black, anti-Jew, and other hate speech on her car. She then led a campus protest against same, and kept it up, right until the witnesses to her committing this crime identified her.

Alicia Hardin mailed out fake threats to various minority students on her college campus, Trinity International University. In an abundance of caution, the school moved all minority students to a local hotel, and Jesse Jackson came in to demagogue. It turns out poor Alicia didn’t want to attend this dangerous Christian university, and staging a racial incident was her way of showing her parents how dangerous of a place it was.

In 2002 at Ole Miss, someone(s) committed a series of hate crimes, spray painting anti-black slurs on buildings and dorm doors, displaying nooses, etc … during the observation of the 40th anniversary of desegregation. Marches were organized, protestors protested, apologies were demanded, new programs in sensitivity and race were demanded, you know the process. It turns out that 3 black freshmen committed the hate crimes, and were dismissed as pranks once they were identified.

This is but a fraction of what I found in about 2 minutes of effort ….

I denounce you.


Carney – Benghazi Happened A Long Time Ago

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[Guest post by JD]

You really cannot make this stuff up.

As I noted last night, all along they have told us they have been investigating this matter, and it was too soon to discuss. Apparently there was a magic moment that it went from too early to discuss, to too old to matter. When coupled with Obama’s feigned ignorance in his presser, remember he is the most sophisticated consumer of information to ever occupy the White House, it seems abundantly clear that there is a lot more that has yet to be disclosed.

Toensing’s representation of survivors suggests that Rep Gowdy’s hearings might be a little more than interesting. I would suggest that they start the hearing asking all of Sharyl Atkisson’s questions that remain unanswered.


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