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David Gregory Will Not Be Prosecuted

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Shocker, huh? And buddies with the prosecutor, too? Hmmm.

Yet Another Reason To Point And Laugh At Krugman

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[Guest post by JD]

Paul Krugman has long since traded in whatever credibility he had on economics for his role as overt Leftist hack. Whether or not a policy is good or bad is totes dependent on who is proposing it, and who is in the White House.

In this column, he proposes the newest leftist unicorn fairy idea that we should mint a Trillion dollar coin, pay for it with new borrowing and it wouldn’t be inflationary. As additional options, he proposes that Obama ignore the law on the debt ceiling, or issue IOU’s or coupons. He has the temerity to call people that want to control spending crazies, and suggests that we don’t have a spending problem, just a recession, and recovery will cure everything.

In a sane world, he would be laughed off the pages of the NY Times. In this world, he graciously declines a position as Secretary of the Treasury that was never offered to him, publicly, but one that has no shortage of support on the professional Left.

And people wonder why I fear midgets. See also, Robert Reich.

That is all.

— JD

Seen on Facebook

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I’m told it’s from George Takei’s page.

Thanks to S.C.

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