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New York Times Puff Piece on Weiner Ignores Contact with Underage Girl That Caused Him to Resign

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Two quotes from Anthony Weiner. Compare this:

“Cape. Tights. Looking for my sidekick.”

. . . .

“You will gag on me before you cum with me in you.”

— Anthony Weiner chat with blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss

to this:

“I came back strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape shit …”

— Anthony Weiner DM to 17-year-old high school student from Delaware named “Ethel”

The New York Times bestowed a big sloppy wet kiss on Anthony Weiner’s NYC mayoral ambitions yesterday. The piece allows Weiner to portray his decision to come clean and to resign as mostly unforced; a laudable decision to lay bare his soul to save his marriage and show his fidelity to the truth.


In April 2012 it was revealed that evidence of Weiner’s potentially inappropriate contact with underage girls was the ultimate reason he was forced to resign. Somehow that fact never made it into yesterday’s piece. The following quote is from an April 2012 New York Post piece:

President Obama was willing to put up with a lot of Anthony Weiner’s antics — the bad boy congressman’s sexting with women he never met, tweeting pics of his own penis, and acid tongue.

But the White House finally got fed up when reports emerged that the pol was in contact with an underage girl.

According to a new book, the cold shoulder from the White House was the beginning of the end of Weiner’s career in Congress.

To his credit, Dave Weigel noted yesterday on Slate that the New York Times Magazine piece is less than forthcoming about Weiner’s contact with underage girls:

The headline that finally brought down Anthony Weiner would have been poison to any politician. It was a June 10, 2011 Fox News exclusive by Jana Winter, the reporter currently fighting in court to protect her sources on the James Holmes story. And it read:

Exclusive: Police Investigate Weiner’s Messages to Teenage Girl in Delaware

Winter had been chasing down ledes, and was “at the high school junior’s home” when the cops showed up. . . .

. . . .

As readable as it is, the New York Times magazine profile of the Weiner family sort of blows right past this.

Indeed it does.

Weigel understates the importance of this omission, however, when he tells his readers that there was really nothing to the communications with the underage girl:

By June 13, it was clear: Weiner hadn’t sent anything sexual to the girl. New Castle County police confirmed that, and washed their hands of the media frenzy.

But, contrary to this assertion, it was never “clear” that Weiner hadn’t sent anything sexual to the girl. Weigel can hardly be blamed for taking at face value news reports saying police had closed the case. But, for those who were watching closely when this all unfolded, the timeline made it “clear” that no such conclusion could be reached with any confidence. As I noted in a June 11 blog post titled Weinergate: Five Is Not Two:

  • On Wednesday, June 8, the New York Post was told that the girl was telling her mother that there had been only two G-rated messages:

    The girl’s mother, whose name is being withheld, told The Post Wednesday that Weiner sent nothing obscene — and sent only two brief messages to her daughter about seeing him during an April school trip to the Capitol. . . . The mom said she pointedly questioned her daughter about whether Weiner sent her anything obscene, and the girl swore it was all G-rated.

    Note: this is not a claim that she showed her mom messages, but that she had told her mom the messages were G-rated. And that there were only two.

  • On Thursday, June 9, 2011, this blog published proof that Weiner had sent the girl the second message quoted at the top of this post: a reference to Weiner being a Superman in cape and tights. This direct message seemed especially creepy given that Weiner had employed identical “cape and tights” imagery as a grooming line for a woman with whom he had exchanged explicit sexual messages (see the quote at the top of this post).
  • On Friday, June 10, 2011, now that the “cape and tights” line was out of the bag, all of a sudden we were being told that there had been five direct messages, and not two. Their alleged content was described in the New York Times, and the creepy line “I came back strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape shit …” was edited to read: “I came back strong … Large. Tights and cape. …” Readers were not informed that Weiner had included an expletive in his message to the 17-year-old high school junior — much less that the “[t]ights and cape shit” line resembled a line that Weiner had used with an adult woman with whom he had sexted.

No press account claimed that any reporter or police officer had actually seen the messages, or determined with certainty whether anything had been deleted. It is an open question whether Weiner went down the same road with the high school girl that he went down with the Vegas blackjack dealer — or whether he would have, at some point, if he had not been found out.

If Weiner makes good on his bid to run for NYC mayor — and today’s puff piece surely suggests that he is — it is certain that his opposition will not overlook these unpleasant facts as readily as the New York Times has consistently whitewashed them.

P.S. I raise these issues with some trepidation. The night that Mike Stack was SWATted, June 23, 2011, Ace of Spades and I received email threats telling us to stop talking about Anthony Weiner and Gennette Cordova, or our safety could not be assured. One week later, I was SWATted. People involved in other harassment of myself and my family have displayed an unhealthy fixation on the Anthony Weiner story.

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  1. People involved in other harassment of myself and my family have displayed an unhealthy fixation on the Anthony Weiner story.

    Glad to see you’re not backing down on these pricks.

    IGotBupkis -- "Faecies Evenio", Mr. Holder? (98ae1f)

  2. The timeline the NYT used was blatantly dishonest. Layers and layers of fact checking and editors my ass …

    JD (f5b0a4)

  3. Layers and layers

    like an onion! brings angry tears to peoples eyes…

    E.PWJ (1cedce)

  4. This is a good example of why I call this crew “alphabetists.” They really don’t care about anything policy-wise or personal. It’s all Teh Narrative™.

    Really sad.

    Wow, Patterico. Wow. Unpleasant way to start the day, thinking about this bit of human toilet film.

    Simon Jester (00e03b)

  5. In some ways it is simply the expectable legacy of Clinton and Lewinsky.
    Maybe America has already suffered the mortal blow and doesn’t know it.
    Not that Clinton himself did it, but the significant number of US citizens that actively supported him or passively enabled him, and still want to reward his wife for her part.

    I guess once one has no shame, one has no shame.
    In the Bible it’s worded “forgotten how to blush”
    not a complement.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  6. Support for Weiner swelling again?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  7. One hopes that no one was surprised about this. He’s a Democrat, so it’s no story at all.

    The unsurprised Dana (3e4784)

  8. what we know about new yorkers is they need leaders with a firm grip

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  9. the insult to other doemcrats who did manage to tweet or text sexual items to underage girls who are being shouldered out from running..

    E.PWJ (6140f6)

  10. campaign theme – “when the moments right”

    E.PWJ (6140f6)

  11. I wonder if the recipient of his underpants tweet ever figured out his attentions to her weren’t honorable.

    SarahW (b0e533)

  12. There is no journalism today. What we think of as journalism is not what is distributed by the major media news outlets, and it hasn’t been for years – since they got good at controlling government and thus became government.

    What we have is a megaphone in the hands of power-hungry agenda liberals.

    News isn’t reported any more. News is managed. And the average public-educated Consumer Joe isn’t equipped to see the difference.

    Amphipolis (d3e04f)

  13. What in the world is wrong with NYC that Wiener is even conceivable as a political candidate for any office? What is wrong with New York State that a carpet-bagging wife of a hypocrite president could move to Westchester and be elected to the Senate?
    And how did it get loose into the rest of the country?/rhetorical

    MT Geoff (a67ef4)

  14. On SWATting: this is a tough call. It does seem like local LEOs could have a list of homes where celebrities are likely to be the target of this kind of thing. Most of the celebs have security. Seems like the LEOs could respond quietly while dispatch contacts the security company to see what’s afoot. The fact is that the last celeb I know of who merited a SWAT response was Orenthal Simpson and he’s in jail now.

    MT Geoff (a67ef4)

  15. In the Bible it’s worded “forgotten how to blush”

    In this increasingly secular, hip, sophisticated, touchy-feely age, if people are resistant to the Bible for theological and spiritual reasons, they should at least understand it for the way it reflects human nature several generations ago. And that human nature really doesn’t change much, if at all. Or the concept that what is old is new again, what goes around, comes around, and those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

    The New York Times also is a perfect example of why various forms of corruption tend to be nurtured, and can easily flourish, when liberalism and liberals are running things. IOW, all sins and shortcomings are forgiven, just as long as one is of the left.

    Mark (03ca77)

  16. President Obama was willing to put up with a lot of Anthony Weiner’s antics

    Even more so since Obama also has a background that is shadowed by bisexuality. Perfect poster boys in the age of GLBT and SSM.

    Mark (03ca77)

  17. If Anthony Weiner was looking for a female to give him a sloppy wet kiss, he should have just sent his photos to The New York Times in the first place.

    As we know, The Gray Lady will always put out for a left wing politician. And she’ll always swallow…her pride.

    Elephant Stone (8a7f08)

  18. Even more so since Obama also has a background that is shadowed by bisexuality. Perfect poster boys in the age of GLBT and SSM.”

    – Leviticus

    You are exceedingly predictable, Mark – but I respect your observation that they’d make a cute couple.

    Leviticus (1aca67)

  19. ROFL

    SPQR (768505)

  20. I guess the real question is whether any of the other would-be liberal candidates for mayor will have the guts to stand up and call Weiner out on his behavior. If Democrats have decided that one’s sexual peccadillos are always out of bounds, no matter how creepy and sleazy, then there is little hope for the political culture of that city anyway.

    JVW (4826a9)

  21. I suspect that if there’s one thing that will convince a Democratic politician to start an argument about sexual peccadillos, it will be the promise of political power.

    Leviticus (1aca67)

  22. The editors of the Ties will support the little Weiner if he wins the primary — they might not support him in the primary itself — but you can be certain that they will have nothing for disdain for former Governor Mark Sanford, the Republican nominee in the SC special election, for having carried on an affair with an adult woman.

    The Dana who predicts the difference (3e4784)

  23. What the Times didn’t like was Sanford’s proclivity for hiking and outdoorsiness – they’re a pasty wheezing bunch, the Times.

    Leviticus (1aca67)

  24. Leviticus — let’s hope, but I can see Weiner playing the redemption card and having much of the liberal elite turning him into the victim in all of this. I guess I am pretty pessimistic about how we handle these things.

    JVW (4826a9)

  25. If Ted Kennedy could continue to get re-erected elected for another 40 years after leaving a woman to drown, then this ugly little Wiener Boy can surely get elected Mayor of NYC.

    After all, Democrat voters aren’t interested in good values and ethics—that’s why they’re Democrats in the first place.

    Elephant Stone (8a7f08)

  26. It will be an up and down campaign campaign for Weiner. I think his innate douchiness will overcome Weiner’s ability to stand up to the rigors of constant questioning about his inappropriate behavior and lead to some notable public eruptions from which it will be tough to recover.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  27. The double entendres are strong with this one.

    Leviticus (1aca67)

  28. If Ted Kennedy could continue to get re-elected for another 40 years after leaving a woman to drown, then this ugly little Wiener Boy can surely get elected Mayor of NYC.

    Well, there is one major difference: Ted the Drunk was the scion of a wealthy and powerful political family, and by virtue of his daddy and brothers’ dealings was owed lots of favors throughout the whole media/academic/business community in Massachusetts. I don’t think Weiner has quite that much influence; his main appeal to liberals always seemed to me to be the fact that he was combative, feisty, and appeared to absolutely hate conservatives and conservative ideas.

    JVW (4826a9)

  29. And don’t forget, JVW, he is also Hillary’s body woman’s beard.

    The Dana who noticed (3e4784)

  30. Further recall Weiner for a time tried to claim his email, that of a sitting Congressman, had been hacked by persons unknown. And he did that until then point he realized that would trigger an FBI investigation. At that point he knew if he made a false statement to a FBI investigator he would be locked up. But he was willing to sell that nonsense in hopes he could get out of his mess. That he would be so dumb to even suggest that his account was hacked when he knew all along he had done these things means he is a sociopath.

    The Times may be in his corner. But simply every other NY media outlet and the entire electorate views Weiner as a walking punch line. even in a liberal city like NY and with a $4 million war chest his campaign would quickly degenerate into a sideshow. But perhaps he is in fact that selfish a bastard and his wife is that power hungry.

    Bugg (ba4ca9)

  31. JVW,

    Well, I wasn’t comparing Kennedy’s background to Weiner’s background.
    Rather, I was comparing Democrat voters to…Democrat voters to…Democrat voters.

    Democrat voters will reliably vote for the Democrat nominee, regardless of his flaws, or the number of women he left to drown, or the number of underage females he has propositioned.

    I hear that there are Democrat nominees who even hang out with unrepentant domestic terrorists as well as Jew-hating preachers, and it doesn’t seem to hurt their elective prospects !

    Elephant Stone (8a7f08)

  32. W.’s “pecadillos” are just symptomatic of a bigger issue with his personality in general – a self-centered, reckless, incontinent temperament and willingness to lie when it hurts others.

    SarahW (b0e533)

  33. Dana, I get your points about Democrats being Democrats. The good news is that the NYC mayoral race is usually a contest pitting Democrat against Democrat in a primary, with the winner squaring off usually against a Democrat running as a Republican (John Lindsay, Michael Bloomberg) and a far-left third-party candidate in the regular election. In other words, there should be lots and lots of Democrats not named Anthony Weiner that liberals can choose a candidate from.

    I guess that means all the more that if Weiner manages to win the race, that NYC voters will have made a clear determination that he is the leader they want.

    JVW (4826a9)

  34. Since this is on press malfeasance, I guess the usual suspects are more focused on the bad, mean McConnell and the bravery of those publicizing him, as opposed to the possible illegality of getting the info.

    BTW, since we have not had any free-thought threads for awhile-
    Leviticus, for some unkown reason my wife’s workplace is going to have a pot-luck with the theme of “foods of New Mexico”,
    so, can you give me an authentic recipe for the sauce for grilled Gila Monster???
    and, um, for anything else people are known for eating when Gila Monster can’t be obtained at the grocery.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  35. Oh, I think the democrats wanted the info broadcast, the same info state democrats used to chase Ashley away, with the advantage of it appearing in the opponents mouth.

    There was some anger that the democrats didn’t want her to be the candidate, and this is a great way, now that no harm can come from compromising her further (she won’t be running there) of deflecting the anger that had been directed at them. Also, bonus – Ashley Judd won’t mess other races up in other localities.

    SarahW (b0e533)

  36. MD in Philly – Can you get fresh armadillo in Philly?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  37. I don’t think Mother Jones is at all concerned about how pretty basic oppo research and natural levity at Judd’s self-absorbed kookprattle is mean. I think they wanted people to understand she’s not fit without saying so.

    SarahW (b0e533)

  38. MD in Philly – If no dillo available, cut one coconut in half, obtain two typical Philly rats, gut, insert one in each half of coconut shell, season with appropriate regional spices. Spice guidance is available on line. Coat entire coconut with a thick layer of mud and allow to dry then roast over low to medium charcoal or wood fire for approximately three hours with open half of mud coated coconut facing up to retain juices. After 2 1/2 hours, order out for pizza.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  39. daley
    my friend Painted Jaguar made me promise to never have anything to do with armadillos, or he would tell his mummy about it,
    his mummy may be very patient and kind in general,
    but I don’t mess with her when it comes to armadillos

    but do you really have an genuine New Mexican armadillo recipe (I have a friend with family in LA-the state)?

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  40. the NYC mayoral race is usually a contest pitting Democrat against Democrat in a primary, with the winner squaring off usually against a Democrat running as a Republican (John Lindsay, Michael Bloomberg) and a far-left third-party candidate in the regular election.

    Add Giuliani to that list. By the standards of most places he’s a law-and-order Democrat. He’s actually not all that easy to distinguish from Janet Reno.

    Milhouse (15b6fd)

  41. daley-
    we have possums, actually saw possum road kill 2 days ago (and a live raccoon in the yard last night)
    of course, once I see your armadillo recipe sounds like an old recipe for carp I know (throw away the carp and eat the board)

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  42. MD in Philly – Depends on the type of wood and the seasoning. Some can be right tasty.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  43. MD in Philly – I’m partial to salt water infused cedar myself.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  44. hey, I bought some cedar shingles at the lumber yard yesterday. I was going to use them on the house, but I’ll have to put some aside.
    And we’ve got some Kosher sea salt from Trader Joe’s. And there are carp in the Schulkyll River.
    All ready for grilling out this summer!!

    But leviticus, wherever you are, I need your help with a real NM recipe.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  45. That’s the recipe for hedgehog, daleyrocks. Seriously. Gut and wash the inside of the hedgehog. Do not skin. Season the inside with salt, pepper and oregano. Encase in clay (not mud). Make coals in a small firepit. Bury the clay-covered hedgehog in the coals. Drink retsina while sitting around fire. Refresh coals as necessary with more wood over several hours. Drink more retsina. Dig hedgehog out from ashes and break clay shell. The skin should peel away with the clay. Serve with retsina.

    nk (d4662f)

  46. And, BTW, MD in Philly, not even a week since I posted the information here, the Phineas and Ferb channels I mentioned were deleted from YouTube without a trace. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Disney seems to be everywhere I go.

    nk (d4662f)

  47. “That’s the recipe for hedgehog, daleyrocks.”

    nk – Dude, he wanted armadillo so I modified the recipe for presentation purposes. Hedgehogs don’t have shells so the coconuts serve that purpose plus your basic hedgehog is too big to fit inside a half coconut. Clay or mud work fine and I’ve done it with chickens above ground and in pits.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  48. “All ready for grilling out this summer!!”

    MD in Philly – A little algae or seaweed from exposure to tides really enhances the experience. A barnacle or two adds authenticity.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  49. Sadly, I think too many New York City voters will view Weiner’s actions as the mark of a celebrity, so it will only make him that much more attractive to them.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  50. The rest may simply discount these reports as “just about sex” and thus none of their business.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  51. “But leviticus, wherever you are, I need your help with a real NM recipe.”

    MD in Philly – Second look at chupacabra?

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  52. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Disney seems to be everywhere I go.
    Comment by nk (d4662f) — 4/11/2013 @ 12:12 pm

    great, now Disney has joined with the N-KGB, NSA, and DHS. All that’s left is for those Dem operatives that were eavesdropping on McConnell’s office to join in and that will about seal it up…

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  53. As a marketing oriented person it seems to me that his greatest continuing obstacle to future election is this: when all is said and done the guy’s name is still unfortunately WEEEEENER! And he got into trouble with it and everyone knows it. His very name humorously and continuously evokes the reason he was forced from congress. His name is forever a reminder in people’s consciousness of the famous wayward picture of his crotch that made its way around the internet and is the butt of jokes.

    I just don’t know how he overcomes all that.

    Maybe he should change his name to Kennedy or something.

    elissa (182906)

  54. “But leviticus, wherever you are, I need your help with a real NM recipe.”

    – MD in Philly

    For a potluck I would suggest a big pot of posole. Are you familiar with posole? It’s a pork-hominy-chile stew, real easy to make. I can get a recipe if that sounds right.

    Thing about New Mexico food: it’s all about green chile. Access to green chile opens the full gamut.

    Leviticus (17b7a5)

  55. It’s almost like they are not interested in the truth or something…

    WarEagle82 (2b7355)

  56. Or carne adovada, if you’re a red chile type.

    Leviticus (17b7a5)

  57. Posole rocks.

    JD (b63a52)

  58. Thing about New Mexico food: it’s all about green chile. Access to green chile opens the full gamut.

    I have a feeling that one would be hard pressed to find a good Hatch or mirasol chile in Philly, but perhaps MD might be able to find some Anaheims. The hard part is roasting them in the oven.

    JVW (4826a9)

  59. Well, Weiner isn’t a pedophile pedophile.

    He just APPEARS that way.

    And only Right Wingers can see that.

    Just like Michael Moore being fat.

    No one else but Right Wingers think he’s fat.

    (can’t keep this up. hahahahahahahahahahha *breath*

    New York Times; All the news that’s fit to print (about Liberals, Democrats and other victims of the patriarchy. Right wingers get rumors and BS.)

    Jcw46 (0af03c)

  60. For a potluck I would suggest a big pot of posole. Are you familiar with posole? It’s a pork-hominy-chile stew, real easy to make. I can get a recipe if that sounds right. …
    Comment by Leviticus (17b7a5) — 4/11/2013 @ 2:05 pm

    57.Posole rocks.Comment by JD (b63a52) — 4/11/2013 @ 2:14 pm

    I’m going to venture that if JD and leviticus agree on something one can’t go wrong. so let’s get a posole recipe.
    We are not chili pepper experts, but nearby we do have groceries (2 different) that cater to Puerto Ricans (primarily) and Koreans (in Korean).
    we also have big supermarkets and trader joe’s

    Is the chicken/hedgehog prep for real??
    I want to know if I have to deal with live chickens in the future after society collapses.

    My wife, while thinking it’s great to get a NM recipe, thinks we all have way too much time on our hands. i told her that sometimes when the news is too depressing we have to make it light hearted.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  61. Hatch or mirasol chile in Philly, but perhaps MD might be able to find some Anaheims

    I ask for a recipe and I find out that I first need a course in pepper taxonomy… 😉

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  62. In the Third Book of Moses, it was written:

    For a potluck I would suggest a big pot of posole. Are you familiar with posole? It’s a pork-hominy-chile stew, real easy to make. I can get a recipe if that sounds right.

    That someone who goes by the handle of Leviticus would include a recipe with pork . . . .

    The kosher Dana (af9ec3)

  63. MD, just go for a nice chicken salad recipe. It will be easier to fix and the ingredients are readily available. :)

    One of my least favorite things is the waste of buying a special, unusual, hard to find (and usually very expensive) ingredient to use in a dish and then having the unused portion of it spoil or age out in the fridge or the pantry.

    The trick for you here is to call it New Mexican Chicken Salad! Or Obama chicken salad. As we know, people are gullible.

    elissa (182906)

  64. A good start for chili is “Carroll Shelby’s Chili Fixings”.
    Used to come in a little brown paper bag, now it’s a box.
    Real simple:
    Ground chili’s, sea salt, massa, and a small qty of cayenne pepper.
    You choose the meat to use (they also have a Chicken variety), and how to prepare it, add veggies as wanted, plus water and tomato sauce.
    I make mine using “London Broil” cubed and untrimmed, chopped celery, chopped onion, chopped bell pepper, put it in a crock pot on low and come back in 24-hours. If it seems too thin, stir in the massa.

    askeptic (b8ab92)

  65. Weiner is a wiener. He is something else too, but I will keep it family friendly. Off topic, but it is also everyone link Dan Collins day.

    EBL (d0b1d5)

  66. 6. Comment by daleyrocks (bf33e9) — 4/11/2013 @ 7:13 am

    Support for Weiner swelling again

    Probably not. There’s no positive reason for anyone to vote for Weiner, and why should anyone believe him about anything? This is still really a trial balloon, as was his polling, aboyut which he had to report but refused to comment about it in any way to press..

    Weiner’s old strategy probably was to get the votes on Manhattan liberals by being a national figure and get teh votes of more conservative voters from his district and surroundings.City Council speaker Christine Quinn also has a liberal/conservative strategy.

    Weiner faces this situation: He can get about $1.5 million in matching funds for his old contributions – but only if he runs in this election. He has about $4 million otherwise, (which I think can only be spenty on city elections)

    One theory is that Weiner would actually be quite comfortable losing and wants to run because running foir mayor will have the effect of “cleansing” him, since this will not really be brought up by his political opponents, and he would become a regular political figure.

    By the way, he could help make this election a fiasco:

    The New York City Board of Elections apparently has no way of counting the votes in its new system fast enough to print ballots for the runoff two weeks after the first primary – they won’t be able to certify the two top finishers. In citywide New York City primary elections, since 1973, if no one gets over 40% there is a runoff. Weiner actually just barely made the runoff in 2005, but pulled out.

    According to unofficial results, Mr. Ferrer won 39.949 percent of the vote

    This was probably on orders from somebody, maybe Bill Clinton, or a result of blackmail.

    Weiner denied anbybody talked him into withdrawing:

    That night, with a divisive runoff a possibility, Mr. Schumer did not urge Mr. Weiner to bow out, advisers said; rather, the senator said a runoff could be bad for Mr. Weiner no matter the result.

    According to this thinking, which many advisers eventually shared, a Weiner defeat might leave him damaged in the public eye and persona non grata with many Hispanic and black voters who are backing Mr. Ferrer. A Weiner victory, meanwhile, could leave him bruised and strapped for cash with only six weeks to wage an uphill battle against Mr. Bloomberg.

    Legally, though, he apparently couldn’t withdraw:

    They eventually found Fernando Ferrer got just over 40% – maybe because nobody was asking for a recount.

    And Mike Bloomberg was elected to a second term.

    They were proposing printing ballots of all possible finishers. With Weiner in the race it becomes much more likely that no one will get 40%, assuming he gets a more than nominal percentage of the vote.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  67. Weiner is Political AIDS: The gift that keeps on giving!

    askeptic (b8ab92)

  68. They were proposing THIS YEAR to print multiple ballots. We are now using paper ballots.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  69. What’s with all this Rachel Ray spicy stuff. Somebody pony up with an armadillo bread pudding or something.

    SarahW (b0e533)

  70. 2 – 3 tablespoons minced garlic
    1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
    4 or 5 cans of chopped/roasted green chile
    2 tablespoons salt (or to taste)
    5 -6 lbs pork shoulder (cut in 1 inch pieces)
    1 tablespoon black pepper
    4 quarts canned white hominy (drained)
    1 tablespoon dried Mexican oregano


    Preheat oven to 400°F.

    Add pork to a high-heat pan one at a time, don’t crowd the pan. Sear meat on all sides, remove to drain and work in batches.

    In a heavy pot over med. high heat, add pork and chilies.

    Add 1/2 Cup water to pan.

    Add minced garlic

    Add posole, salt and pepper. Stir.

    Add 4 qrts of water to pan, cover and bring to a boil.

    As soon as everything comes to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer, uncover and simmer for 3 hours. Pork should be very tender.

    (That’s a slightly modified recipe, so play it by ear. Also, in my experience, you can’t go wrong with more garlic and a dash of cumin).

    Leviticus (17b7a5)

  71. If there a runoff between Anthony Weiner and John Liu…maybe there’s hope?

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  72. Democrat voters will reliably vote for the Democrat nominee

    A registered Democrat has not been elected Mayor of New York City for 20 years. Last time was 1989.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  73. EBL I had not wanted to see those pants again.

    SarahW (b0e533)

  74. Mexican oregano is key. And cumin.

    JD (f5b0a4)

  75. If you can’t get green chile, that Puerto Rican grocery store will have a spice-mixture called “adobo” that you can use to make carne adobada (called adovada in NM, but it’s the same basic idea). Then take elissa’s advice and call it NM carne adovada.

    I can’t vouch for the Puerto Rican variation, but the NM stuff is oh-so-good.

    Leviticus (17b7a5)

  76. if you is making new mexico foozles you have to put a fried egg on top

    it’s a thing

    happyfeet (4bf7c2)

  77. You do that with grits, at least in the pre cholesterol obsessed days, pikachu.

    narciso (3fec35)

  78. “if you is making new mexico foozles you have to put a fried egg on top.”

    – happyfeet

    That’s mostly for the enchiladas, feets – and of course the huevos rancheros, most obviously.

    But it’s tasty with just about everything, and should be encouraged.

    Leviticus (17b7a5)

  79. Fried egg on rare bison burger with pancetta.

    JD (f5b0a4)

  80. “if you is making new mexico foozles you have to put a fried egg on top.”

    That’s mostly for the enchiladas, feets – and of course the huevos rancheros, most obviously.

    You put a fried egg on top of huevos rancheros?! Isn’t that just a tiny bit redundant?

    Milhouse (15b6fd)

  81. I’ve never seen Mexican food with eggs on top, but it’s never very authentic in Richmond.

    SarahW (b0e533)

  82. I’ve never seen Mexican food with eggs on top, but it’s never very authentic in Richmond

    New Mexican.

    Milhouse (15b6fd)

  83. JD, is that a different plant, or just stuff grown in Mexico? (oregano)

    SarahW (b0e533)

  84. Sarah – it is distinctively different than Italian.

    JD (f5b0a4)

  85. New Mexico grows the tastiest and hottest peppers.
    Must be in the soil.

    mg (31009b)

  86. “Is the chicken/hedgehog prep for real??”

    MD in Philly – Mr. MD, I can honestly say I have never cooked a hedgehog but see no reason why the method nk described would not work. I have done the chickens. I’ve also mounded salt all around blue fish, but it didn’t help. I’m done with those suckers.

    The national brown-shirted homophobic ute organization I spend time working with tries to teach the lads interesting and varied cooking techniques. Mud coated food makes them laugh. We don’t do that when moms are around.

    Unfortunately one of the more recent foil ovens we made turned into a towering inferno because the lads added too many coals and didn’t mind the temp.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  87. Getting back to the point of the thread, the Times is quite willing to ‘memoryhole’ certain inconvenient facts, like in the review of ‘Julianne’s Bender, they ignored referred reporting from their own interviews, that contradicted ‘the narrative’

    narciso (3fec35)

  88. Thanks, all
    -SarahW asked my question. How can you tell if it’s Mexican oregano? Is that just another name for something illegal, like Mexican portabella mushrooms or something?
    – we know all about adobo and sazon
    – i think we can find canned green chiles somewhere, as long as I don’t need to get more specialized than that (I am sure JVW was trying to be helpful, but he reminds me of a cardiology prof I has in med school- he could hear things from the door that none of the rest of us could up close, so it wasn’t really helpful)
    -Eggs on top- put them on top of black beans/rice/chopped peppers (sweet) and you have what Ticos and Colombians (and who else??) call Gallo Pinto

    I think I’ll scale the recipe down a little bit

    Thanks all, and don’t forget to clarify about the Mexican Oregano

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  89. Andrea Peyser thinks this return to politics is a terrible idea and may be mostly about him being bored with changing his kid’s poopy diapers and Huma wanting him out of the house.

    And, Huma, the wife who stayed, is — there’s no nice way to put this — a nag.

    “It’s not behind us,’’ said Weiner. “It kind of bubbles around and comes up in different ways. But she’s, um . . .” He cried. “She’s given me another chance. And I am very grateful for that. And I’m trying to make sure I get it right.”

    Weiner has had too much therapy. Yet he can’t explain what he did. The closest he came to an epiphany was to say, Willy Loman-style, that he sexted because he “wanted to be liked and admired.’’

    Huma is now starting to think Weiner should run.

    Getting a bad husband out of the house is no reason to elect a man to office.

    elissa (182906)

  90. Yes, MD, it is for real but I forgot the garlic.

    There is a variant for goat. The goat is skinned, seasoned, and wrapped entire in olive oil soaked paper (the Greeks call it “oilpaper”, it’s like parchment). Then it is buried in coals and slowcooked overnight or longer.

    There are places on the Greek islands, Crete for one, that people can get to only by boat but that have feral goats. People sail there and shoot one and then make a party of it.

    nk (d4662f)

  91. narciso,
    as you know, i greatly respect your input
    but the point of this thread is a topic worthy of the “Twilight Zone”, which is why we have hijacked it (though I didn’t really mean to hijack it, i just had one question for leviticus then daley got us all distractabiggled)

    I’ll remember the hint about doing chickens in mud. Sounds like much better than plucking.
    Blue fish. Caught a bunch of them once, 15-20 lbs. A lot of fun. Little did we know what they were like to eat. Had a recipe that said cut out the dark band, put onion, bacon, and sour cream on them, wrap them up in foil, stick them in the oven.
    The first time was not bad. At about the end of the supply in the freezer we were ready to throw out the fish and eat the foil (but we just threw out the fish without bothering to cook them instead).

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  92. New Mexico grows the tastiest and hottest peppers.
    Must be in the soil.

    Comment by mg (31009b) — 4/11/2013 @ 5:40 pm

    Los Alamos???

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  93. You are exceedingly predictable, Mark – but I respect your observation that they’d make a cute couple.

    Hell, yea!

    BTW, Leviticus, do you feel somewhat indignant about anyone noting the GLBT characteristics of politicians like those two? If so, why? Isn’t gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgendered a good thing in today’s era? Isn’t GLBT a wonderful thing, certainly to the left?!

    If I had instead said that Obama and Weiner in private were known to be poster boys for, say, betting on horses at the race track, or for scuba diving in Hawaii, or sponsoring Formula One cars, how would that have made you feel?

    Be honest. You’d probably have been a bit less resentful. How come? Uh, hmm. So GLBT may not be so great after all. Or if it is, then that makes you racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, xenophobic!, December 2011:

    Disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught in online trysts with numerous women, but has exclusively learned that according to one of his mistresses, he expressed wanting a threesome – with another man. In old conversation excerpts obtained by from mistress Traci Nobles‘ proposal for a tell-all book, the former politician brings up the topic of “3 ways” and reveals that the idea of being with another man is a turn on.

    “I’m not really talking about other chicks… How about with another guy?” Weiner asked Nobles.

    “Hmmmm, haven’t done it before,” Nobles said.

    “It can be hot,” Weiner replies.

    “Are you turned on by other guys?” Nobles asked.

    “Well it depends on the guy, but generally yes,” Weiner divulges., John Craig, September 2012: In his article in, Jerome Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D. in political science, said that Obama (along with Rahm Emanuel) was a lifetime member of Man’s Country, a gay bathhouse in Chicago. Obama was evidently well known there and many of the older clientele remembered him.

    Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who worked with the National Security Agency from 1984 to 1988 as a Navy intelligence analyst, confirmed DuJan’s claims. “It is common knowledge in the Chicago gay community that Obama actively visited the gay bars and bathhouses in Chicago while he was an Illinois state senator,” Madsen told WND.

    Obama’s reputation in gay circles, by the way, was that he liked to receive oral sex but not to give it, which squares with what Larry Sinclair had said about him. (It’s his “signature.” And receiving blow jobs but not giving them would be consistent with Obama’s narcissistic personality.)

    Jerome Corsi is dismissed by the Left as a “Tea Party activist and conspiracy theorist.” But even if you regard Corsi and Madsen and Dujan with suspicion, what they say fits the larger picture of Obama’s life far better than a heterosexual narrative would. The circumstantial evidence — away from his public image as a family man — fits the homosexual narrative perfectly.

    There is virtually no record of Obama having had any girlfriends before he married Michelle at age 28. He referred to two in his autobiography, but these were later revealed to be “composites.” Are we to believe that a healthy sports-oriented young black man had no record of having chased after girls during his youth? You’d think that after he’d first been elected as President, when he was seen in such a messianic light, all sorts of women would have come forward claiming past flings. But none did.

    In his autobiography, Obama stated that during his years at Columbia he spent all his time in the library and “lived like a monk.” …It’s…hard to believe that a young man who by his own admission freely imbibed drugs was otherwise inclined to live like a monk.

    …Has a President’s “body man” ever been given such prominence? Part of Reggie Love’s job as Obama’s personal valet was to “wake the President up in the morning.” (How could he do this without waking Michelle up at the same time?) Love reportedly worked up to 18 hours a day, “often sleeping on the burgundy couch.”

    The “body man” before Love was Nick Colvin, who left the White House after rumors surfaced that he had had sexual relations with Obama while Obama was a state senator., February 2013: In what will likely reignite old rumors regarding Barack Obama’s rather close relationship with Reggie Love who was for a time, always at the side of the president, the two men found time to vacation together in West Palm Beach Florida – without Michelle Obama around.

    Mark (03ca77)

  94. I don’t have much in the way of experience with exotic Mexican cuisine, New or otherwise, I had gator, which was like meat gum, with the worst aspects of each.

    narciso (3fec35)

  95. Sounds like you have a handle on it, MD. Canned chiles are OK — I admit to using them myself from time to time — but there is nothing quite like the taste of chile meat from a freshly roasted pepper. If you are ever in New Mexico or Southern Colorado in the fall, you have to give it a try.

    JVW (4826a9)

  96. MD – any spice store, Penzey’s, should carry both. Or Trader Joes. Or Whole Foods. It is similar, but different. Stronger flavor. If you can get the fresh leaves, use sparingly, as the fresh can be overwhelming. Dried is fine.

    JD (b63a52)

  97. The smell of roasting peppers is a nose orgasm.

    mg (31009b)

  98. Ahhh, Mark, sometimes I feel that you are just sitting around watching the world go bi.

    nk (d4662f)

  99. Off to Trader Joe’s,
    Thanks all

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  100. “i just had one question for leviticus then daley got us all distractabiggled”

    Be that way.

    BTW, don’t leave the feathers on the chicken.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  101. “You put a fried egg on top of huevos rancheros?! Isn’t that just a tiny bit redundant?”

    – Milhouse

    Nah, just use fried eggs instead of scrambled is what I meant.

    Leviticus (17b7a5)

  102. “Ahhh, Mark, sometimes I feel that you are just sitting around watching the world go bi.”

    – nk


    Leviticus (17b7a5)

  103. “There is a variant for goat.”

    nk – I’ve seen it done around here with lamb. Greek parents of the patient of brain surgeon friend thanked him for a successful surgery on their son by underground roasting a whole lamb several years back.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  104. watching the world go bi.”

    You can say that again., February 2013: Clive Davis has had a legendary professional career in the music business. Now, at 80, he is making an intimate personal revelation – that he is bisexual. The longtime record producer, who was married and divorced twice, has spent the past 20 years in relationships with two men – a doctor for 13 years, and an unnamed partner for the past seven – he reveals in a new memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life.

    “For over 50 years I never had sex with a male. I wasn’t repressed. I had very good sexual relationships with women,” he tells ABC’s Nightline.

    The Nightline interviewer, Cynthia McFadden, pushed Davis on the issue of bisexuality, asking him about the old adage that people are “either gay, straight or lying.”

    “I’m not lying,” Davis said. “[Bisexuality] exists.”

    McFadden then asked if Davis felt ashamed after first sleeping with a man. “I never felt shame, no,” he replied. “I felt puzzled. The subject of bisexuality really needs much more discussion. It’s a status that does exist.”

    Meanwhile, the wonderful, beautiful, generous, loving, open-minded, beautiful, compassionate, loving, humane, compassionate — and did I mention loving? — state of California wants to create a Catch-22 for the Boy Scouts of America., April 11, 2013: Some California lawmakers seeking to pressure the Boy Scouts of America to abandon its ban on openly gay members are taking a novel approach: They are threatening to strip the organization of its state tax exemption.

    The proposal, which cleared a legislative hurdle Wednesday, once again puts California at the center of a national debate on gay rights, and it could put the state on a collision course with the IRS if passed. The legislation would revoke the exemption from state taxes for any nonprofit that excludes members by sexual orientation, gender identity or religious affiliation.

    Some Scouts supporters oppose a policy change. Redlands physician Dale Broome told the lawmakers that he was molested by an older Scout.

    “My main concern is a child safety issue,” Broome said grimly, adding that he knows many parents “who have major concerns about sending their sons on Boy Scout camping trips with gay leaders or gay members.”, October 2012: The Boy Scouts of America plan to begin doing what critics say they should have done decades ago — bring suspected sex abusers named in the organization’s so-called perversion files to the attention of authorities.

    The Scouts began keeping the perversion files shortly after the youth group’s creation in 1910, when pedophilia was largely a crime dealt with privately. The organization argues that the files helped them track offenders and protect children, but some of the files released in 1991, detailing cases from 1971 to 1991, showed repeated instances of Scouts leaders failing to disclose sex abuse to authorities, even when they had a confession.

    Critics contend the organization’s legal battles reflect a long-standing effort to protect the Boy Scouts’ reputation and to limit lawsuits.

    “It’s a culture of denial and concealment,” said Timothy Kosnoff, a Seattle attorney who in 2006 obtained documents on 5,200 alleged pedophiles who went into the files from 1949-2005.

    Isn’t there some phrase out there about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? I’d say that road has been upgraded to a super highway. BTW, it would be quite ironic if that highway, thanks to the lunacy of liberalism gone berserk, eventually dead ends at the Land of Sharia Law.

    Mark (03ca77)

  105. yup there is a phrase out there about the road to hell being paved with good intentions

    but it’s just a figure of speech there’s no actual road where you can upgrade it to a highway

    and for sure it ends in hell cause of if it ended in the Land of Sharia Law it would be called the Road to the Land of Sharia Law I think

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  106. happyfeet, I admit that you sometimes have a knack for causing LOL. Even more so when I envision you in real life talking and writing like a George F. Will or (to depoliticize my point) Norman Mailer, or, more hilariously, the late Bill Buckley.

    BTW — and when it comes to the left often bleating about sexuality being analogous to race, ethnicity or gender — I should give equal time to the female side of the equation. Katy Perry has claimed that her breakthrough hit ‘I Kissed A Girl’ is about “the mystery of a woman”. The singer told Glamour that she was not sure how to deal with the media coverage of the song’s lyrics but admitted that she had kissed girls in the past. Perry said: “When it was all hitting, I didn’t really know how to handle it.

    “I didn’t want it to turn into this Girls Gone Wild song. I had been through the experience – many times – [but] didn’t want to get specific.

    “I didn’t want guys to be w**king off. For me, it was a song about the magic and mystery of a woman that makes every man – and some women – get on their knees.”

    She added: “I have a soft spot for women – I’m not afraid of it. Some women walk into the room, and they’re so beautiful you’re like, ‘I wanna smell you’, you know?

    “I have certain girlfriends who I just think are the most angelic, beautiful creatures. And if any of my boyfriends ever fail me, I’ll turn to them!”

    Mark (03ca77)

  107. The singer told Glamour

    man I wish I coulda been a fly on the wall for that conversation

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  108. There is no limit
    to the Dem depravity
    No low is TOO low

    Colonel Haiku (d9cfc4)

  109. The New York Times really blew this story !

    Elephant Stone (8a7f08)

  110. The Times no longer does hard news !

    Elephant Stone (8a7f08)

  111. And If I was an OSCAR MEYER WEINER. Every lib would be in love with me!!!

    Gus (694db4)

  112. “Puff piece on Wiener”

    You just loved writing that headline, didn’t you.

    Jcw46 (0af03c)

  113. The night that Mike Stack was SWATted, June 23, 2011, Ace of Spades and I received email threats telling us to stop talking about Anthony Weiner and Gennette Cordova, or our safety could not be assured.

    What they didn’t want you doing was investigatinbg the question of how that tweet got sent and/or who was behind the sockpuppets.

    Talking more to GC (and not distrusting what she said so much) might have led you to the sockpuppets,(who had other work and other things to hide) as well established that the way it got posted and everything was not correct.

    The thing is like this: Weiner probably had no idea how that link to the picture got tweeted. He was NOT communicating with GC at the time. What Weiner did know was the picture was his and he had taken it. But he had no idea how it became poublic and it wasn’t a slip of the finger.

    It is possible that all he wanted to do was upload it to yfrog, for use later, but thed way yfrog woirked if he was not logged in, was that yfrog emitted a tweet.

    There’s anothere question: how did patriotusa76 Dan Wolfe get the pictures he forwarded? If it was because of the tweet, a different yfrog picture had been tweeted at the beginning of May I believe. There is independent evidence he knew about the pictures for some time.

    Maybe what the sockpuppets wanted to hide here wass that there was way to see people’s private caches.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  114. There are all kinds of things wrong with the story as told, that, if checked into far enough, could lead to whoever was trying to politically destroy Anthony Weiner. (and that person or persons was not a Republican, because they wanted to deflect blame onto Breitbart)

    Who was it? My guess would be backers of John Liu for Mayor of New York City who maybe hired people. (not maybe so much John Liu himself. Why involve him?)

    Probably on Mainland China.

    It is interesting that Malcolm Smith took a campaign trip (!) to Mainland China in November 2011.

    The disgraced Queens pol raised about $2.2 million from January 2008 through 2012 — yet had just $53,888 on hand as of January 2013, the records show.

    The lavish spending included a November 2011 junket to China, where Smith and his entourage forked over $1,148 to stay at the Beijing Grand and about $2,500 for other lodgings.

    Everybody seems to think that was just an excuse to live it up using campaign money. But really, is Beijing the first place you think of when you want to take a vacation??

    A further bit of support for the idea that the people behind the people behind the sockpuppets – I mean that – the people behind the people – are from China is that it seems like someone was not too familiar with social media in the United States.

    They knew about Twitter but not Facebook. Or they didn’t realize that Anthony Weiner was using Facebook. “Nikki Reed” never had a Facebook account, as GC pointed out.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  115. Now China is known toi have done a lot of hacking.

    So maybe he was hacked, although there are otgehr explanations for how they came to know of his propensities (some people in New York City did and he may have been blackmailed into not running for Mayor in 2009 and even blackmailed into quitting in 2005, althouygh that may be more political calculations by Schumer and others)

    And maybe there is a non-hacking way Dan Wolfe could have found the yfrog cache, but he definitely did NOT find it BECAUSE of the tweet. Either a previous tweet led him to it, or hacking did.

    But you see, knowing was not enough – his task was to get Weiner in trouble without calling attention to himself or the rest of the team he was on.

    Dan Wolfe was trying to break up any romamnces Anythomny Weiner had (they probably thought these were real and not virtual mistresses) while Nikki Reed was trying to befriend his mistresses, and later get them angry at Weiner when he broke up with thenm and get them to go public.

    Dan Wolfe did not expect his retweet to be the end of the story and he got himself much more connected toi the stiory than he wanted to be.

    Behind Dan Wolfe and Nikki Reed was probably somebody else hired by people in Mainland China who wanted John Liu to be mayor, although saying that is taking a couple of leaps into the unknown, but at least that theory makes the most sense.

    Your harassment has not been coming from China, I think, but from these operatives, who seem to be connected to Neal R and Brett K. As “Alicia Payne” said, they may have been called in to get somebody else out of a mess (the mess being their identity could be exposed, which would ruin their whole business for one thing. They could be alumni of the Anthonmy Pellicano detective agency.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  116. Or somebody got the address of the cache or the oictures from Meagan Broussard.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  117. ==could lead to whoever was trying to politically destroy Anthony Weiner==

    Sammy- Anthony Weiner did a pretty damn good job of politically destroying himself.

    Lots of comments in this place are teh crazy today.

    elissa (5dbb7a)

  118. Hey, Whoopi Goldberg will be along to tell you if the Roman Polanski thingy wasn’t “rape rape” then this is nonsense.

    Move along people. Nothing to see here.

    Steve57 (b238b6)

  119. I can only imagine if Watergate had happened in the new era of blogging…

    E.PWJ (bdd0a6)

  120. 117.SF: ==could lead to whoever was trying to politically destroy Anthony Weiner==

    Comment by elissa (5dbb7a) — 4/12/2013 @ 9:20 am

    Sammy- Anthony Weiner did a pretty damn good job of politically destroying himself.

    That was later!

    They didn’t know that would happen.

    “Dan Wolfe” almost certainly didn’t think that would be it when he publicized the tweet and the cache of pictures.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  121. Sammy Finkelman

    Weinergate timeline;

    There are many mysteries here.

    Here is a proposed timeline of the central events:

    -4. Weiner announces on Twitter he is leaving for 30 Rockefeller Plaza
    to be on the Rachel Maddow show, where he is a frequent guest. The
    show starts at 9 PM. Which isn’t exactly 5:45 in Seattle, as he states
    in the tweet, but that’s his idea of a joke. His hashtags
    frequently are supposed-to-be-one-step-or-two-away-from-the-truth jokes.

    -3. Weiner doesn’t actually leave right away, but sticks around to see
    the beginning of Game 7 of the semi-final to the Stanley Cup playoffs
    between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins, and start his
    Tivo recording the game. The game (or rather the show) starts at 8 PM.
    He won’t be able to watch it live if he wants to be on the Rachel
    Maddow show, and he doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to go on the
    show. He plans to see it all upon his return home, so he probably
    doesn’t even try to sneak a few minutes while he’s waiting, and
    besides that didn’t work too well on April 13 when he was on The Last
    Word. Tivoing the whole game is a better idea.

    Before he goes, he sees something on his computer from Twitter and
    replies with exaggerated thanks and then he leaves after 8:07 PM.

    -2. Weiner goes to NBC, is on the air, leaves, and goes home. Although
    Versus is also owned by NBC, and is a sister channel of MSNBC, that is
    not much help to him. He can’t really see anything while he’s there.

    -1. Weiner arrives back home, just about as the game is ending but
    the cablecast is still going on, and it looks like the game was very
    interesting and exciting. Tivo is still recording and it looks like
    this will go on for another 15 minutes. Tivo has a feature called
    “trick play” which allows the viewer to pause live television, and go
    back – but you can only go back half an hour and AW wants to go back
    to the beginning of the game. He can’t, and then maybe he tries to
    stop the recording, but he botches things up in such a way so that he
    loses the entire show. Now the hockey game he recorded is not there

    Frustrated by not being able to see the hockey game, he turns his
    attention away to other things, and…. [We need some special
    melodramatic music here.]

    0. Weiner now gets the idea for another Twitter joke. He’ll take one
    of the pictures he made for Meagan Broussard, crop it a bit, and
    upload it to Yfrog, where it will sit, ready for an instant reply, in
    case Genette Nicole Cordova mentions (again?) that he needs a better
    avatar – i.e. it shouldn’t be his picture when he was 13 years old. He
    will then quickly shoot that picture over to her as an alternative
    avatar. The tweet will be somewhat like tweet number 310 on the list
    of AW’s tweets counting backwards from June 2, only it will be sent as
    a DM. The idea is a sort of a play on words on the meaning of the word

    1. Weiner uploads the picture to Yfrog from his desktop, where he is
    not logged in to Yfrog because *that* computer doesn’t remember his
    password and neither is it in his head, or perhaps the log-in is
    automatic when it is done from his blackberry. Yfrog creates an URL
    for the picture, but does not store the URL on its site, but instead
    emits it as a tweet that mentions Gennette, because he put @GenetteNicole
    on the subject line of the e-mail he sent to Yfrog. (Or perhaps it is
    actually Tweetdeck that issues the tweet which is also copied to Yfrog.
    This needs further investigation.)

    According to what looks like a screen capture done after the tweeted
    picture and some other Weiner Yfrog pictures were deleted, which is
    online at, the Yfrog picture was tweeted
    at 11:31:50 PM Eastern daylight time, or 2011-05-28 03:31:50 GMT.
    This is also approximately the time deducued from Tweet Congress, which
    places it 4 minutes earlier than Weiner’s next tweet, which happened
    at 11:35:07 PM on Friday, May 27, 2011. (a difference of 3 minutes
    and 17 seconds.)

    2. Weiner goes onto Twitter and tweets about his missing hockey game.
    (This means he can’t comment about the play of the game like he wanted

    “just kill me now” tweets Weiner. [Ominous music needed here]

    3. “Dan Wolfe” notices the tweet, and checks to see what it is. At
    least ten minutes have gone by since the tweet. Dan Wolfe does not
    want to alert AW to the tweet – and/or to the fact that it is a
    problem. “Dan Wolfe” reasons that Weiner clearly hasn’t noticed
    anything wrong yet, or else he’d have aleady deleted the tweet, so the
    chances that he would realize it within the next few minutes are
    small, so there probably is some time to do other things first, and he
    screencaps everything related to the tweet that he can find.

    When he is finished…

    He does not make an official retweet because he knows that doing so
    would mean that his retweet would disappear whenever Weiner deletes
    his original tweet. Dan Wolfe knows much more about how twitter works
    than the average person. More even than the average geek. If he didn’t,
    he never would have even seen the tweet in the first place! Tweets that
    start with @mention were never ordinarily shown to anybody who doesn’t
    follow both the sender and the addressee.


    Dan Wolfe said he didn’t follow Repweiner, and probably in fact didn’t,
    because he doesn’t want Weiner to know. But he is in fact following
    him in a way. He has a window on AW’s twitter page, which is one way
    of seeing such tweets (searching is another)

    4. Dan Wolfe makes a manual retweet and includes @weiner in it. It is
    now safe to alert AW. (The @weiner is there to alert other people
    *about* Weiner, not to alert Anthony Weiner himself.)

    5. Weiner’s Tweetdeck program shows him the tweet and he clicks on it,
    sees the picture and is shocked to see it there.

    6. Weiner drops what he is doing, and deletes the tweet, thinking that
    that deletes the picture too, and then tries to log into Yfrog because
    he realizes all hosted pictures are public – all you need is the URL,
    of course. It’s meant to be shared. He doesn’t remember, or never even
    really knew, the name Yfrog, and he doesn’t remember the password, but
    he knows the type of thing it is and sort of how to get there.

    He hardly knows what he is doing. He has trouble getting in, or even
    finding the place really. But he manages to get in anyway after a while.

    (There’s a way to do it. If he’s logged into Facebook or Twitter or
    something he can transit over to Yfrog. It could be he went through
    Facebook. Before, when he uploaded the picture, he hadn’t been logged
    into anything but probably had some sort of a macro to do it.)

    AW deletes the tweeted picture, kind of surprised he has to do it all
    over again, then looks for other bad pictures on Yfrog and deletes
    them too.

    (Dan Wolfe and company, of course, had had all these pictures back on
    May 5, but he didn’t know who they were for, and wanted to find the
    identity of the mistress he presumes AW has and get more evidence.
    Keeping the fact that they had had a lot of pictures all along a
    secret later becomes a big priority to him. He mostly succeeds.)

    7. Finished, Weiner attempts to find out about what happened in the
    hockey game by watching the post game show. He doesn’t get much
    information. It tantalizes him more than it informs him.

    There’s not much he can get a full sense of, beyond the fact, of
    course, that the Bolts lost the game by one goal scored verey late in
    the game.

    8. At 12:30 am AW begins tweeting what he can about hockey, which
    isn’t much. This is merely an occasional tweet in between doing other
    things, as are, really, most of his tweets. It’s mostly complaining
    about the fact he didn’t get to see the game. In the second of these
    very late night tweets he alludes to previous hockey tweets.

    In particular he thinks of the predictions he made, like in Weiner
    tweet number 129, way back on April 19 before the Stanley cup playoffs
    started. (Hockey, like basketball, has fewer games in the regular
    season than baseball, and a very extended playoff schedule. The
    playoffs last about one third of the length of time of the regular
    season and include more than half of all the teams – 16 out of 30.)

    At 12:54 AM, in his third post-midnight tweet, he tweets again about
    his Tivo not working (although it’s more likely he just botched it up,
    not that it’s entirely his fault, because systems should be made
    idiot-proof, and he wasn’t even that much of an idiot.)

    This time he also includes in the tweet a mention about his Facebook
    being hacked, which is probably the best idea he has for what

    That is his last tweet of the evening.

    9. Dan is tweeting online to everyone he can think of, and calling
    the image X-rated, which it isn’t exactly, and includes in his tweets
    and retweets some online journalists. He sends Dana Loesch,
    Breitbart’s editor, several pictures including some that really are
    X-rated. Dana Loesch says these are the same pictures she has and
    that’s very weird. (because she has them from a totally different
    source, not screencaps)

    10. First BigJournalism story goes up at 12:21 and 12:24 (Pacific
    time, which is 3:21 and 3:24 Eastern time) The time can apparently
    be confirmed by Facebook. It mentions the Yfrog picture is gone –
    and claims the whole account was closed, which it wasn’t even
    later, and claims all the photos were gone by 11 PM Eastern, which is
    actually before the time of the original tweet! It does not mention
    any claim by Weiner to having been hacked – he didn’t mak that until
    12:54 am (Eastern)

    Dan decides he had better start covering things up. AW is not aware
    that there is a problem. And, in fact, it isn’t a problem until late
    the next afternoon. AW finally mentions it again at 5:08 PM.

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  122. I now have in my possession 4 cans of authentic New Mexico Hatch Valley Fire Roasted Diced Green Chiles.

    The little pepper insignia on the side say they are “mild”…I wonder if that is “mild” mild or “New Mexico” mild.
    It does say: “Combustible, store unused portion out of contact with oxygen”

    Haven’t found Mexican oregano yet. The cat wants me to use Petmeds Cat Nip instead.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  123. MD –you may want to go reread the recent post by JD about the Yankee at the great Texas Chili cook-off before you go much further down this road. Just sayin’.

    elissa (31efb3)

  124. oh, elissa, thank you for the kind concern,
    but I’m not going to actually eat this myself.
    For some reason the people where my wife works want to do a New Mexico food potluck, so I’m sending it in, if I can find a pot that won’t melt.

    Rumor has it that Wyoming is next. Not sure where I’m going to find the jack-a-lope meat, fresh or frozen, for the stew.

    Painted Jaguar: No, don’t tell him to substitute armadillo.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

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