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Saturday Night with the Braun Brothers

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I am still rocking to songs by Reckless Kelly and Micky and the Motorcars, two Austin bands hailing from Idaho that I first mentioned in this post. The unique thing about these bands is that they are largely comprised of four brothers, all with the last name of Braun. Here is a nice live cut of “You Don’t Have to Stay Forever” by Reckless Kelly:

Just great stuff. Here’s a song from Micky and the Motorcars that you might mistake for Toad the Wet Sprocket (which is, in my mind, high praise):

Another positively awesome version of a great song from the Micky and the Motorcars Facebook page:

How about that, huh?

Finally, here’s a cute video of all four Braun brothers and their dad on the Jay Leno show from 1993, the year Mrs. P. and I were in Austin, Texas, finishing up at law school. Man, does this make me feel old:

Thanks to ThOR for that link.

5 Responses to “Saturday Night with the Braun Brothers”

  1. I have a feeling I will be featuring songs by these guys for a while.

    They’re coming to L.A. on the same night next month, by the way.

    Patterico (8b3905)

  2. You’re welcome.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog.

    Yours truly,


    ThOR (0d3941)

  3. Memories of 1993 make you feel old? Pshaw! Jimmy Carter was still president when I left UT-Law.

    Beldar (008c16)

  4. Hey Patterico, have you seen Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers? I think you would really like them. Female singer/songwriter, super-bluesy awesome voice, fun material. The “van sessions” videos are a lot of fun – cover songs from the Commodores to Hall and Oates etc. I saw them in Chicago a few months ago and they were awesome.

    For starters —

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  5. I admit that I do not pay close attention to such things but I did not know you were UT Law. I did my undergrad there myself (86-90), and my brother started UT Law in ’93. I guess that means we sort of alternated time there. My brother is now 1st Assistant DA of Montgomery County, TX… As for me I escaped CA in ’07 and planted back here in Austin.


    mcg (f42a4d)

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