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Border Crossings Closely Monitored

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And here you thought officials weren’t taking the border with Mexico seriously. Well, my friends, think again:

PRESIDIO – If you’re traveling to Mexico for the holidays, be prepared to wait a while.

Travelers trying to get into Mexico through the Presidio Port of Entry are stuck in line.

We’re told the lines into Mexico are backed up for as much as five miles.

Well, who can blame them?

After all: When you’re monitoring the U.S./Mexico border, you have to be very, very, very careful who you allow across.

Oh, wait…

15 Responses to “Border Crossings Closely Monitored”

  1. Actually, when they tell you that the border can never be completely secure, they lie. On an episode of the Border Patrol program an agent stated categorically that no one enters El Norte illegally without paying some kind of tariff to the cartels. Nobody.
    You just need to have a decent organization and, of course, the will. Which we don’t.

    Gazzer (4c4ae2)

  2. I got a tooth pulled in Ojinaga (the town across the river from Presidio) once. The dentist didn’t any anesthesia, but he did have a pretty nurse that was wearing a red dress. Not anything to do with the post, except that Americans don’t go across any more. The line mentioned in the link are just people by the tens of thousands going back home for the holidays. They also have to pay taxes on anything new they bring into Mexico so that could also add to the delay.

    BradnSA (bba6aa)

  3. I like this post. Tell us more about the pretty nurse in the red dress.

    Pious Agnostic (20c167)

  4. The delay is due to all of the groups (Border Guards, cops, Cartels, etc.) collecting bribes on the Mexican side.

    Big Robert (0c7121)

  5. Guess the reports were right, no one leaves with out a forwarding address and anything more than pocket change.

    gary gulrud (dd7d4e)

  6. Mexican TV has the best soccer pre game show girls

    Its a shakedown of everyone taking Christmas presents from the USA down to their families.

    I suppose Brad’s nurse story is a good counterpoint to the dentist in Iowa who fired his assistant for being too irresistible (my guess is the wife of the Iowa dentist had something to do with it)

    steveg (831214)

  7. I’m sure the Mexican BP is checking that all of their returning citizens aren’t engaging in The “River of Iron”
    by bringing firearms to their friends and family members in Mexico in contravention of Mexican, and U.S., law –
    unless they’ve made prior arrangements with their local Cartel block captain
    (anyone connected to Fast & Furious exempted, of course).

    When the southbound lines get down to a normal size would be the perfect time to shutdown the northbound lanes – completely!

    askeptic (2bb434)

  8. Ron Paul proved right once more!!!!!!

    U.S. border fence intended to keep Americans in, not illegal immigrants out!

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  9. LAT cover story.,0,1970781,full.story

    BISBEE, Ariz. — They can’t tear it down, so they decided to do the next best thing. They painted it. 

    “We’re thumbing our noses at this structure of exclusivity, anxiety and corruption of governments that can’t work out this situation for their people,” Toronto said.

    “This goes to show … not all Americans think badly of Mexico and Mexicans… that they’re not all afraid to come here,” he said. “There’s also the perception that Americans treat Mexicans badly. To the contrary. Not all Americans are bad, there are good people. Look, they come here and paint.”

    Because if you want to secure the border you obviously think badly of Mexicans.

    Quit being so judgey.

    Dana (292dcf)

  10. Sounds like Lionel Twain is doing a land-office business.

    Rob Crawford (d8dade)

  11. Bisbee is an artsy-crafty town full of hippies, yuppies and vegetarians/vegans. Kind of like SanFranSouth. We stayed at the old Copper Queen Hotel, rumored to have ghosts. The only thing strange we saw there was a mouse running around the dining room, helping himself to all the crumbs on the floor. The waiters thought it was funny. Obviously no health inspectors around.

    PatAZ (cf601f)

  12. 11- The great copper-barons of old are spinning in their graves.

    askeptic (2bb434)

  13. Aren’t the Mexicans afraid of being called politically incorrect?

    AZ Bob (28c32d)

  14. I think the pretty nurse in the red dress was a replacement for anesthesia. I was young and macho so it was pretty effective. I would moan, she would smile and I would quit moaning. The Doc Holliday era pliers the dentist was using to pull the tooth were pretty impressive as well.

    Quick bribery story. I ran track at UT Pan American, and we went to Monterrey Tech a couple of times to run. My coach would spend hours planning the trip and getting everything organized with the Mexican consulate. Both times he thought he had everything ready, so when we loaded the bus and headed to the border ready to have a quick stop.

    Both times we had to wait about three hours while we waited for the “boss” to get back from lunch to do our paperwork. Both times the coach had to figure out how he was going to list the bribe he finally paid to get across on the expense report.

    BradnSA (980254)

  15. a replacement for anesthesia

    Like the Dental Tech I had once for a series of teeth-cleanings who, when working close to the gums or under them,
    would firmly press her boobs into my arm…..
    I never felt a thing.

    askeptic (2bb434)

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