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There’s a New Greg Packer in Town, and His Name Is Carlos Rodriguez

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There’s a new Greg Packer in town, and his name is Carlos Rodriguez:

Though the tragedy of Newtown, Conn. took place hundreds of miles away, dozens of people came to Huntington Town Hall last Thursday evening for a candlelight vigil of healing in honor of the 20 children and seven adults who died in the Dec. 14 shooting rampage.

Having personally visited Newtown last weekend, Carlos Rodriguez and Greg Packer, both Huntington residents, felt they had to be at a local ceremony.

Saying that he believed in the unity of brotherhood, Rodriguez said, “In support of the tragedy, bringing people together is really important. Sending love to the loved ones who lost their family members in Newtown is important. Huntington’s a great community and I think that us uniting speaks volumes.”

For his part, Packer went to Newtown and to Town Hall to extend his sympathies to the people of Newtown.

No quote from Packer?

Greg, you’re getting bested at your own game.

13 Responses to “There’s a New Greg Packer in Town, and His Name Is Carlos Rodriguez”

  1. The torch has passed.

    Patterico (62908f)

  2. They’re both amateurs compared to Jonathan Lee Riches.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  3. Who are these people, and where did they get all this presumption?!

    Dianna (f12db5)

  4. Who are these people, and where did they get all this presumption?!

    These are awesome people who serve to underscore the complete vacuity of the mainstream media.

    JVW (4826a9)

  5. So these guys drove to Newton from Long Island on Christmas weekend.


    Having driven to and from NYC to Mohegan Sun on December 26th and 27th, and having family that also drove from roughly Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Hartford during the same span, I am calling bullshit on this claim.

    In theory you can take a car ferry across the Long Island Sound to Connecticut. But it’s not cheap and on Christmas weekend you probably have to buy tickets well in advance.

    Nobody is driving I95 over Christmas weekend to attend “memorials” for people they aren’t related to and don’t know.You would be blocking out at least a whole day of one if not the busiest traffic weekend of the year. Perhaps these 2 losers really hae no other life other than being pathetic attention whores. Further seems most of the Catholic funeral masses and Jewish funeral rites were concluded by last Saturday.What did they do there;walk around?

    As per the terms of the article in fact Newton to Huntington is not “hundreds” of miles apart as the crow flies; as per google it’s 93 miles. It may be about 150+ miles driving unless you took the ferry.

    Because of a tragedy do newspapers simply throw out the rules? Do they have any? Should not the name “Greg Packer” set off alarm bells?

    Bugg (b32862)

  6. Carlos Rodriguez and Greg Packer are akin to a Cracker Jack toy in exposing the vapidity of journalism today.

    David Gregory, though, is the super giant Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon of stupidity wrapped in a solid gold ribbon of ignorance.

    Ag80 (b2c81f)

  7. I think if some ink-stained wretch wants to interview me at some high-profile event I’m going to use the name Greg Packer because if I use Pious Agnostic then Brett Kimberlin will know what I look like.

    Pious Agnostic (20c167)

  8. I was wondering when we would hear from Greg again. So, are these two roomies?

    PatAZ (d52d8e)

  9. last weekend, Carlos Rodriguez and Greg Packer

    If the media’s operating manual (or style book) has become so disingenuous that merely describing basic details of a crime — other than the gender of the perpetrator — is avoided or frowned upon, I imagine quite a few of the many PC’ers throughout the MSM are anxious to go in the opposite extreme—of dishonesty or unreliability. I expect to start seeing them interviewing (or falling for) people named “Shaniqua Johnson” or “Abdul Azim.”

    Mark (79a8cf)

  10. I was asked if I wanted to be interviewed on camera once and I said “no”.
    I am shocked a Greg Packer didn’t show up and jostle me out of the way…. Greg really needs to open a west coast franchise

    SteveG (831214)

  11. Packer returns! Long live Greg Packer.

    Joseph D (ece5cb)

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