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Thanks to Whoever Bought the Discless PCs

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I don’t totally understand what this product does or what makes it different — but I’m happy to have a reader buy some!

Better yet, it makes Occupy Rebellion really, really mad. Here is a recent quote of hers:

John Patrick Frey (@Patterico) constantly begs people to pay his site’s hosting fees. Months ago he wrote how his wife Christi Lynnette Yandell Frey wanted to thank everyone who used the Amazon widget. Two crooked Los Angeles deputy DA’s living in a $1.5 million dollar home HAVE NO RIGHT asking for anyone to pay their hosting fees. The same rape happy couple …

And it goes on like that.

There are times that I feel kind of sorry for this person. I assume she has mental issues and flies into frequent uncontrolled bouts of rage. Probably her parents are having to replace breakable items on a regular basis.

Then I get over it. She’s done harm to good people who have done nothing to her. She’s mocked rape victims like Mandy Nagy. She’s harassed others. Ultimately, I don’t care about her mental problems. They don’t excuse her wretched behavior.

So, use that Amazon widget. Not because it helps me pay the hosting fees. Do it because it really, really makes Occupy Rebellion angry.

Ray Nagin Indicted on Corruption Charges

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A federal grand jury on Friday indicted former Mayor Ray Nagin with 21 counts of corruption, alleging that while in office, Nagin took cash bribes and gifts from three city contractors and used his power as mayor to leverage a granite installation contract from Home Depot as the retailer was building a store in Central City. Despite New Orleans’ reputation for political shenanigans, Nagin is the first mayor in the city’s history to be indicted by a grand jury on corruption charges.

Damn racist prosecutors.

Full Body Scanners to Be Taken Out of Airports

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No more Rapescans, as I assume the Rapiscan devices are called by many.

The Transportation Security Administration is removing controversial full-body scanners made by a Torrance manufacturer, winning praise from privacy advocates and passenger-rights groups that raised questions about the health effects of the devices.

Rapiscan, a unit of OSI Systems Inc., manufactured about 200 full-body scanners used by the TSA to screen passengers for hidden weapons at airports across the country. The machines generated a storm of protest because the devices use low levels of radiation to create what resembles a nude image of screened passengers.

The machines, one of two types of scanners used by the TSA for passenger screening, will be pulled from all airports by this summer. The TSA had already begun to remove the Rapiscan scanners from Los Angeles International Airport in October to replace them with faster screening machines.

I won’t miss ’em.

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