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Elite Eight – Sunday

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[guest post by JD]

My results have been a mixed bag so far. In my pool, which I am winning :-) I got 25/32 in the 1st round. On here I got 15/16 in the Round of 32, 4/8 in the Sweet 16, and whiffed on the first 2 Elite 8 games.

Duke vs Louisville. This could just as easily be a National Championship game, and speaks to the depth of the field. They played earlier in the year, at Duke I think, but Louisville was without their center Dieng. Ever since that 44-10 run to close out Syracuse in the Big East championship, The Ville has been hot. Duke is good, damn good, but I prefer teams that put defensive pressure on their opponent, and the Cardinals do this as good as anyone. Only way Duke can win this is if they turn this into a half court game, and that doesn’t necessarily fit their style. I have to pick someone, so Louisville in a great game. I am going to this one.

Michigan vs Florida. Trey Burke woke up, and how. His 2nd half and OT was as impressive of a performance as you will see, and the shot that sent it into OT was sick. Florida is immensely talented, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me think they will hold off a surging Michigan team, who has played as well as anyone in the tournament so far. It has the potential to be an exciting game, due to styles of play, but I see Michigan going to the Final 4.


Elite Eight – Saturday

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[Guest post by JD]

And then there were 8.

Syracuse vs Marquette – a Big East rematch. Marquette won the first round, but neither team is playing the same now. Syracuse has some swagger now, and Marquette has a grit and determination that is hard to pick against. Although Crean should have known how to attack the 2-3 zone from his time in the Big East, Marquette does know, having done so repeatedly. Syracuse’s run ends tonight.

Ohio State vs Wichita State – Ohio State wins the match ups at every position. I like the way Baker plays for the Shockers, and Armstead is a good point guard, but Kraft and Scott are a great defensive duo. Ohio State is on a roll, and knows how to win close games. I don’t think this one will be close. Big10 moves on.


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