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John Podhoretz: Obama Is So Very Serious

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John Podhoretz has a column that says Barack Obama is a Serious Man doing Serious Work and also he is Serious:

Barack Obama is a serious man. . . . The truth is that Barack Obama and his liberal followers have been doing very serious work over the past four years, and the same cannot be said, alas, of far too many people who oppose them.

. . . .

The notion that Obama is a dangerous extremist helps him, because it makes him seem reasonable and his critics foolish. It also helps those who peddle it, because it makes them notorious and helps them sell their wares. But it has done perhaps irreparable harm to the central conservative cause of the present moment—making the case that Obama’s social-democratic statism is setting the United States on a course for disaster and that his anti-exceptionalist foreign policy is setting the world on a course for nihilistic chaos. Those are serious arguments, befitting a serious antagonist. They may not sell gold coins as quickly and as well as excessive alarmism, but they have the inestimable advantage of being true.

Barack Obama is a serious man. The professional and political right needs to be as serious as he is to make sure the Age of Obama ends with him.

I’m not sure what JPod’s real point here is, other than to repeatedly label Obama “serious.” What are we supposed to do, put on our Grim Serious faces? Not point out how frivolous he is, with his endless golfing and spending?

The closest Podhoretz comes to a prescription is to tell conservatives to stop pushing a view “that Obama is a not-so-secret Marxist Kenyan with dictatorial ambitions and a nearly limitless appetite for power.” Take the word “Kenyan” out of that phrase and I have no problem with it, as long as the argument is backed up by examples and facts. If Obama takes an action that shows his commitment to Marxist redistributionist principles (which happens all the time) or seems to want to reserve the option to, say, kill Americans on American soil even if they pose no imminent threat (remember the drone debate?), are we supposed to stand by and whistle nonchalantly?

That doesn’t sound like a very “serious” response.

Watch Gas Prices Necessarily Skyrocket

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[guest post by JD]

The so-called Tier 3 standards would reduce sulfur in gasoline by more than 60 percent and reduce nitrogen oxides by 80 percent, by expanding across the country a standard already in place in California. For states, the regulation will make it easier to comply with health-based standards for the main ingredient in smog and soot. For automakers, the regulation allows them to sell the same autos in all 50 states.

California will be the new normal.

The Obama admin, has the temerity to claim this will have little to no impact on the cost of gas. However, API, and sentient beings, says it will increase costs at least 6-9 cents per gallon, as at least 15 refineries will need major renovations, and an additional 60+ will need less than major retro-fitting. I cannot imagine that having over 70% of refineries off-line for renovations at some point will have no impact, much less the capital investment to make these changes.


Obama and Biden Are Coming For Your Guns

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[Guest post by JD]

“And lastly, but not least, the Assault Weapons ban and the limitation on the size of magazines, let me say this as clearly as I can: this is just the beginning. We believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets. That’s the message that the retired admirals and generals have spoken to us about. The comment one of them used was: if you want to learn how to use a semi-automatic weapon, join the United States military, but these are weapons of war, and we believe there’s no rational reason why someone would need a clip that can hold fifteen, twenty, thirty, one-hundred bullets, one-hundred rounds. We have to do more and we will do more.”

A couple notes on this …

Magazine limits and the ridiculous assault weapons ban are just the beginning for them.

Biden is not the first Dem to state this. Daleyrocks’ favorite congress critter, Rep Schakowsky stated that was their goal as well.

Weapons of war is their new euphemism for scary looking semi-automatic weapons, and to a rational person, this exemplifies the ignorance and/or duplicity of these people.

Obama surrounded himself with human shields to try to shame people into going along with him yesterday. He mentioned weapons of war, but not the assault weapons ban, and is pretty much just pushing the dishonest narrative of 40% of guns are purchased without a background check, a stat so old and misleading that an honest person would be embarrassed to use it.

Audio of Biden at bottom …



The Dangers of Hotlinking

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A few days ago, the site was down for an hour or two. I got in touch with my friendly webmaster, who explained that a major news site* had hotlinked a picture of Michael Hiltzik on my server. In other words, instead of grabbing the picture and putting it on the server of the major news site, the site had simply embedded the URL of the picture, and used my server’s resources to show their audience the picture.

My server was being accessed about 1000 times a minute, he said. It knocked me off line in no time flat.

He sent them a polite note asking them to stop. No response. He replaced the image at the URL in question with a blank image. Still no response.

Finally, he suggested that he could replace the picture with another one . . . which would cause the picture of Hiltzik to be replaced with the one he had in mind.

He showed me what he was talking about. “Do it,” I said. (As soon as I had stopped laughing.)

Very quickly, the site resolved the problem, and my site was back up.

But not before my webmaster got a screenshot:

*My webmaster has revealed the name of the site: I’d never heard of it before, but it’s apparently a Dow Jones site, capable of generating 1000 hits to my server in a minute with a picture of Michael Hiltzik. So it’s not like ABC News or anything like that, but big enough to know better.

Buzzfeed Is Whiter Than Elmers Glue …

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[Guest post by JD]

Really really white. Pasty white. The whole gang of them.

Yet they spend a great deal of time writing snarky articles quoting un-named sources complaining that the RNC is white. Kind of like the Senate Dems.

Calling people racists is one thing the MFM is good at.


Sweet 16 – Thursday

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[Guest post by JD]

Ohio State vs Arizona. Should be a great game. Ohio State is playing good ball, and Arizona was under-seeded. Closer to home for AZ, so I will take them in a mild upset.

Marquette vs. Miami. Miami can flat out shoot. But Marquette has that intangible something right now. Plus, my parents went to Marquette, and I loved Al McGuire. Marquette in a close one.

LaSalle vs Wichita St- Shockers. Coach G’s glorious run comes to an end. Baker could go off tonight.

IU vs Syracuse. IU will struggle with Syracuse length and zone, because we play man-to-man in the Big10. Syracuse and IU are prone to taking naps, but Syracuse does so for longer. I am not a fan of either coach, but will take IU in a sloppy game.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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[Guest post by JD]

What could possibly go wrong?

The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, announced that borrowers who are more than 90 days late on their mortgages will become automatically eligible for a modification to the terms of the home loan. The goal is to reduce monthly payments.

In the past, to be eligible for a mortgage modification, borrowers had to provide documentation they had a financial hardship. They will no longer be required to do so — though providing such documentation will make borrowers eligible for more substantial monthly savings.

Apparently, government doesn’t learn that their interference in the market leads to some pretty perverse incentives.

In this instance, why bother going through the normal process of refinancing, just skip a few payments and be automatically qualified for refinancing.

Brought to you by the community-organizer-in-chief who sued banks to force them to make loans to people that could not afford them.


The Explosion of Social Security Disability

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A recent episode of This American Life addressed the explosion of Social Security Disability claims over the last 20 years. We have 14 million people on this program and they don’t count in the unemployment numbers. So when you hear the pundits on TV talk about unemployment, picture 14 million people, many receiving checks for things like back pain, bipolar disorder, and other maladies that are common in the workforce. Realize that those 14 million people, collecting an average of $1000 per month plus free health care, are not part of the unemployment numbers you are hearing.

The episode is chock-full of interesting information and the whole hour is well worth your time, but I’ll try to summarize the points that jumped out at me. In 1984 Congress changed the definition of “disability” to include things like back pain and mental disorders, which are now the majority of disability claims. TAL visited a town where fully 25% of the inhabitants are on disability; yard sales are timed after the issuance of government checks because that’s when people can afford the items. In another town, a mill closed down in the town, and it sounds like pretty much everybody who had worked there checked out of the workforce.

Social Security disability claims have exploded, despite any corresponding decline in our health — and despite the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which in theory ought to make it easier for people with disabilities to work. We even issue checks for children with learning disabilities, and their caregivers depend on the money . . . which keeps coming in, as long as they are still struggling in school. Do you think they continue to struggle in school? Many of these children quickly learn that even a part-time job as a teenager will cut the amount of their disability check, and they are thus discouraged from working, and learn to go on permanent disability when they reach adulthood. We are teaching generations of children to collect checks for a living. As the reporter says:

Kids should be encouraged to go to school. Kids should want to do well in school. Parents should want their kids to do well in school. Kids should be confident their parents can provide for them regardless of how they do in school. Kids should become more and more independent as they grow older and hopefully be able to support themselves at around age 18.

The disability program stands in opposition to every one of these aims.

But what about welfare reform? Didn’t we toss millions of people off the welfare rolls in the 1990s and beyond? Um, not exactly. We have, to a great extent, simply been moving them off the welfare rolls and onto the disability rolls. See, what we think of as “welfare” primarily comes out of state budgets — more so after the welfare reform law. So states save money when people get off the welfare rolls — even if they are simply moving onto federal disability rolls. With these incentives, it should not surprise you to learn that states contract with companies whose purpose is to comb the welfare rolls to find people who might qualify for federal disability. These companies have call centers, and small armies of people call these welfare recipients to ask: Can you think of any ailments you have that keep you from working? Does your back hurt? Do you have high blood pressure? Sleep apnea? Diabetes? Depression? Great! We’ll set you up with a doctor and we’ll help you apply for disability, and soon enough you’ll be collecting four times what you’re collecting now!

The head of one of these operations calls it “win/win.” The state wins because they get people off their welfare rolls. The individual wins because they collect a ton more money.

Somewhere in there it seems like there’s probably a loser, but he doesn’t mention those people. (Hi, federal taxpayers!)

And hey, if you are rejected for disability, don’t fret. The government pays lawyers who can successfully appeal a decision to deny disability. You read that correctly. If your lawyer wins an appeal of your denial of disability status, he collects a portion of your back pay, and that check is payable directly by the federal government to the lawyer. One lawyer interviewed had 30,000 clients and made $68 million last year appealing disability denials. Total payouts to lawyers exceed a billion dollars per year.

And what does one of these appeal hearings look like? Well, the lawyer goes into a court in front of an administrative law judge, makes his case, and then the government lawyer — oh wait! Silly me! There is no government lawyer! The lawyer stands to gain a lifetime payout of $300,000 or so, and the U.S. has absolutely nobody representing its interests. In theory, the ALJ is neutral, is an employee of Social Security, and doesn’t need the other side presented. But one of the judges interviewed said he often looks to the part of the courtroom where there ought to be a government lawyer, because he is at a loss as to what the other side of the story should be.

To Obama, of course, all of this is a feature, not a bug. It helps further his goal of redistributing money and making a majority of voters dependents on the welfare state, thus entrenching a permanent Democrat majority.

But to any sane person, a story like this makes you want to scream.

If you can’t devote an hour to listen to the story, go here for a summary of the story with a lot of well-presented graphs that show just how deep the problem runs. It’s really a great job by the folks at Planet Money and This American Life.

P.S. I probably would have posted about this anyway, as I’m a big fan of TAL, but I should note that elissa flagged the episode in comments, reminding me to do a post. Thanks, elissa.

Wayback machine ….

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[guest post by JD]

Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, and Hairy Reed on SSM

I found this video to be endlessly fascinating. It nicely shows that the current Dem stampede to the microphones to express their undying support for SSM is the pinnacle of political BS. Especially Hillary.

This wave of Dems magically transforming and evolving shows that it is nothing more than a cynical and crass exploitation of another voting bloc for the Dems.



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[Guest post by JD]

I don’t normally care for Buzzfeed, but this post just cracked me up.

Life without a filter. This is what it would be like.


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