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Channeling Larry David

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Legend has it that Larry David once came out for a stand-up routine, looked at the audience for several seconds, said: “Never mind” — and left the stage.

Today I’m looking around at the possible topics to write about — the rampant terrible racisms at CPAC? Anthony Weiner thinking about returning to politics? Jeb Bush lecturing Republicans about what they ought to do? And I’m thinking: This is still the country that re-elected Barack Obama. Our debt is piling up daily. Our political system is broken beyond repair and unable to deal with anything.

Never mind.

March Madness Is Upon Us

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[guest post by JD]

This weekend, with all of e conference tournaments and championships, is my 2nd favorite weekend of the year, coming in a close second to the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, starting next week.

After the first weekend of the NCAA’s the Big Dance should be an absolute free-for-all, where anyone left has a realistic shot at winning. This seems more so this year than any other year I can recall.



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