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Merry Christmas!

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I hope Santa is good to all Patterico readers.

14 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. The most important gifts are the smiles of children, a kiss from a spouse/partner, and health. Being together with family is priceless. Best to you and yours, Patrick.

    Simon Jester (674666)

  2. Thank you.

    Merry Christmas to the Patterico family as well

    steveg (831214)

  3. Merry Christmas to all of you!

    htom (412a17)

  4. Merry Christmas to Patrick and his family, and. all you lovely people.

    SarahW (b0e533)

  5. Have a wonderful day, folks.

    JD (5ed6bd)

  6. Merry Christmas fellow Pontificators.

    kinlaw (2fb87c)

  7. Many thanks to you, yours, and all the good people here.

    Machinist (b6f7da)

  8. Merry Christmas, everyone. Having made two cross-country moves inside of a year, I’m not really sure where “home” is anymore. But I was able to spend this holiday with family, and saw many old friends as well. Counting my blessings tonight.

    Chuck Bartowski (988f6b)

  9. Santa brought me a shirt that says “Police Helicopters: Proof That Pigs Can Fly.” Frikken love it.

    I also got Gutfeld’s new book, The Joy Of Hate. I’m only half way through the introduction, and I’m laughing more than when I read Stephen Colbert’s book.

    Ghost (4e99a9)

  10. Merry Christmas to all !

    Kaisersoze (49ef59)

  11. Merry Christmas and thank you to the men and women protecting my lame ass.

    mg (31009b)

  12. A very Merry Christmas to all….and Happy Hanukah to all those who celebrate the Jewish faith….Semper Fi to everyone…

    Baby Reff made it home for Christmas, which not only made Mrs. Reff VERY HAPPY but saved me a grand in airfare that Mrs. Reff would have spent to spend three days with her daughter.

    reff (4dcda2)

  13. Hanukah was Saturday night December 8, to Sunday dusk December 16. It was over more than one week ago.

    Next year will be even earlier, and the first day of Hanukah (second candle) will coincide with Thanksgiving, which will be late (Nov. 28)

    Hanukah will be as early as it can get, and Thanksgiving as late as it can get.

    Sammy Finkelman (9c245c)

  14. Merry Christmas to my Patterico friends!

    MayBee (70e12d)

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