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NCAA Sweet 16 – Friday

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[Guest post by JD]

I only got 50% right last night, so I fell off from last weekend’s scorching pace.

Oregon vs Louisville – Practically a home game for Louisville. Oregon is still way under-seeded, but Louisville should cruise in this one. There isn’t a matchup on the court that favors Oregon.

Michigan vs Kansas – I loathe Bill Self. Michigan has played as well as anyone in the tournament up to this point. Kansas has to play much better than they have up to this point, if they want to win this one, and I think they will, in a close one. This pick causes me pain.

Michigan State vs Duke – right downtown. Great atmosphere. Michigan State is more athletic, and more physical. This is a Final Four matchup in any other year. Spartans in a slugfest.

Florida Gulf Coast vs Florida – does Cinderella’s carriage finally turn into a pumpkin? Sadly, I think so. Florida can be beaten, but I doubt this is the night. I actually hope I am wrong.

There should be at least 2 great games tonight.


UPDATE BY PATTERICO: JD’s pick goes down as Michigan takes it in a squeaker. Greedy Kansans!

28 Responses to “NCAA Sweet 16 – Friday”

  1. Love March Madness

    JD (b63a52)

  2. Go Oregon.

    mg (31009b)

  3. My crystal ball still says that the team that scores the greater number of points is likely to win each game. And if they get outscored by their opponent, then the opponent is likely to be declared the victor.

    Elephant Stone (a5acfc)

  4. “Love March Madness”

    – JD

    Word. I was scared that the comprehensive and embarrassing collapse of the Lobos would spoil the whole tournament for me, but the chaos and the storyline has proven irresistible.

    Gonna watch FGCU for the first time tonight – only saw highlights of the other games.

    Leviticus (17b7a5)

  5. Pitino makes my skin hurt.

    mg (31009b)

  6. Michigan-Kansas is a great game.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  7. Badger hockey over for the year, will not have to think about going to Pittsburgh next weekend.
    Just thought ya’ll ought to know.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  8. Absolutely spectacular.

    JD (b63a52)

  9. This is as good a place as any to say: skiing in late March only 2 hours from your home is awesome.

    Patterico (fd63f7)

  10. And getting the results on Twitter faster than the rest of your family can access them on a “real” sports site?


    Patterico (fd63f7)

  11. Trey Burke was en fuego. That 3 at the end of regulation was as good as you will ever see.

    JD (b63a52)

  12. I am happy to have gotten the Michigan pick wrong. Bill Self’s tears taste better than the finest nectar.

    JD (b63a52)

  13. Okay, FGCU just keeps on rollin’

    JD (b63a52)

  14. Florida Gulf Coast will win, unless Florida outscores them. I’m picking Duke to win, although Michigan State might win.

    Elephant Stone (193101)

  15. GFCU is looking good even though they’re only up by four now. If they can keep Florida shooting 3s, the odds will eventually help.

    Ag80 (b2c81f)

  16. Of course I meant FGCU and I likely will be wrong on other things as well.

    Ag80 (b2c81f)

  17. ES- Wisconsin would have won if they scored more goals in hockey
    that’s the way hockey works

    golf isn’t that way


    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  18. ==Bill Self’s tears taste better than the finest nectar.==

    You still holding a grudge too, huh?

    elissa (572ec5)

  19. See what I mean? Good game though.

    Ag80 (b2c81f)

  20. He is a good technical coach and recruiter, but some of us have a uh, rather unpleasant history with the not very loyal or personally honorable Mr. Self.

    elissa (572ec5)

  21. Elissa – I hold no grudge against him. I just want him to lose in the most painful way possible. Like tonight.

    JD (b63a52)

  22. A good drinking game while watching tournament games could involve each time color commentator Clark Kellogg mentions play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz’ first name.

    I swear, every sentence ends with “Jim.”

    “Team X is playing much better defense since that timeout, Jim.” “Team Y needs to get the ball into the hands of their point guard, Jim.” “This game is going right down to the wire, Jim.”

    Elephant Stone (a6253f)

  23. If you saw the 1st 10 minutes of Fl gulf coast, you got to see them play in that free fun and loose way that they had against Georgetown and Ole Miss. The next 30 minutes, not so much.

    JD (b63a52)

  24. Ncaa Would not let Florida Gulf Coast win. I am an ACC fan and I’ve never seen more lopsided calls. The announcers definitely did not hide their bias. Sickening.

    baery (d7f585)

  25. 50% again. Ugh

    JD (b63a52)

  26. Loathe Bill Self? I guess there must be some reason. I don’t remember you being a Missouri fan.

    phaedruscj (333118)

  27. I am an Illinois fan, and when he left, he took Julian Wright and Sherrod Collins with him.

    JD (3cbfc7)

  28. Ah That explains it then.

    Didnt Illinois do really well the year following Self’s departure? I can understand the sentiment as my wife still holds a grudge against Roy Williams for leaving Kansas even though I dont think any player went with him. He tried to take Chenowith who turned out to be somewhat lackluster anyway.

    That was ten years ago.

    Self played at Ok State so was he really going to stay at Illinois foreve? he tried to go to MU before KU so that tells you how desperate he was to move on from Illinois. I guess he could have left without Wright and Collins, assuming they would have stayed st Illinois after he left. I dont think all of KSU players stayed when Weber took over at KSU this year.

    Bottom line for me is that like what you do with your blog and dont think disliking Self changes that. I appreciate the work you do and your blog. Thanks!

    phaedruscj (333118)

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